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18 Jul 2018


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SHARE MARKET--Stock Market Interview Questions & Answers for information.

1.      Question 1. What Do You Understand By Securities Market? What Are The Different Types Of Securities Market?
Answer :
Security market is a market where securities are issued and traded. It is the market for different types of securities namely: Debt, Equity and Derivatives.
Debt market is further divided into three parts:
o    Government securities market
o    Money market
o    Corporate Debt market
Equity market is divided into two parts:
o    Primary market
o    Secondary market
Derivatives market is also divided into two parts:
o    Options market
o    Futures market
2.      Question 2. What Do You Mean By Derivatives? Give An Example.
Answer :
The word derivative refers to a variable which has been derived from another variable. Thus derivatives have no value of their own as they derive their value from the value of some other assets which is known as underlying asset. They are specialized contracts which signify an agreement to buy or sell the underlying asset of the derivate up to a certain time in the future at a predetermined price. The value of the contract depends on the expiry period and also on the price of the underlying asset. For example – Derivative contract on crude oil depends on the price of crude oil.
3.      Question 3. What Are The Advantages Of Derivatives?
Answer :

17 Jul 2018

Success mantra!--IAS first ranker Divyadharshini shares her success mantra!

IN her first attempt, this 24-year old law graduate from the School of Excellence in Law, Chennai couldn't clear the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary but in her second attempt, she emerged the first ranker! Daughter of V Shanmugam, a customs consultant and homemaker S. Padmavathy, Divyadharshini was working at SBI for the past six months. She shares her journey.  

: Divyadharshini Shanmugam
Rank:  1
Exam: Civil Service Exam 2010

Q.How did you hear the good news?   
A.I was in office when the results were declared, and a friend informed me of the results. It came as a shock! At first I did not believe but it but confirmed it through my brother. It took a while to realise that it was not a dream.

Q.Who is the inspiration behind your success?
A. My mentor Prabhakaran sir (Director of Prabhas IAS Academy) and my parents. All have given me ample confidence, motivation and have placed belief in me.

16 Jul 2018

SHARE MARKET--What are the fundamentally good stocks for long run?

1. Maruti Suzuki (HC - High Conviction) - Value Migration from 2 wheelers to 4 wheelers.

2. HDFC Bank (HC) - Value Migration from Public Sector Banks to Private Sector Banks.
3. Kotak Mahindra (HC) - Value Migration from Public Sector Banks to Private Sector Banks.
4. United Spirits - Addiction to alcohol and more young population is there in India.
5. Kajaria Ceramics - Market leader and boom in housing.
6. Pidilite Industries - Market leader and boom in housing.
7. Symphony - Consumer facing company.
8. Bluestar - Consumer facing company.