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23 May 2018

SHARE MARKET-- Which are some undervalued multibagger stocks to buy in May 2018?

Company Background
Cheviot Company Limited is the flagship company of Group Cheviot. It owns Cheviot Jute Mills in West Bengal. The company manufactures jute products and jute fabrics with flexibility to cater to both domestic and international market. The company is renowned for manufacturing superior quality technical jute fabrics and fully customized jute shopping bags for export market at the Export Oriented Unit situated at Falta Special Economic Zone in the state of West Bengal, India.
It has got two manufacturing units which are equipped with the state of the art technology near Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
i) BUDGE-BUDGE - Composite jute mill producing high quality jute yarns & traditional jute products such as-Hessian cloth & bags in different sizes & constructions, sacking bags like A-Twill, B- Twill & DWF Bags-both Normal & Food Grade Quality.

22 May 2018

SHARE MARKET--What are Multibagger stocks?/READ AND UNDERSTAND-

Multibaggers stocks are those stocks who have potential to rise multiple times over a long period of time.
These are the stocks who are undervalued currently but has a great potential to Increase in future.

The fundamentals of the company are good, have a good management and the business scalability are some of the factors which ensure future growth of the company.

Stock market Investors always want to buy such stocks for a longer period of time may be 5 - 30 years in some cases.

Picking up a stock by an Investor depends on the time horizon they are looking to Invest and their Investment goals.

If an Investor fails to identify the right stock at the right time they may not achieve their Investment Goals. Many of the Investors consult the Brokerages and the traders to get an advice and we end up Investing money basis their analysis. Brokerages have dedicated researchers and financial analyst to do this task.

21 May 2018

share market--How do I know when share prices will rise?/read and try it-

There are many methods are there to identify:
I know practically one method which is having accuracy of 70–75%. You can identify by comparing the Stock PE with Stock industrial PE of the particular sector. Stock industrial PE consist of the average PE of its peers.
PE Ratio of a Stock = Current Market Price of the stock/Earnings per share
Industry PE Ratio = Current Market price of the Sectoral Index/ Weighted Average Earnings per share of the stocks comprising of the index
Assume there are 3 stocks which are having the below valuation.

Usually for the particular sector industrial leader is having PE approximately to the industrial PE. In the above scenario
Stock A is having the fair Value, because its PE is approximately equal to Industrial PE.
Stock B may be undervalued stock as it is PE is less compare to Industrial PE.
Stock C is overvalued stock as it is PE is greater than Industrial PE.
You can book the profits whenever the stock moves above 60–75% of its industrial PE. There are few stocks having PE, which is double than its industrial PE. Such stocks are overvalued stocks which will get correction in later phase. Before investing in overvalued stock you should properly study about the company historical EPS and try to estimate the future EPS accordingly make your decision.

20 May 2018

STOCK MARKET--How to select a multibagger share-

Some stocks have the potential to grow and increase its price multiple times. These stocks are known as multi-bagger stocks. These can grow two-fold or multi folds. A stock that increases two-folds is known as two-bagger, while a stock that increases ten-folds is known as ten-bagger. The term “tenbagger” was coined by legendary fund manager Peter Lynch in his book "One Up On Wall Street".

Stock picking is a very subjective decision and depends on the parameters used by an individual. Though there are no rigid & well defined parameters, these are some guidelines that will focus your research
  1. Pledged shareholding - This criterion is often avoided by investors, but is one of the most important one. Pledge shareholding is the percentage of the promoters’’ holding that has been kept as collateral to banks in exchange of loans. This increases the risk of the company and brings in instability. An investor should avoid companies that have high pledged shareholdings