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18 Jun 2015


CCL Products (I) Ltd.Hi, Today I am placing a Company doing an interesting business (COFFEE), CCL Products (I) Ltd.  This company was founded in the year 1994 with a vision of creating only the finest and richest instant COFFEE in the world.  Today, their vision of the company has steadily steered them into an Export Oriented Unit(EOU) with the right to import Green Coffee from any part of the world and export processed coffee across the Globe, devoid of any Duties at CCL products.  Their strong infrastructural backbone and a global client repertoire in over 70 countries have lead them to evolve into Public Ltd. Company by shares established under law of India.

Their coffee products brand names are as follows. Continental Special, Continental Supreme and Continental Premium.  They headquartered at Hyderabad.  Their products are 1. Spray dried powder 2. Spray dried granules, 3. Freeze dried granules 4. Freeze concentrated liquid 5. Decaffeinated coffee, 6. Flavoured coffee, 7. Certified coffee and 8.Chicory coffee mix.

They have also opened a new factory which has been built in VIETNAM.  The capacity utilization was more than 50%.  This year they expect 75% utilization from Vietnam.  Their main factory at Hyderabad is now at 100% utilization.  EBITDA has gone by 19% compared to last year.  They are going to new countries/ new markets have been created.  New products are developed and value additions are much better in Vietnam compared to what they have in India.  Now they are expanding their Indian facility from 15000 to 20000 this year.

Upholding the reputation for being one of the most trusted brands in the industry, CCL products is committed to delivering its promise of manufacturing unparalleled quality products. Roasted, blended and processed to the precise requirement of  their clients, the Arabica and Robusta green coffee is handpicked from different parts of the world. Their coffee is manufactured at 60 degree Celsius to retain the original flavor and aroma.  They are among the only companies in the world to produce all types of pure, soluble coffee from a single location, they deliver only the finest.  From the above we come to see their ability to do the business according to the taste of the people all over the world.  Hence their future is very bright.  Devaluation of Indian rupee is also favourable to them.

FINANCIALS; Equity capital ; 26.60 CR. F/Value of share Rs.2/- EPS 5.6, PE 33', Divided 60%.  Total sales in cr from (2011 to 2015). 356.45, 490.15, 586.24, 611.10, 671.98.  Total Net profit in cr. from (2011 to 2015) 27.52, 36.86, 54.59, 73.26, 74.66. Bonus - 2013- 1:1. Dividend from 2011 to 2015 ie. 10% to 60% consecutively. Shareholding - Promoter - 40.77%, General Public - 22.04%, NBFC - 9.86%, Foreign NRI - 7.66%, FIS 7.64%, Foreign Promoters - 3.77%, Others-4.63%.

Looking to the above factors and go through the financial details, we may come to a conclusion that this company has done well from the year 2011 to till date.  They have achieved increase in gross sale as well as net profit.  Future shows better.  So consider this Company's share in your portfolio for three years (Long Term Investment).  I am not holding any shares in this company and also  no vested interests.

Thanks,                                                        See you tomorrow.