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15 Jun 2015



Today I am giving you an excellent share tip expecting  Bonus announcement.  This is a small Cap Company expecting  to be a large Cap Company within 3 years.  The present Govt. Policy &  Announcement is favourable to this Company.

Astra Microwave Products Ltd. design, develops and manufactures Sub system for RF and microwave systems used in Defense, Space, Meteorology and Telecommunication.  Their clients include Bharat Electronics, ISRO, Defense, Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, Tata Tele, Reliance Communication and foreign clients USA, Europe, Australia etc.  After the year 2010 their total sales have increased five fold. 2011- 161.14 Cr., 2012- 203.75 Cr., 2013- 227.47 Cr., 2014- 531.16 Cr. 2015- 634.34 Cr. and their net profit increased 6 times.  Net profits are 2011- 18.61 Cr., 2012- 33.20Cr., 2013- 37.30 Cr., 2014- 50.93Cr., 2015- 60.73 Cr.BONUS HISTORY-10.11.2010 1:2,&25.07.2005 1:1 DIVIDEND HISTORY -  13.05.2008- 12.5% TO 2015 - 55% (Regularly increased every year).

Face Value of Shares - Rs.2/-,Trading PE - 14.Equity Capital-16.37 Cr.Today's Market Price-Rs.104/-(15/06/2015).Hence I strongly recommend this scrip for long term investment for 3years. The price will be probably doubled. 

Act now,       Thanks,      See you tomorrow.