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4 Jul 2015


Investment Information:- Hi friends, In the investment process, we have seen that the investor should have knowledge about investment alternatives and the markets. He must be able to analyse the economy,industry and the Company.For all these, he needs adequate flow of information. The source of information varies with the type of information required.

International affairs:- With increasing globalization,International events affect national economy as countries the world over and linked economically and politically with each other The economic crisis of one nation has a contagion effect on the other. The depreciation of the value of the peso in Mexico affects trade in Asia.Apart from economic events, political events and was also affect the Stock market.  The US air raids on Iraq in2003,2006 and 2009 affected the Indian economy and the capital market.

National affairs:- The growth of national economy and political events with in the nation influence investment decisions.Political events are covered by the news papers,Magazines.Economic events and their implications on securities markets are analysed in economic/Business papers and magazines.

Industry information:- Information about the industry is needed to identify industries that perform better than the national economy as a whole.

Company information:- a source of company information must be developed to facilitate company analysis. The BSE. NSE and  OTCEI provide details about listed companies on websites.

Stock markets information:- All financial dailies and investment related magazines publish Stock market news.Stock Exchanges website give details regarding trading in particular stock and the company related details. Historical data also can be accesses on these websites. All the information, you can read from India today,out look, the week, financial express,economic times,Business line, business standard,business today,RBI bulletin etc. Blog writer who keeps investors in mind will succeed. Thereby I am giving you maximum information through this website.Read it and make profits                                            

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