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28 Sep 2015


Hi Friends,    Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented his Budget on 28th February, 2015.  What impact will it have on your financial planning?  Will you be able to save more money now or will your expenses go up?  Under the present circumstances, what will be the best investment options?  Should you put in more money in the stock markets or should you choose long term fixed deposits?  If we go through the present market conditions and global views, investing money in Bank is not profitable.  Deposit rates are on the decreasing trend.  In my opinion long term investment in good growth oriented shares will certainly be rewarded.  Investors those who have no experience in share market, invest through 5 star rated Mutual Fund (SIP).  Share Market has decreased almost 2000 points since January 2015.  This is good time to buy small, small quantity in equity shares.  Noted below are few companies , their debt ratio is comfortable and their cash & bank balance as on 31.03.2015 is appreciable.  Their percentage of liability  is nominal.

1.    SBI   (Cash and Bank 174861.30, % of total liabilities 9.15)

2.    Canara Bank  (Cash & Bank  48641.00, % of total liabilities  9.15)

3.   IDBI Bank  ( Cash & Bank  14525.76,  % of total liabilities  4.20)
    4.   NTPC (Cash & Bank  12878.81,   % of total liabilities  8.04)
    5.   BHEL  (Cash & Bank  9812.70,  % of total liabilities 28.74)
    6.   ITC  ( Cash & Bank  7588.61,  % of total liabilities 24.66)
    7.   Kotak Mahindra  (Cash & Bank  6262.36,  % of total liabilities  6.19)
    8.   NHPC  (Cash & Bank   5422.11,  % of total liabilities  11.67)
    9.   Power Finance  (Cash & Bank  5070.80,  % of total liabilities  2.52)
   10.  Federal Bank ( Cash & Bank  4779.99,  % of total liabilities 5.9)

   11.  Shriram Transport (Cash & Bank  4723.40,  % of total liabilities  10.87)
   12.  HDFC  (Cash & Bank  3364.65,  % of total liabilities  2.08)
   13.  India Bulls Housing  (Cash & Bank 3292.89,  % of total liabilities   7.22)
   14.  Neyveli Lignite ( Cash & Bank 3265.47,  % of total liabilities  18.49)

   15.  LIC Housing Finance ( Cash & Bank  2933.06,  % of total liabilities 3.22)
   16.  ONGC (Cash & Bank 2760.07,  % of liabilities 1.89)
   17.  SAIL  (Cash & Bank  2305.24,  % of liabilities  3.21)

Good luck,                                                                        see you later. 

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