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20 Jun 2015


AKZO NOBEL INDIA LTD;  Today I present the details of a multinational company Akzo Nobel .  It is a Dutch multinational active in the fields of decorative paints  and speciality chemicals. Headquartered in Amsterdam  .  The company has activities in more than 80 countries and employees approximately 47000  people.  Sales in 2014 were EURO 14.3 billion.  Following the acquisition of ICI, the company has restructured in 2nd January 2008 and rebranded itself in 25th April of the same year.

Akzo Nobel India Ltd. is incorporated in the year 1954, is a Mid Cap company having a market cap of Rs.5989.78 crore operating in paints and pigment sector. Over the years, it witnessed sustained expansion growth and transformation in 2008, Akzo Nobel NV become owner of the entire equity share capital of Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd by virtue of which the company became a member of the Akzo Nobel Group.  Akzo Nobel India manufactures and markets paints, coatings and speciality chemicals.  DULUX is most popular brand of its decorative coatings business while the performance quoting business provides solution to many industries and sectors. All their manufacturing facilities have an ISO  14001 certification of Environmental Management System.  

DULUX, from the house of Akzo Nobel, the leading global paints and coating company has been conferred the title of Super Brand by the Super Brand Council.  The Super Brand Council, an independent authority on branding has awarded DULUX as the only super brand in the paint category.  Akzo Nobel has just completed 60 years of service to its customers and in spirit celebration.

They have also commissioned a factory at Gwalior manufacturing water-borne decorative paints established at an investment of Rs.140 crores.  This factory has enhanced their company production capacity by 30%.  One of their products (Dulux Super Clean) launched  last year has been accorded the status of products of the year 2014 innovation and sustainability continue to underline all their efforts in Akzo Nobel India Ltd.  Deluxe strength its professional portfolio by introducing Weather Shield Nat-Gen - Exterior Emulsion with innovative Puma technology.Dulux is its most popular brand of its decorative coating business while the performance coating business provides solutions to many industries and sectors including Automotive, consumer electronics, Power, Aviations, Shipping & Leisure Crafts, Construction, Oil and Gas, Water & Waste water, Food and beverages etc.  The chemical business in India sells more than 30 products grouped under organic peroxides, Metal alkalies and polymer.With the employees strength 2000 + Akzo Nobel India has manufacturing  sites , offices and distribution networks spread across the country. Decreasing strength in Crude Oil price in the international market is also a plus point to the company. We may also look into the financials of the company.

Financials - Equity Capital - 46.66Cr., Share Price as on 19-06-2015 - Rs.1269.05 PE - 28.84, EPS - 44.16, F/V of share Rs.10/-, B/V - 221.30 Industry PE - 48.43. Bonus History - 03.08.1966 - 2:5, 03.08.1978 - 1:3, Dividend - 2001 to 2015  55% 150% without any interruption. Gross  Sales in crores (2011 to 2015) 1096.82 , 1942.52, 2179.74, 2371.71, and 2469.79.  Net Profit in Cr. from (2011 to 2015) - 176.65, 201.78, 218.83, 150.22 and 186.31.

Their last 4th quarter result shows 18.3% less when compared to 2014.  Hence the share price decreased a lot in the share market.  This multi national share is now available in a good PE ratio 26. But industry PE is 48.43. Therefore clients can consider it for long term investment , minimum period of three years for capital appreciation including bonus.  The company authorities told that their performance will be increased in the current year better than last year.  I have holdings in this company but no vested interests.

Thanks,                                                            See you later.

19 Jun 2015


Hi, Today I am writing about one easy way of making money online.  For this you must be a literate knowing to write in English.  You have your own Computer/Laptop/ or modern Phone with uninterrupted internet connection. First of all you have to open a Gmail account in Google, that is free.  You open a Blog/Website account and give suitable accepted title to this.  This is also free. After that you can start writing and post the same daily in your blog.  The subject of the article must be familiar to your knowledge.  You select subjects like cookery, fashion designing, money making tips, share trading ,general knowledge, travel spots, etc. etc.  You concentrate on one subject and prepare article according to your will and pleasure and publish it into the blog page.  Day by day, your viewers will be increased if your article is impressive.  Anyhow you have to wait for three to six months.  

Next thing you try for advertisement posting in the Adweb of Google.  Your option for applyiing "sharing advertisement"in the blog option.Google will check your request and if they are satisfied, your  request will be accepted or rejected. If it  is accepted Google will start to give paid advertisements to your blog.  When the advertisement is live, if anybody click in the advertisement, you will be eligible for money payment.  After ten to thirty days you can check your earnings in the Google Adsense site.  If your credit becomes 50 to 100 US$ they will issue cheque in favor of you.  There is no need to give a bank account.  You do not give bank account number or any ID proof such as Aadhar Card, Election Card etc. to any online company/website.  That is very dangerous as you may loose money.

Your income will be increased according to your ability to write in the blog attractive by the viewers.  Other e/business companies like Flip cart, Alibhava etc. may also give their advertisements in your site as explained above.  For this purpose you have to contact the authorities. They will also be paid your eligible amount through cheque.  So work hard daily, spend two or three hours for it and prepare interesting articles different to others, post it in your blog.  Patience is another important matter.  Immediately after opening the blog no income will come.  You have to wait patiently for 3 to 6 months.

Good Luck,  Regards,                                                         See you later.

18 Jun 2015


CCL Products (I) Ltd.Hi, Today I am placing a Company doing an interesting business (COFFEE), CCL Products (I) Ltd.  This company was founded in the year 1994 with a vision of creating only the finest and richest instant COFFEE in the world.  Today, their vision of the company has steadily steered them into an Export Oriented Unit(EOU) with the right to import Green Coffee from any part of the world and export processed coffee across the Globe, devoid of any Duties at CCL products.  Their strong infrastructural backbone and a global client repertoire in over 70 countries have lead them to evolve into Public Ltd. Company by shares established under law of India.

Their coffee products brand names are as follows. Continental Special, Continental Supreme and Continental Premium.  They headquartered at Hyderabad.  Their products are 1. Spray dried powder 2. Spray dried granules, 3. Freeze dried granules 4. Freeze concentrated liquid 5. Decaffeinated coffee, 6. Flavoured coffee, 7. Certified coffee and 8.Chicory coffee mix.

They have also opened a new factory which has been built in VIETNAM.  The capacity utilization was more than 50%.  This year they expect 75% utilization from Vietnam.  Their main factory at Hyderabad is now at 100% utilization.  EBITDA has gone by 19% compared to last year.  They are going to new countries/ new markets have been created.  New products are developed and value additions are much better in Vietnam compared to what they have in India.  Now they are expanding their Indian facility from 15000 to 20000 this year.

Upholding the reputation for being one of the most trusted brands in the industry, CCL products is committed to delivering its promise of manufacturing unparalleled quality products. Roasted, blended and processed to the precise requirement of  their clients, the Arabica and Robusta green coffee is handpicked from different parts of the world. Their coffee is manufactured at 60 degree Celsius to retain the original flavor and aroma.  They are among the only companies in the world to produce all types of pure, soluble coffee from a single location, they deliver only the finest.  From the above we come to see their ability to do the business according to the taste of the people all over the world.  Hence their future is very bright.  Devaluation of Indian rupee is also favourable to them.

FINANCIALS; Equity capital ; 26.60 CR. F/Value of share Rs.2/- EPS 5.6, PE 33', Divided 60%.  Total sales in cr from (2011 to 2015). 356.45, 490.15, 586.24, 611.10, 671.98.  Total Net profit in cr. from (2011 to 2015) 27.52, 36.86, 54.59, 73.26, 74.66. Bonus - 2013- 1:1. Dividend from 2011 to 2015 ie. 10% to 60% consecutively. Shareholding - Promoter - 40.77%, General Public - 22.04%, NBFC - 9.86%, Foreign NRI - 7.66%, FIS 7.64%, Foreign Promoters - 3.77%, Others-4.63%.

Looking to the above factors and go through the financial details, we may come to a conclusion that this company has done well from the year 2011 to till date.  They have achieved increase in gross sale as well as net profit.  Future shows better.  So consider this Company's share in your portfolio for three years (Long Term Investment).  I am not holding any shares in this company and also  no vested interests.

Thanks,                                                        See you tomorrow.


HDFC Bank, AXIS Bank, SBI have remitted Advance Tax 2015, more than 20 - 30 % increase when it is compared to their last year (2014 remittance).  It shows that bank loan disbursement has picked up in the current year 2015.  So the Indian Mutual Fund Managers have been on a shopping spree for banking stocks raising stocks their allocation to the sector to over Rs.79000/- crores in May 2015 in anticipation of a Rate Cut by RBI.  So investors may look into the following shares for their portfolio.  HDFC Bank, SBI, INDUS IND  Bank, AXIS Bank, FEDERAL BANK (cum bonus 1:1), CITY UNION Bank, and DCB Bank.  Investors may look into above bank shares to purchase on decline. 

Thanks,                                                                                   See you later.

17 Jun 2015


CYIENT LTD.Hi friends,Today I am introducing a software company which is a growth oriented one. The IT sector has remained tepid for the last two years and fall in discretionary spending is the key reason for the same.  On the contrary BPO industry is expanding at a swift pace compared to IT.  Services sector which is yet to revive from the financial crisis turmoil way back in 2008.  But Cyient Ltd. is a growth oriented one as their products and services are diversified.

Cyient (formerly Infotech Enterprises) is a company focused on Engineering networks and operations.  It has 12000 + employees across 38 global locations as of March 2014.  The company features among the top 30 Outsourcing companies in the world.  It is headquartered at Hyderabad.

Cyient has a global presence.  It has offices at Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Newzeland, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, The UAE, The UK and The USA.  They have seven group companies associated with this Flagship company.  Name of the company has changed from √Źnfotech Enterprises"to Cyient "in the year 2014.

The company is mainly engaged with Aerospace & Defense, Consumer & Medical, Energy & Natural Resources, Heavy Machinery, Semi Conductor, Utilities & Communications, Transportation, Engineering Devices, Data, Network & Operations etc.

FINANCIALS:Equity Capital - 56.18 Cr., Share price today - Rs.536/-, EPS - 24.3, PE - 22.11,  F/V of Shares - Rs.5/-.  Bonus paid in the year 2002 - 1:1, 2006 - 1:2, 2010 - 1:1.  Dividend history is excellent , regularly paid without any gap from  5% to 120%.  Total sales are from 2011 to 2015 are in crores.(647.67, 863.80, 1051.56, 1224.49, 1294.01).  Net profits for the above period are in crores (117.88,158.60, 184.35, 254.92, 271.16).Even though it is mid cap share, it has potential to grow  to become a large cap. 

 Morethan10 Indian Mutual  Funds have stake in this company in their portfolio.  I recommend this share to buy below Rs.500/- and keep it for next 3 years.

I have no holdings in this share or any vested interests.  Clients may take their own risks in investing shares or Mutual funds.

Thanks,                                                                   See you tomorrow.

16 Jun 2015



Hi Friends, Wonderla Holidays Ltd. is a Public Ltd. Company and it is a leading amusement park designing and operating in India headquartered near Bidadi, Bangalore.  Its flagship amusement park located at the above place at Bangalore since 2005.  It is spread over an area of 82 acres.The first amusement park , Wonderla, Cochin was set up in 2000 (46 acres).  They are India's best amusement park & resorts , one Bangalore and the other at Cochin.  

There is also a classical resort at Bangalore.The  promoters are the owners of "V"Guard Industries Ltd.  They are efficient, punctual in their business and financially sound.  During 2014, they had made Public Issue of shares to the public and the issue size was 181 Cr. for a new amusement park at Hyderabad and also for General Corporate purpose.  This issue was a great success and over subscribed above 38 times.  In this issue they have collected Rs.115/- (premium) for each share.  This company is operating in Hospitality sector and also highly Capital Intensive nature of this business is not lost on anyone.From the Public Issue they have spent about 30% for the new park at Hyderabad. This park will be functional early in the year 2016.  Remaining amount they are keeping in Mutual Fund Investments.

F I N A N C I A L SEquity Capital - 56.50 Cr., F/V of Share - Rs.10/-, Dividend - 15%, Today's Market Price - Rs.247/-, E.P.S. - 6.96, PE - 27.63, B/Value - 38.06 Cr.Annual Results                                               2011           2012            2013              2014             2015 (March)Total Sales In Cr.      89.6         113.10         137.85           153.63           181.89 Net Profit  in Cr.      31.52          29.87           33.48             39.89             50.63

The promoters announced that they are expecting revenue growth of  15-20%.  This company is not in a commercial nature.  It is only capital expenditure nature.  Hence working capital is necessary only nominal.  Their borrowed debts have completely repaid from the proceeds of Public Issue.  So this company is debt free.  We can expect better capital appreciation in coming years.  They have only very few competitors i n unorganized sector.  So try this share in your fort folio keeping minimum three years.Share Holding DetailsPromoters                     71%General Public        11.28%FIS                              8.94%Other Companies      4.24%Mutual Fund              1.83%Foreign NRI               1.04%F Institutions              0.07%Others                        1.62%Remember, I have no holdings in this company or any relation with this company. Clients may take their own risk for taking decisions.

Thank you,                   See you tomorrow.          

15 Jun 2015



Today I am giving you an excellent share tip expecting  Bonus announcement.  This is a small Cap Company expecting  to be a large Cap Company within 3 years.  The present Govt. Policy &  Announcement is favourable to this Company.

Astra Microwave Products Ltd. design, develops and manufactures Sub system for RF and microwave systems used in Defense, Space, Meteorology and Telecommunication.  Their clients include Bharat Electronics, ISRO, Defense, Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, Tata Tele, Reliance Communication and foreign clients USA, Europe, Australia etc.  After the year 2010 their total sales have increased five fold. 2011- 161.14 Cr., 2012- 203.75 Cr., 2013- 227.47 Cr., 2014- 531.16 Cr. 2015- 634.34 Cr. and their net profit increased 6 times.  Net profits are 2011- 18.61 Cr., 2012- 33.20Cr., 2013- 37.30 Cr., 2014- 50.93Cr., 2015- 60.73 Cr.BONUS HISTORY-10.11.2010 1:2,&25.07.2005 1:1 DIVIDEND HISTORY -  13.05.2008- 12.5% TO 2015 - 55% (Regularly increased every year).

Face Value of Shares - Rs.2/-,Trading PE - 14.Equity Capital-16.37 Cr.Today's Market Price-Rs.104/-(15/06/2015).Hence I strongly recommend this scrip for long term investment for 3years. The price will be probably doubled. 

Act now,       Thanks,      See you tomorrow.

14 Jun 2015


Welcome sir to see the blog.My writing is very genuine and profitable to clients who follow my direction. Majority of share Analyst/Brokers or financial advisers telling to their Clients that they may save from  savings of their salary income But my approach is different.

Imagine that you are now 28 years old,married and have two kids[daughters],one 3 year and one just born.Wife is housewife and hence no income.You are B.Com working as an Accountant in a private company. Your monthly net salary is Rs.20,000. Your savings are very nominal like PF and LIC policy amounting to Rs.3,00,000. You are living in a rented building.You have no property and your parents are not alive. You have no other income.During the end of month your monthly expenses will be around Rs.20000 to 21000.Hence your savings are nil.

You may have  your future expectations like this, study expenses for children at 21 years,marriage of your children-at the age 23.You need minimum 10 lakhs each ie 20 lakhs required for the same and may also have ambition  like to purchase a two Wheeler a Car and to buy your own house,current and future hospital expenses etc How you will meet all these expenses.You have to take a decision in advance and to start Savings as follows.

Remember your salary is 20000 and monthly average expenses are Rs.20000-21000.So no balance saving.In my opinion after getting salary first you spent minimum Rs.1000 for joining a mutual fund account under systematic investment plan. Remaining 19000 you may adjust your expenditure for the above Rs.1000
Suppose you join in a Mutual Fund under SIP for 5 years and 10 years@ Rs.500 each PM for two mutual fund.

First plan 5 years - 500x60  =30,000/ Second plan 10 years- 500x120=60,000,
After maturity you may get 50,000 or more, after maturity you may get 1 lakh or more. This is for Rs.500 plan.If you invest more,your earnings will be doubled or even four times.

Recommended Mutual Funds are CRISL rated.
Try,                                                                                                                    Thankyou                                                           See you tomorrow.                                                                                                                                                                                                       


Aurobindo Pharma:This pharma company is a customer oriented one.They have given bonus shares @ 1:1 during the years 1998, 2000 & 2015 (28/05/2015).Their Dividend percentage is also very high.Their growth rate is very encouraging.See their sale from the year 2010-2014 (Rs in Crores-3253,4133,4205,5353,7050).You see the net profit from the years 2010-2014 in Crores (526,594,-43,496 &1172).They got FDA permission from USA to Export one of their product.Still it is quoting cum bonus.So I think this share is very nice to invest for long term.  

Thanks,                                                                                                      See you Tomorrow.