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27 Jun 2015


DAY TRADING TIP ;-1) Decide which share I have to trade in a particular day. Share Markets open At 9.15 A.M. and close at 3.30 P.M.  I watch the markets and see the trading till 10.15 A.M.  I study the market and watch the movements of the share.  If other global markets are in +, probably Indian markets may also go positively.  Then I look the movement of my selected share , and it is going up by 1 to 2%, I start buy 50 shares instead of 100.

2) After ten minutes I watch again to my share movements.  If the share counter shows  the total traded volume increased & buyer side quantity shows more than seller side,and also purchaser in the counter go and buy the seller side shares with quantity, it is a sign for bullish if otherwise Bearish.

3) If it is a bull hope particularly in my share, I purchase 50 shares and wait and go for lunch.  The traders can buy quantity shares according to their financial capacity.

4) After lunch again I start watching my scrip and if it is going up, I book profit before 3 P.M. If the market goes bearish, I sell the share and book my loss.  No position pending Suppose the market crash due to some sensational news, I don't mind.  I take delivery of my shares.

5) Settle my account with broker and leave the place at 4 P.M.  Reading papers and periodicals are available with the broker.  This tip is for day traders.

Thanking you,                                                    See you later.

26 Jun 2015


Sharda Cropchem Ltd: Hi, On Sept. 2013 the Company changed its name to Sharada Crop chem India Ltd. and thereafter on September 18, 2013 it was converted into a Public Ltd. Company with the name Sharada Cropchem Ltd., headquartered at Mumbai.

The Company is a fast growing Global Agrochemical Company with leadership position in the  generic group Protection Chemical Industry.  Their products are Agrochemicals, Enveyor Belts, Industrial Chemical and Sharada Biocide.  Their presence are in 80 foreign countries like Ireland, Indonesia, U.S.A, Italy, Peru etc.  They took over a company named Axis Corp Science Pvt. Ltd. during 2011-2012.It has made deep inroads in the highly developed European and US markets which are Characterized as high entry barrier markets.  It also  has significant presence in order regulated markets such as LATAM and rest of the world.

The Company has an asset light  business model whereby it focuses on identifying generic molecules preparing dossiers, seeking registrations, marketing and distributing formulation through third party distributors or its own Sales Force.  The Company's core competence lies in developing products Dossiers and Product Registrations in different countries.  The company not only has an exencive  distribution net work of  third party distributions but has also set up its own Sales force in various countries in Europe, Mexico, Colombia, South Africa & India.  The Company's strategy of sourcing through a global network of suppliers provides it with flexibility and nimbleness.

The Company is capable of providing a wide bouquet of products to its customers.  Its product portfolio in Aggro Chemical Business comprise of formulations and generic active ingredients in fungicide, herbicide and an insecticide segments for protecting different  kinds of crops as well as server turfs and specially markets and in biocide segment as disinfectants thereby  allowing them to offer varied range of formulations and generic active ingredients/.

The present portfolio in non Agrochemical business comprises of Belts, General Chemicals, Dye and Dye Intermediates which enables the company.
Financial:  Equity Share Capital - 90.22 crore, EPS - 10.83,  PE - 31.07,  B/V  - 68.08, F/V of Shares - Rs.10/-,  Dividend - 25%, Industry PE- 39.75,  Reserve - 496.73 crore , Market Capitalization - 3035.92 crore.  Total Sales i n crore for the period from 2011-2015  - 241.60, 346.34, 554.59, 540.59 & 769.32.  Total Net Profit in crore for the period from 2011-2015  - 19.64, 37.56, 69.96, 88.66, & 97.75.  Share Price Rs.331/-.  No Bonus history.  

Share Holdings : Promoters - 75%, NBFC/Mutual Fund - 13.30%, FIS - 5.70%, General Public - 3.98%, Other Companies - 1.51%,  Others - 0.51%.  Management Efficiency: 1.Return on Equity - 16.35%   2. Return  on Assets - 13.92%  3.Profitability Growth - Gross Profit Margin - 17.10, Operating Profit Margin - 22.52%, Net Profit Margin - 14.88%, Debt Equity Ratio - 000.

For the quarter ended 31.03.2015, The Company has reported a standalone sales of Rs.271.51 crore up 138.05% from the last year sales of Rs.114.60 and company has reported net profit after tax Rs.44.19 crore in last quarter. On 04-04-2015, CMD Sharada Crop-chem reported that the company going head smoothly and they expect 20-25% growth every coming years.  Seeing all these details, I expect better future in this company.  Buy its shares for long term investments.  If a person having Only Rs.5000/- in his hand, can also be invested by purchasing 10 or 20 shares.  Take your own decisions.

Thank you,                                                      See you later. 


Hi  Friends you watch Share Market today. Analysts and Broking firms are saying till now the Market Is in Bear Phase. So we read Economic papers,Magazines and other media sources to study the width of the market.. Sell your temporary holdings when market increased to 500-700 points.Then wait for correction. When bottom comes you start buy recommended Shares. Long term investors need not worry about falling market.,they keep their holdings long term.India's long term future is bright.Present Indian Govt. will get majority in Rajia Sabha with in 3 years.So they can Pass any Bill easily withou the help of Opposition.If any shars of Long term investors come down to 50%,you may purchase additional shares so as enable them to average thrir Shares. My Blog give fundamentally strong Shares which is meant for long term. If any news comes in any of your Shares,the price of the Share start incresing in the Share Market.In that case you have to decide,how much profit you need. If you get 15-20% profit, you think about selling.This is 100%, according to your will and pleasure. The above points only are my thoughts you take decision according to your ambition.

Thanking you,                                                     See you later.

25 Jun 2015


Marksans pharma Ltd.:  Hi,  Today I am explaining about a Turn Around Pharma Company. Marksans Pharma has changed its name from Tasc Pharmaceutical Ltd. in 2005 and headquartered at Bombay.  This is a global pharmaceutical company.  They are actively engaged in R&D and offer CRAMS to Global Pharmaceutical companies.The US pharmaceutical market is one of the key focus areas of Marksans Pharma.  The company has achieved the required approvals from the US FDA and has already started exporting formulations to US.

Their key focus areas lie in the OTC & Prescription Drugs that have wide range applications across fields like Oncology, Gastroenterology, Anti Diabetics, Anti Biotics, Cardio Vascular, Pain Management, Gynecology among others.  Their plants are approved by prestigious US FDA, UK MHRA, Australian TGA and other Foreign Health Authorities.  R&D Capabilities: They have team of over 50 experienced scientists specializing in Formulations Developments & Analytical Developments.

Their present markets spread and including USA, Europe, South East Asia, Africa, Russia & CIS, Latin America, Australia etc.  The Company has achieved global recognition within a very short span of time and has major global expansion plans for the near future.  Having established their presence in these foreign markets, they are now expanding over focus towards emerging markets where they have over 350+ approved products and 200+ products pending approvals.  Their formulation manufacturing plant at Verna, Goa got US FDA approvalThey strengthened consolidated EBIDTA Margin by 247 bps to 19.13% in 2013-2014.

Financial Details:  Equity Capital - 40.93 crore, Reserve - 304.75  crore, F/V of share Re.1/-, EPS - 1.64, PE - 37.32, Industry PE - 33.03,  Share Price Rs.60/-,  Dividend - 10%,  Market Capitalization - 2505.00 crore equal to Novartis.  Gross Sales in crore for the period from 2011 to 2015 - 157.12, 156.55,  196.47,  318.26,  & 408.68.  Net Profit for the period from 2011 to 2015 -  -217.79,  181.07, 39.58,  55.56,  & 67.11.  No bonus declared so far.  They have not pledged any shares of promoters.

Share Holding :- Promoters - 51.26%,  FII - 0.23%,  D11 - 0.02%,  Other Public - 48.49%. Several Mutual Funds bought the shares of this company recently expecting the growth of shares in coming years... Market capitalization improved to 2505 average equal to Novartis India 2520.91 and more above to Shasun Pharma, JB Chemicals,Unichem Lab, Granules India, Aarti Drugs etc.

The result shows that even as Marksans is present in 25 countries today, they derived 62.48% of revenue from UK/Europe and 15.24% revenue from US, a validation of their decision to drive deep. Till 2012, the performance of the company was average.  Then grew over  topline and bottomline every single quarter across the last seven of the eight quarters leading to the close of 2013-2014.

The company expects to emerge as a 1,00,000 crore entity to the coming years, the shortest tenure in which any Indian Pharmaceutical player focussing on the regulated markets would have reached this milestone.  Hence we may also follow them.  Share price is Rs.60/-.  Try your luck.  Long Term Investment (3 years) recommended.  I have holding in this company, but no vested interests.

Thanking you,                                                              See you later.

24 Jun 2015


KIPT Technologies Ltd.:-  Hi,  KIPT is an Indian Multinational Company with registered office in Pune, Maharashtra.  Popularly known as KIPT, the company provides Product Engineering Services & Solutions, IT Consulting Services , Technologies, Automotive, Utilities & Life Science.  It is a Mid Cap Company.  KIPT Technologies formerly KIPT Cummins Info System Ltd.  Promoters are professionals. This Company's Share is quoting near 52 weeks low.  So long term investors surely look into this share.  Other details are furnished below

.Its Market Capitalization is 1950.27 crore.  KIPT  Key Products/Revenue Segments include Software Development Charges which contributed Rs.867.62 crores to Sales Value.(99.72% of Total Sales.). Sale of products which contributed to Rs.216 crores to Sales Value (0.24% of Total Sales).  Others which contributed Rs.0.31 crore to Sales Value(0.03% of Total Sales)for the year 31.03.2014.  For the quarter ended 31.03.2015, the company has reported a Stand Alone Sales of Rs.321.25 crores up 7.96% from last quarter sales of Rs.297.56 crores and up 18.87% from last year same quarter sales of Rs.270.25 crores, the company has reported Net Profit after tax of Rs,54.66 crores in last quarter.

Share Holding Pattern:-  Promoters - 21.65%, FIS - 31.17%, General Public - 14.39%, NBFC/Mutual Fund - 10.05%, Foreign Others - 8.53%, Foreign OCB - 6.54%, Other Companies - 4.83% & Financial Institutions - 1.13%.

Financial Details are:- Market Capitalization - 1950.27 crore, Equity Capital - 37.61 crore, EPS - 7.73, PE - 12.83, Market Price of Share as on 23/06- Rs.99.20, F/V of shares Rs.2, B/V 53.11 crores, Dividend - 55%, Industry PE - 21.73, Reserve - 1005.26 Crore.  Gross Sales in crore for the year from 2011 - 2015 - 538.56, 612.89, 715.24, 890.09& 1245.75. Net Profit in crore for the period from 2011- 2015 - 69.49, 74.67, 103.05, 149.16 & 201.41. Bonus History - 2006 - 1:1 & 2012 - 1:1, Dividend regularly from 2003 to 2015 - 17.5% to 55%.

There are so many bulk deals by Indian Mutual Funds in Company Share.  FIS are holding huge equity in this company.  The share is near to 52 weeks low.  Hence the present PE is only 12.83.  But Industry PE is 21.73.  So golden chances to improve the share price in future.  Long Term (3 Years) Investors may look into this share for their investment.

Thanks,                                                                                              See you later.

23 Jun 2015


Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Ltd: Hi , Everybody must remember that positive thinking is always a positive method of life changing. This is also aTip. Talwalkars Better Value popularly known as Talwalkars, is India's largest chain of health clubs. It has 152 Health Clubs across 80 Cities in India on a consolidated basis with over 2,00,000 members.

Company incorporated in the year 2003, is a Small Cap Company having a market Cap of Rs.816.06cr,operations in Miscellaneous sector. Its key products/Revenue segments include other services which contributed Rs.177.06 crores to sales value (98.33% total sales).  Technical knowhow and franchises which contributed Rs.2.46 crores to sub value (1.36 % total sales), consultancy income which contributed Rs.0.27 crore to sales value (0.14% of total sales), income from relating which contributed Rs.0.26 crore sales value (0.14% of total sales) for the year ended 31.03.2014.  

In march 2014 UK based David Lloyd Leisure group began talks with management of Talwalkars to acquire around 20% stake in the company.  The company recently entered in the Sports Club Segment in India and set up a 50:50 joint with David Lloyd Leisure Ltd. (UK).  Recently Talwalkars has raised Rs.100 crore through QIP.  The same received bids from investors such as Capital International and Accent Capital among others. The funds would be deployed for getting up new business centres acquire existing Gym chains, setting up Leisure Clubs, besides advertising and promotion.

Financial:-  Share price as on 22nd June - Rs.318.5,  Equity capital - 26.18 crore,  Market Cap - 832.07 crore,  PE - 19.35,  EPS - 16.42,  B/V - 104.67,  Dividend - 15%, F/V of shares Rs.10/-, Industry PE 29.34,  Reserve - 223.23 crore.  Gross sales in crore for the period from 2011 - 2015.       86.52,  106.58,  130.44,  161.01,  and 200.22.  Net Profit in crore for the period from 2011-2015.         15.23,  19.20,  27.67,  33.40,  and 42.98.  There is no bonus history.  Dividend Pay Out is 15%. 

Share Holding:- Promoter - 43.32%,  General Public - 17.63%,  Other Companies - 12.50%, FIS - 11.5%,  NBFC/Mutual Funds - 9.66%,  Foreign NRIs - 2.51%,  Others - 2.14% & Other Financial Institutions - 0.24%.

Share Analysts are saying that it led by improved growth in SSS & Steady GYM Additions, they expect TBVFL to report a healthy growth of 20% & 26% on CAGR Basis over FY 14 to 16.  The growth will be largely given by improved realization (through Fee Hike & Improve Product Mix). They expect the value growth to improve in FY 16 due to GYM Additions.  The Stock seems to be attractively valued at 8.9 x FY 17 earnings, considering +25% earnings Carg over FY 14-17 E, investors may buy the Stock with minimum target of Rs.361 /- based on 14xFY16-FY17 average earnings. The company has not announced any bonus shares so far.  Considering this, Indian Mutual Funds & FIS are holding around 21% of equity , we may expect a bonus announcement in the near future. 

Good Luck,                                              See You Later                      

22 Jun 2015


eClerx Services Ltd:-  eClerx is an Indian Knowledge Process Outsourcing Company based in Mumbai.  It is presently aMid Cap & Small Cap company.  They are doing international business.  eClerx acquired Agilyst Inc to grow its foot print in the US Cable and Telecom Industry in 2014, the operating revenue grew by 14% to  US$ 138.3 million as compared US$ 121.15 million in the period last year. i.e. in 31st March 2015.  eClerx acquired Creative Services Agency CLX Europe a Global Media Content Creation and Delivery Solution Company with over 40 years of experience, working with many of the world's largest retail, publishers and luxury brands for a total purchase consideration of up to EUR 25 million to form industry leading provider of Creative & Digital Services Company.  They have also announced plan to acquire Italian Media Content Management Company Clx Europe Spa for 25 million Euros.

The number of employees are 8000+.  They have client engagement presence in across Austin, Chicago, Dublin, London, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Singapore.  They are trying for more clients in other countries to grow their business.  They are also looking into famous foreign companies for acquisition. So there is better scope for growth in coming years.

Financial Status:  Equity Share Capital - 30.35 Crores, F/V of share Rs.10/-, Market Capitalization - 4777.26 Crores, PE 22.14, Reserve 616.24 Crore, Gross Sales in crore for the years 2011 to 2015. 341.91 .472.47 , 570.92 , 713.38  & 818.34 .  Net Profit in Crores for the period from 2011 to 2015. 217.77, 246.51, 155.92, 157.33, & 118.56.

The Company expecting 10 - 14 % growth topline in the year 2015-16.  Bonus paid during 2010 @ 1:2.  Dividend pay out is also good.  Explaining the above facts we may expect good Capital appreciation for long term investment.

Thanking you,                                                          See you later                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


HI, Today I am telling you a safe way of share trading.  If you follow this method your profit will be more than bank interest rate.  I will tell  you an example.  This is not technical or fundamental.  If you go through an analyst recommendation, loosing of money is high and risk.  But I am telling the facts from my experience for the last several years.  The method is very simple.  Daily you watch the index, ie. Bombay Index and Nifty Index.ie Bombay Index Stock ( 50 numbers) and NSE Index Stock (50 numbers).  For the convenience, here NSE Index is discussed.  Take eg. on 26.03.2005, Nifty closed at 8342.15.  That day you think that I have purchased shares of this 50 index shares investing Rs.100000/-.  Thi is known as Basket Buy, here we are not caring the plus or minus of shares on that day.  Simply tell to our broker to buy shares which includes in the Nifty 50 shares in the proportion according to the investment money.  So you will purchase all these shares proportionately.  Then you have to wait for market revival.

In the above case Nifty as on 06-04-2015 was 8660 i.e. 4.25% above to your purchase date. You simply ask the broker to sell the Basket Shares.  You may get 4.2% appreciation.  i.e. for Rs.100000/- you may get profit of Rs.4200/- for 12 days waiting.  You can start trading with Rs.10000/- and above according to your capacity.  In the above case profit for Rs.10000/ will be Rs.420/-.  Again you watch Nifty.  You see that Nifty as on 25-04-2015 was 8213.80 and on 05-05-2015 it was 8342.80 ( increase of 1.8%).  For this type  of trading you have to compulsorily watch and review the share market daily and also keep in writing BSE Index and NSE Index in your reference book.  You may also follow the trend of the market from any source.  If the  market is in Bull Phase, you can make handsome profit. If it is in Bear Phase you you have to wait and watch patiently for the good news to come for Bull Market.  Instead of Nifty Index you shall try trading in Bombay Index Shares also. Try your luck.

Thanks,                                                                  See you later.