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4 Jul 2015


Investment Information:- Hi friends, In the investment process, we have seen that the investor should have knowledge about investment alternatives and the markets. He must be able to analyse the economy,industry and the Company.For all these, he needs adequate flow of information. The source of information varies with the type of information required.

International affairs:- With increasing globalization,International events affect national economy as countries the world over and linked economically and politically with each other The economic crisis of one nation has a contagion effect on the other. The depreciation of the value of the peso in Mexico affects trade in Asia.Apart from economic events, political events and was also affect the Stock market.  The US air raids on Iraq in2003,2006 and 2009 affected the Indian economy and the capital market.

National affairs:- The growth of national economy and political events with in the nation influence investment decisions.Political events are covered by the news papers,Magazines.Economic events and their implications on securities markets are analysed in economic/Business papers and magazines.

Industry information:- Information about the industry is needed to identify industries that perform better than the national economy as a whole.

Company information:- a source of company information must be developed to facilitate company analysis. The BSE. NSE and  OTCEI provide details about listed companies on websites.

Stock markets information:- All financial dailies and investment related magazines publish Stock market news.Stock Exchanges website give details regarding trading in particular stock and the company related details. Historical data also can be accesses on these websites. All the information, you can read from India today,out look, the week, financial express,economic times,Business line, business standard,business today,RBI bulletin etc. Blog writer who keeps investors in mind will succeed. Thereby I am giving you maximum information through this website.Read it and make profits                                            

  Thank you                                                See you later

3 Jul 2015


TECHNICAL ANALYSIS Vs FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Hi, When you invest in Shares, it is always a good idea to take a long term view. This helps ensure better returns and also protection from short term market fluctuations. While choosing Shares for long term, utmost care is necessary and you should know the fundamentals of the particular Share. For the clients benefit I furnish below the difference of Technical analysis Vs Fundamental Analysis.

Fundamental Analysts analyse the Stock based on the goals of investors. They study the financial strength of Corporation, growth of shares, earning and profitability. They also take into account the general industrial and economic conditions. The technical analysts mainly focus attention on the history of prices’.Technical analysts choose to study two basic market data- price and volume.

Fundamental Analysis ts estimate the intrinsic value of the Shares and purchase them when they are undervalued. They dispose of the of the Shares when they are over priced and earn profits. They try to find out the long term value of Shares. Compared to fundamental analysts, Technical Analysts mainly predict the short term price movements rather than long term movements.They are not committed to a buy and hold policy.

Fundamentalists are of the opinion that supply and demand for Stock depend on underlying factors. The forecast of supply and demand depend on various factors. Analysts opine that they can forecast supply and demand by studying the prices and volume of trading.

In both approaches, Supply and Demand factors are considered to be critical. Business, Economic, Social and Political factors affect the supply and demand for Securities. These underlying factors in the form of Supply and Demand come together in the Securities market to determine Security prices.

Good luck,                                                                                  See you later.

2 Jul 2015


Weizmann Forex Ltd.: Hi, This Company is a Small Cap Company having a Market Cap of Rs.303.91 Cr operating in Finance sector. The.The key products/Revenue Segment included Traded goods which contributed to 4571.47 Cr to sales value(97.25 of total Sales},other services which contributed Rs.112.46 Cr to sales value{2.39% of total sales },Airtime sales which contributed Rs.10.18 Cr sales value (0.21% of total sales),Commission which contributed Rs.4.39 Cr to sales value(0.09% of total sales),Wind power which contributed 1.92 Cr to sales value (0.04% of total sales) for the year ending 31st march,2014.

For the quarter ended 31.3.2015 the Company has reported a stand alone Sales of Rs. 997.66 Cr down 2.86% from last quarter sales of Rs.1027.05 crore’ The company reported net profit after tax of Rs.3.93 crore in last quarter.  FINANCIALS:-  Equity Capital – 11.56 crore,  Market Cap – 03.91 Cr.,  EPS – 16.11 ,  PE – 16.31,  B/V  - 86.63 ,   Dividend – 75%,  Industry PE – 23.15,  F/V of Shares – Rs.10/-.  Share Price – Rs.262/-.  Gross Sales i n crore for the period from 2011 – 2015   -  3457.82, 4225.11, 4465.05, 4697.42, and 4465.72.  Net Profit in crore for the period from 2011-2015 -    13.40, 19.89, 20.46,18.28, & 18.63.  Reserve – 77.53 crore.  No Bonus is seen declared.  Dividend History from 2011-2015 -  20% to 75% regularly.

Share Holding :-  Promoters – 74.59%, General Public – 21.48%, Other Companies – 2.58%, Foreign NRIs – 1.28%, and Others – 0.06%.  Management Efficiency :- Return of Equity – 22.41%, Return on Assets – 5.94%, Return on Capital Employers – 15.03%, Fixed Assets Turn Over – 24.93%, Gross Profit Margin – 0.78%, Operating Profit Margin – 0.88%, and Net Profit Margin – 0.38%.  Study the furnished details and take decision.  Splitting of shares are expected in the near future.

Good Luck.                                                                               See You Later.

1 Jul 2015


Info Edge (I) Ltd:  Hi,  The Company was incorporated in the year 2006 starting with a classified recruitment online business, Naukri. Com. and it has grown and diversified rapidly, setting benchmarks as a Pioneer for others to follow.  Given by innovations, creativity an experienced and talented leadership team and a strong culture of entrepreneurship, today, it is India's Premier Online Classifieds Company i n recruitment, matrimony, real estate, education and related services.  With a network of 63 offices located in 43 cities through out India, Info Edge has over 3800 employees engaged in innovation, product development, integration with  mobile and social medias, technology, and technology  updation, research and development, quality assurance, sales, marketing and payment collection.  It has also made forays abroad into the Gulf markets and currently has offices in Dubai, Bahrain, Riyadh and Abudhabi.  Their corporate office is at Noida, India.

Shortly we say Info Edge is involved in the broad group of online  business. (a) Core Business, Recruitment in which it has clear leadership position. (b) An internal portfolio of business dealing with online platform of real estate, education and matrimony. (c)  Business in which Info Edge is an investor and plays supervisory and supporting role  to the existing entrepreneurs  who manage the day to day operations.  

Financials:- Equity Capital - 122.22 crore,  Market Capitalization - 10375.86 crore,   EPS 16.13,   Price of the Share -Rs. 872/-,  PE-   53.51,    Dividend - 25%,   Industry PE - 29.39,   F/V of share - Rs.10/-,   B/V  - Rs.80.44  ,  Reserve excluding revaluation reserve - 1542.19 cr.  Total Sales in crore for the year 2011-2015 -    294.01, 377.08, 437.26, 505.87, and 611.58.  Net Profit in crore for the year 2011-2015 -     83.97, 122.62, 102.55, 128.49, & 193.86.  Bonus History -  2010 - 1:1,   2012-  1:1.

Share Holding Pattern:- Promoters - 44.36%,  Mutual Fund//UTI - 11.91%,  Financial Institutions & Bank - 0.09%,   FIS - 28.81% & Public - 14.83%.  The Company  Chairman to told to news persons that their business is well positioned for big ticket growth.  The Company's share price is quoting high PE when compared to Industry PE,  wait for a correction and invest.

Good Luck.                                                              See you later.


Hi, please refer my blog article dated 25-06-2015 relates to Marksans Pharma. Today there is a hot news that Marksans Pharma has acquired New York based Time Cap Laboratories for US $28 million (about Rs.170 crores), a move that will give the Mumbai based Company a Front end presence in  the US.  Time Cap Labs makes and sells Solid Dose Generic Medicines.  They funded this acquisition through its recent QIP and Internal Accruals .  For Marksans about 20% of its revenue come from the US while about 60% from Europe.  The Company even has a production facility in the UK with the latest acquisition, Time Cap becomes a Rs.1000 crore Company and the focus will be consolidate and integrate.  Watch the share.

Good Luck.                                                       See You Later.

30 Jun 2015


Hi, Speculation is about taking up the business risk in the hope of achieving short term gain. Speculation essentially invokes buying and selling activities with the expectation of making  profit from price fluctuations.  Suppose a person buys a stock  for its Bonus, he may be termed as an investor.  If he buys with the anticipation of a price rise in the near future and the hope of selling  it at a gain, he would be termed a speculator. The dividing line  between speculation and investment is very thin because people buy stocks for Bonus and further capital appreciation.

The time factor involved in speculation and investment is different.  The investor is interested in a consistently good rate  of return for a long period.  He is primarily concerned with direct benefits provided by securities in the long run.  The speculator is interested in getting an abnormal return .  In simple terms, the investor wants a higher rate of return  than the normal return  in the short run.  The speculator’s investment are made for short term.  The speculator is more interested in market action and its price  movements.  The investor constantly evaluates the worth of security,whereas the speculator evaluates the     price   movements.  He is not worried about fundamental factors like his counter part, the investor.

The investor would try to match the risk and  return.  The speculator would like to assume greater risk than the investor.  Risk refers to the possibility of incurring loss in a financial transaction.  The negative short term fluctuations after the speculations more than the investors.  The risk factor involved in the investment is also limited.  The investor buys the stock after studying the factors related with the concerned company,s stock.  This limits the risk exposure.  The investor likes to invest in securities where the principal would be safe.

A speculator keep his holding for a short period i.e. holding periods varies from days to  months.  Speculator undertake high risk.  He is always consider information, here says and market behavior.  Probably he uses borrowed funds to supplement his personal resources.  But you see the investor plans for a longer time horizon.  His holding period may be more than one year to few years.  Considers fundamental factors and evaluates the performance of the company quarterly.  Uses his own funds, and avoids borrowed funds.

From my experience I realized that speculation get result of loosing money.  But as an investor I got profit @15% and above.  Luck factor is also there.

Good luck.                                                                         See you later.

29 Jun 2015


Hi, Share Market is in correction mode.  Wait for oversold position in the market for purchase.  Today, I am giving you an International Subsidiary Bearing Company for your consideration.  Timken India Limited was incorporated in 1987 and obtained Certificate of Commencement of Business on 10th September 1987.  It was promoted by TISCO & TIMKEN Company, USA.  The Company entered into a technical and financial collaboration with Timken Company, USA for technical information, material specification.  The company is known the subsidiary of TIMKEN Company, USA.  It is a Mid Cap Company having market cap of Rs.3850.84 crore, operating in engineering section.

·         The Timken Company Engineers manufactures and markets Timken bearing transmissions, Gear boxes, Chain and related products  and offers a Spectrum of Power system rebuild and repair services around the world.  The Leading Authority on Tapered Roller Bearing Timken today applies its deep knowledge of metallurgy, teratology and power transmission across the road Spectrum of bearings and related systems to improve the reliability and efficiency of machinery and equipment.  Known for its quality products and collaborative technical sales model, Timken posted 3 billion in sales in 2013 with approximately 17000 people operating from 28 countries.  Timken makes the world more productive and keeps industry in motion.

Key Products Revenue Segments include Components which contributed Rs.344.44 crore Sales Value (47.82% of Total Sales), Bearing which contributed Rs.314.78 crore to Sales Value (43.71% of Total Sales), Sale of Services which contributed  Rs.25.02 crore to Sales Value (3.47% of Total Sales), Bearing accessories & maintenance products which contributed Rs.22.19 crore to Sales Value (3.08% of Total Sales), Export Incentives which contributed Rs.6.89 crore to Sales Value (0.95% of Total Sales), Commission which contributed Rs.3.80 crore to Sales Value(o.52% of Total Sales), Lease Rentals which contributed Rs.3.03 crore to Sales Value (0.42% of Total Sales) for the year ending 31.03.2014

Financials:-  Equity Capital – 67.99 crore, Market Capitalization – 3850.84 crores, EPS – 11.86,  PE – 47.75,  B/V – 68.09,  Industry PE – 38.11, Dividend – 65%, F/V of Shares – Rs.10/-.  Gross Sales in crore for the period from 2011-2015 - 318.36, 468.11, 688.51, 720.14, & 928.96.  Net Profit in crore for the period from 2011-2015 -   32.53, 51.06, 44.24, 44.75, & 80.61.  No Bonus History.  Shareholding Pattern:-  Foreign Promoters -  75%, Other Companies – 1.53%,  General Public – 11.96%, NBFC/Mutual Fund 9.60%,  Foreign Institutions – 1.32%,  Foreign NRI – 0.38%, Others – 0.19%,  Financial Institutions – 0.03%.  Share Price – Rs.562/-.

For the quarter ended 31.03.2015, The Company has reported Standalone Sales of Rs.231.89 crore,  up 2.51% from last year quarter sales of Rs.226.22 crore and up 19.64% from last year same quarter sales of Rs.193.82 core.  Company has reported Net Profit after tax Rs.17.21 crore in last quarter.  More than 70 Mutual Fund Schemes holding the shares of Timken.  You may also try for long term investment.

Good Luck.                                                               See you later.


 Hi, Today I give you an interesting Tip. My request is you don’t love Shares. Only make friendship with your holdings. Our main aim is to make money in the Share market. Any personal attachment with a particular share is dangerous because you will not able to sell it in time to book profits or loss. I tell you a real story from my experience. When Share of SBI was trading @ Rs.150,face value Rs 10/- ( before 2000) and Silverline was trading @ Rs.10/-.One of my friends holding 100 Shares of SBI, sold it as per my direction and bought 1500 Silverline for 15,000. After few months the price of Silverline high rocketed in the market and one day it quoted Rs.1200/- per Share.

 I told my friend to sell Silverline Share. But my friend replied me that price will be increased FURTHER more in coming days as the  software Company is very famous. If he sold the Shares in those days he might have got Rs.18, 00, 000/- (1500X1200).But unfortunately he did not sell it and still he is holding the Share .This is not a story. It is really happened. You refer those days paper. Now Silverline is quoting Rs.2/-.What I say about this. He loved Silverline and given personal attachment. So my friends, my opinion is that you don’t love your holdings, only make friendship. After buying a Share, You decide how much profit or loss you need. Sell it in time accordingly without fail.

Good luck.                                                             See you later.

28 Jun 2015


Fiem Industries Ltd:- Hi, Ever since the Auto Industry has gone Global in India and more and more Companies are coming up with the new and updated products in the market. As a result there is a constant demand for renewed products to be developed and delivered with in a shortest development cycle

Their Company an Auto Ancillary sector is one of the leading manufactures of automotive lighting&Signaling equipment and rear view mirrors. This Company was originally incorporated in India as Rahul Auto(pvt.) Ltd. On Feb. 6, 1969 in New Delhi. They changed the name of their Company to FIEM Industries (P) Ltd. W.e.f 7/5/1992.Subsequently this Company was converted into a Public limited Company w.e.f.30/11/1993 and the Coy Name has been changed into Fiem Industries Ltd. They added additional facilities for manufacturing of automotive lighting and signalling equipment such as Head Lamps, Tail Lamps Side indicator, Reflex Reflectors for lamps etc.

Company customers:-They have been supplying to almost major OEMS in domestic markets as well as few Global OEMS, besides some Global Tier 1 automotive lamp manufactures. Indian customers are Tata, Force Motors, Nissan, Hyundai, Daimler, GM, Mahindra, Skoda, Volkswagen, Daewoo, Renault Nissan, Swaraj Mazda, HMT, JCB, VST, Marathi Suzuki and others. There are more than 7 Global clients. Their registered office at New Delhi and corporate office at Son pet, Haryana

Financial details  .Equity Share Capital-11.96 Cr, Face Value of Share-Rs.10/-, Market capitalization- 648.05cr.,EPS-35.33,Book Value-200.10,PE -15.33, Dividend 60%, Industry PE- 14.56, Reserve- 201.55cr. Total Sales in Cr from (2011-2015)421.24, 533.15, 602.21, 718.42&824.77.   Total Net profit in Cr from (2011-2015)11.43,, 37.40&42.26. There is no pledged Shares. Bonus-.No information. Divided 2007-2015 from 25 to 60% regularly.

The Company got many awards for quality,cost control,development,delivery and management..Awarded suppliers Recognition during 2011. Share holding-Promoters-69.96%, general public 7.69%, other companies-6.67%, NRI-6.01%,FIS-4.98%NBFC/Mutual fund-3.13%, Foreign-0.87%, Others-0.70%.

Management efficiency :-       return of Equity-18.97%,Return of Assets-8.22%,Fixed Assets turnover-2.57%, Gross profit margin-9.28,Operating profit margin-12.31%,Net profit margin 5.20% and Debt equity ratio-0.29%

From the quarter ended 31.3.2015, the Coy has reported a standalone Sales of Rs231.44cr,up 14.96% from last quarter Sales of Rs.201.33cr.Company has reported net profit after tax of Rs 13.42cr in last quarter. More than 20 Indian Mutual Funds holding the Share of the Company. There are chances to Re-rate Auto Ancillary Companies. Expect good return in future. Consider it for 3 years investment..I have no holdings in this Coy and have no vested interest.

Thanking you,                                                               see you later.