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15 Aug 2015


Hi  Friends:   See the quotes for your knowledge.   1.  No pain No gain.  2.  Do or Die is an old concept.  Do it before Die is a new concept.  3.  If you born poor, it is not your mistake, but if you die poor, it is your mistake.  4.  A man without self discipline is as dangerous as an automobile running down hill without brakes or steering wheel.  5.  You can control your own mind only.  You may never be controlled by the mind of another.  6.  The man who trusts no other person doesn’t trust trust himself.  7.  Child discipline should begin with parental discipline. 

8.  If you don’t want a bad reputation, don’t be caught with bad company.  9.  If you don’t discipline yourself, you are sure to be disciplined by others.  10.  Prayer through a loud speaker is heard no sooner than a prayer in silent thought.  11.  Riches improperly used become liabilities.  12.  Clear thinking produces definite results.  13.  Positive thinking produces more energy, more initiative and more happiness.  14.  Train your mind to think in terms of it is possible and it can be done.  15.  Happy thoughts attract happy people into your life.

Wish you Good Luck.                                                              See you later.


Hi Friends,   The Investors may follow the shares purchased by Good Mutual Fund Trust for their investment.  Because it is selected by the  professional analyst after take care of the growth and fundamentals of the company.  As we are all ordinary people , it is always difficult to select and purchase good shares  for investment.  One thing you have to note that mutual funds normally not selecting and holding small cap shares  as its liquidity is very poor.  As a client you have to go through other methods to select small cap shares.  Some of the holdings of major mutual funds are furnished below for your selection, buy and hold.  I shall publish a detailed post shortly.

Equity Shares held by some mutual funds are  HDFC Bank, SBI, HDFC, Tata Motors, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Maruthi Suzuki, Idea Cellular, TVS Motors, L & T, Pantaloon Fashion , NTPC, Reliance, M&M, Wipro, Infosys, Sadbhav Engineering,  Amar Raja Battery, PI Industry.

Good Luck.          See you later.

14 Aug 2015


Hi Friends,   Today’s morning prayer is the thoughts from the quotes of Swami Vivekananda. 

1.  If the mind is in intensely eager, everything can be accomplished – mountains can be crumbled into atoms.  2.  All knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind; the infinite library of the universe is in our  own mind.  3.  All love is expansion , all selfishness is contraction.  Love is therefore only law of life.  He who loves lives, he who is selfish is dying.  Therefore love for love’s stake, because it is law of life, just as you breath to live.  4.  Our duty is to encourage every one in his struggle to live up to his own highest idea, and strive at the same time to make the ideal as near as possible to the truth.  5.  Understanding human nature is the highest knowledge, and only by knowing it can we know God?  It is also a fact that the knowledge of God is the highest knowledge and only by knowing God can we understand human nature.  6.  Train your mind to think in terms of “it is possible”and it can be  done .

Thanking you,                                                              see you later.


Hi Friends,   Do you know the following in connection with share trading?   Research and Development:   Sometimes the product may go out of style or become obsolete.  It is the management that has to overcome the problem of obsolescence by concentrating on the in-house R & D programme.  For example, if Maruti has  to survive the competition, it has to keep its R&D active and introduce consumer-oriented technological changes in the automobile sector.  This is often carried out by introducing sleekness, seating comfort, and brake efficiency in its automobiles.  New products have to be produced to replace the old ones.  Shortsighted cutting of the R&D budget would reduce the operational efficiency of any firm.   

Fixed Cost:  The cost component also generates internal risks, if fixed costs are high in the total cost .  During a recession or low demand for a product, the company cannot reduce the fixed costs.  At the same time , in a boom period, it cannot change the fixed factors at a short notice.  Thus a high fixed cost component can be a burden to the firm.  The fixed cost component must always be kept at as reasonable level, so it does not affect the profitability of a company.

P/E Ratio:  Investors prefer to use the price-earnings (P/E) ratio to estimate the value of stocks rather than adopting the discounting models.  Every financial magazine and newspapers publishes, at regular intervals, the price earnings per share.  The P/E ratio models have the following three distinct  advantages over the discounting models. (a)  The P/E ratio indicates price per rupee of share earnings.  This can help investors compare the prices of stocks, which have different earnings per share. (b)  P/E ratios are helpful in analyzing the stocks of the companies that do not pay dividend but have  earnings.  It should not be noted that when there is a loss, the P/E ratio analysis is difficult to use.  (c)  The valuables used in P/E ratio models  are easier to estimate than the variables in the discounting models.

With the P/E ratio models  the investor can only  find the relative positions of the different stocks.  They do   not  indicate what price is appropriate for a particular  stock.  For example, from the P/E ratio , the analyst can state that P/E ratio of TATA Motors at 58.07 (02-08-2012) is higher than Eicher Motors(42.53) and Maruti Suzuki (19.88).

Thanking you,                                                             See you later.

13 Aug 2015


Hi Friends,   Reading a few positive thinking before going to sleep at night, and first thing in the morning, will gradually change your mind set, transform your life and attract good things to you.  With the right attitude, you can inspire and motivate yourself to do greater things.  Reading inspiring quotes uplifts the mind, bringing hope and joy to you.  Repeating inspiring quotes during the day, help to better cope with every situation that arises.  The power of positive thinking is like a car with a powerful engine that can take you to the submit of a mountain.

Quotes: 1.  One great lesson to be learned from a dog is that of enduring loyalty.  2.  Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.  3.  Lead pencils with rulers have also erasers because all men sometimes make mistakes.  4.  A  “Successful”politician is one who is long on promises, but short on keeping them.  5.  A good teacher is always a good student.  6.  Henry Ford became rich , not from the sales of Ford Cars but the service he rendered through his cars.  7.  An educated person is not necessarily the one who has the knowledge, but the one who knows where to get it when he needs it.  8.  Today’s worries may become tomorrow’s priceless experiences.9.  A quick decision usually denotes an alert mind.  10.  A sick mind is more dangerous than a sick body, for it is a form of sickness which is always contagious.  11.  The man with sound character generally does not worry  over his reputations

 Thanking you                                                see you later 


Hi friends,   The most profitable technique employed in the stock market is using ones access to price-sensitive information ahead of others.For example, Hindustan Lever announced the merger of  Brooke Bond Lipton India with itself on 16 April 1996.Hectic trading took place on the two scrips preceding the announcement. Once the information became public, the trading volume and price declined. Several examples like this can be cited. To prevent this, SEBI came out with the SEBI Insider Trading Regulation 1992.

SEBI banned the Insider information through any responsible person of the company ( Director,Employee, Business or professional relationship with company, Subsidiary company,An official or member of a stock exchange,or banker to the company) regarding unpublished price sensitive- information refers to 1) financial result of the company (2) Intended declaration of dividends (3) rights or bonus share offers (4) major expansion plan or execution of new projects (5) Amalgamation, mergers and take overs (6)  disposal of the whole of the undertaking (7) such other information as may affect the earnings of the company and (8) any changes in policies, plans or operations of the company.

Thanking you,                                                      see you later.

12 Aug 2015


Hi FriendsToday I am giving you an article leads your mind to think positively.The difference between Can and Cannot is only three letters. Three letters that determine your life direction.  Positive and Negative are directions.  Which direction you choose?  Being Positive or Negative are habits of thoughts that strongly affect your actions and your life.  Positive thinking is expecting , talking, believing and visualizing what you want to achieve.  It is seeing what you want as an accomplished fact.  A positive attitude awakens inner strength, energy, motivation and initiative.  When you say, I cannot and expect the worst, you become weak and unhappy.  When you say I can an expect success you fill yourself with confidence and happiness.  You can close the windows and darken your room, but you can also open the windows and let light get in.  It is a matter of choice.  Your mind is your room.  Do you darken it or do you fill it with light.  So be positive always.  It will be a great success in your life. Please read the following quotes and get it in mind.

1.       You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.  2.  It is better to give thanks for the blessings we already have than pray for more blessings.  3.  There is harmony through out the universe, in every thing except human relationships.  4.  There are three sides to most of your disagreements with others: your side, the other fellow’s side and the right side, which may be somewhere between the other two sides.  5.  Self discipline is the first rule of all successful leadership. 6.  Self respect is the best means of getting the respect of others.  7.  The most interesting subject you can discuss with most men is themselves.  8.  Go to bed praying and got up singing and notice what a fine day’s work you will do.  9.  Today’s dreams become tomorrow’s realities.  10.  Any one can stand poverty, but few can stand success and riches.  11.  Some men are “smart” others are “wise”.  The difference is this.  The smart man can make money , the wise man make it and use it wisely.  12.  It is not true that all men are born equal.  But it is true that they are born with equal rights.  14.  A man in prison may have privileges but he has no rights.  These were forfeited to the law by his misfortune.  14.  A man who is at peace with himself is also at peace with the world.  15.  Prayer expressed with fear or doubt always produces only negative results.

Wish you good  luck.                                                           See you later.

11 Aug 2015


Hi, Dear Traders,     You must  have subscribed to many  Analysts giving Stock Trading Tips.  They claim that their
clients are earning huge money.  You might have attended so many seminars and listened to lectures on various topics like  Fabonacci numbers, pivot points, Elliot waves, Dow theory, gann theory etc.etc.  You might have brought and read so many e-books, CDS and DVDs showing their extra ordinary results.  You might have get free tips from your friends, from your brokers, from TV Channels, from news papers etc. Etc.  But the net result is a zero , not only zero, but a big zero.

Imagine that you are loosing most of your hard earned money in the stock market.  Imagine how you feel, if you are loosing your hard earned savings every day step by step in stock market.  At last you are frustrated and decided to quit stock market.  But mind well – quitters never win – you remember that Edison failed ten thousand times before he perfected the modern electric lamp.  The average man like us would have quit at the first failure.  That is why there are so many “average” men and only one Edison.  So try to become Edison-2.
Friends , for victory , you yourself discover the secrets of successful trading in stock market.  I shall tell you key points and you study it well and apply.

1.       You always see technical analysis of the share you trade, its resistance and support and the high.
2.       Always select liquid shares.  Practically say trading volume will be more  than two lakhs.
3.       Fundamentals to be made known.
4.       Verify the promoter holding of the share in the company.  Fifty five percent and above is better.  If they increase their holding that is a plus point in the company as they are confident in their future.  If otherwise they are selling their stock in the market, it is minus sign to the company.  We may also quit from the company at this point..
5.       Debt equity ratio must be verified.  Below 0.75% is better.

6.       Promoters ability to conduct the business may be made known to you.
7.       Their factory capacity and infrastructural facilities – if it is an export oriented business near by port, cargo, road facilities to be noted.
8.       Stake taken by the foreign well known companies is also a favourable news to the company.
9.       If a trader pick up good shares for long term investment for 2 to 3 years, they don’t worry the present fluctuations.
10.   Company’s dividend history , Bonus history should also be verified before trading.  Naturally it is paid by the good promoters.
11.   Select traditional shares that is expecting growth, software companies, Pharma shares, Defense shares etc.  I have given fundamentally strong  shares in the website.  Look into it.  Some shares doubled the price with in one month.  Eg. Markson Pharma recommended price (25.06.2015) Rs.58/-.  Today’s price Rs.113/-.  So adopt your own policy in selecting or investing shares and stick on it.  You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.  God bless.

10 Aug 2015


Hi Friends, Edison failed ten thousand times before he perfected the modern electric lamp. The average man would have quit at the first failure. That is why there are so many :average: men and only one Edison. So you try again and again to obtain your goal.

 Need for large investment- The value of land has soared in the recent past. Investment in the real estate requires a sizable amount of funds. Even a small apartment in a suburban area costs several lakhs. In the real estate filed Black money prescience i s very high with binami transactions.

Limited liquidity of the investment- The investment in real estate lacks liquidity. If the investor wants to sell the property, he cannot immediately realize the money. The waiting period may be months or years

Difficult to establish prices. There is no proper marketplace for land and property. Hence, it is difficult to arrive at a price. Location and accessibility influence the price of the property. The Land ceiling act restricts the purchase of agricultural land beyond a limit. A property is selling before one year of purchase, Govt.impose tax.

Legal issues- the title of the property has to be verified clearly to find out whether the seller has the right to sell it. The sight should be free from encumbrance. Sale deed has to be registered. The plot should be approved by local authority because construction of a house is not permitted on the unapproved layout. Encumbrance certificate for 20 years should be taken from the concerned Sub Registrar and it should be legally verified. Concerned property tax receipt and possession certificate, non attachment certificate etc may be obtained from the concerned village officer and get it legally verified. Before making agreement land survey is necessary with village authorities.

Blocking money-If you buy real estate, your money is blocked for years without any income till the disposal of the property. At present the price of property is very high the expectations of profit is limited. Real estate buy is very dangerous in advanced areas. Every care should be taken in each deal.

Thanking you,                   see you later.

9 Aug 2015


Hi Friends,   Goldian International Ltd. incorporated in the year 1986 is a small cap company having  a market cap of Rs.82.32 Cr. operating in Gems and Jewellery sector.  It is a Bombay based company.  They are one of the world’s most exquisite global exporters of luxurious diamond jewellery.  They are the producers of wedding brands to fashion jewellery and they offer skilled craftsmanship in every piece.  Their focus on providing a 360  degree service to major retail corporations based in USA , Europe and other countries has made them the first choice for sourcing diamond jewellery that adorns the shelves of major departmental stores.  They are exporting first quality products and it is well accepted by the client companies

.Financial:  Equity Capital – 24.95 Cr.,  Share Price – 33.20,  EPS – 4.47,  PE- 7.38,  Market Cap – 82.32,  Book value of share – 73.86,  Dividend – 12%.  Industry PE- 35.38,  Face Value – Rs.10/-,  Dividend yield – 3.64,  Reserve excluding revaluation reserve – 154.89,  Gross sales in Cr. for the period from 2011-2015 :  78.62,  96.76,  97.46,  125.27, and 118.94.  Net Profit in Cr. for the period from 2011-2015 :  6.34,  8.52,  8.49,  10.00,  and 11.15.  Bonus History:  2002 – 1:1,  2005 – 1:1,  .  Dividend regularly from 2001 to 2007 and  2010 to 2015.

Management Efficiency :  Return on Equity – 5.77,  Return on Assets- 6.91,  Return on capital employed – 4.72,  Fixed Assets turn over – 0.59,,  Gross Profit Margin – 6.08,  Operating Profit Margin – 7.45,  Net Profit Margin – 7.59,  Debt Equity ratio – 000,  Cash flow to long term debt – 2.47.

Share Holding:  Promoters – 56.92,  General Public – 26.77,  Others – 12.43,  Other Companies- 2.16,  Foreign NRI – 1.66,  Foreign OCB – 0.06,  NFBC/Mutual Fund – 0.01.

Goldian International Ltd. Key products/revenue segments include Gold Jewellery which contributed to Rs.116.82 Cr. to sales value 93.24% total sales,  Cut and polished diamonds which contributed to Rs.7.26 Cr. to sales value 5.79% of total sales,  Silver Jewellery which contributed to Rs.1.20 Cr. to  sales value 0.96% of total sales for the year ending 31.03.2014.  For the quarter ended 31.03.2015 the company has reported a stand alone sales of Rs.24.98 Cr. down 27.59% from the quarter sales of Rs.34.49 Cr. and up 11.64% from last year same quarter sales of Rs.22.37 Cr. The company has reported net profit after tax of Rs.3.23 Cr. in the last quarter.

Please be minded the above fundamentals.  This share can be invested for 3 years and it may grow double or treble.  Company history shows that they are investor friendly.  Regularly paying dividend.  Bonus history also there.  Now the gold price is decreasing, hence the share is available in cheap rate ie., only PE 7.38.  Industry PE is 35.38.  Gold price will be reversed shortly , then the company’s future will also be changed.  We can expect splitting of shares shorty.  So the liquidity of shares will be increased.  In addition their debt equity ratio is 000.  These are all plus points.

Try your luck,                                                              see you tomorrow.