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Don’t use oaths, whether ‘by heaven’ or ‘by earth’ or by anything else. When you say yes or no let it be plain ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. –Matthew 5:34-37

10 Jul 2016


Starting the day with prayer was always important to the early Christians and their prayers often invoked the presence of the Trinity - Father, Son and Spirit - to be with them through their often hard toil on the land, and it is with this thought in mind that the following prayers have been written, to herald in the new day with God at its centre!
I arise today,
embraced in the arms
of God the Father,
empowered by the strength
of God the Spirit,
immersed in the love
of God the Son.
I arise today
in the company
of the Trinity,
Father, Spirit and Son.
I arise today

In my waking and arising
be the first thought that enters my head.
In my eating and drinking
be the first thought that enters my head.
In my walking and journeying
be the first thought that enters my head.
In my working and serving
be the first thought that enters my head.
In my sowing and harvesting
be the first thought that enters my head.
In my rejoicing and sorrowing
be the first thought that enters my head.
In my resting and sleeping
be the first thought that enters my head.

I do not fear this day,
for you are with me
wherever I might go,
your light to shine ahead,
your footsteps to lead the way.
I do not fear this day,
for your word will be my guide,
your strength will sustain me,
your love revive me,
this day and all days.
I do not fear this day,
for you are with me.

This is your world I step upon,
the air I breathe,
the food I eat.

This is your world I step upon,
the sounds I hear,
the people I meet.

This is your world I step upon,
your footsteps ,
where I place my feet.

I arise today,
conscious of the forgiveness
of God the Father,
conscious of the companionship
of God the Son,
conscious of the guidance
of God the Spirit,
conscious of the unity
of the Trinity,
Three in One

Guiding God,
be with us
in our going out
and coming home,
in our journeying
and returning,
in our decision making
and organising.

Guarding God,
be with us
through the calm
and through the storm,
be our comfort
when we’re hurting,
be our helper
when we’re falling.

Gracious God,
walk with us
every moment
of this new day.

Christ our healer.
Christ our teacher.
Our inspiration and purpose.
Christ our defender.
Christ our redeemer.
Our liberation and precious.

Bless both day and night.
Bless our travelling and arriving.
Bless our service and our sleeping.

Christ, our all in all,
into your presence I come, Lord;
a few moments of quietness,
in a busy world
that demands my attention.
Breathe on me now,
that I might know your power
to see this day though

Be thou my vision, Lord,
this day and every day,
the centre of my life,
the focus of my thoughts.
Be thou my wisdom, Lord,
the inspiration of my words,
in every situation,
Your Spirit my support.

Bless this day 
all that I might see,
all that I might hear,
all that I might smell,
all that I might say.
Bless this day
all that I might serve,
all that I might comfort,
all that I might help,
all that I might guide.
Bless this day

May I arise this morning
feeling your warmth
embracing me,
conscious of your love
forgiving me,
knowing your peace
within me,
feeling your Spirit
strengthen me,
hearing your whisper
encouraging me.

In all I do
and in all I say,
may my life
this day,
and all days,
the beauty of my Lord.

May the whisper
of the Father
be the one that wakens you;
the open hand
of the Son
be the one that raises you;
the prompting
of the Spirit
be the one that sends you,
this morning
and all mornings,
and leads you safely home.

This morning,
and all mornings
as we face the day
daunted by expectations
others place upon us,
weighed down by burdens,
unsure of outcomes,
remind us
that you faced all this
and more,
that we might loose
these chains that bind us,
rise above and beyond
the troubles of this world,
and know peace.
To the one who has overcome
we bring our thanks and praise

May this be a day of hope,
of expectation,
of relishing each moment
as a gift from you.
May this be a day of freedom,
of breaking free,
of loosening the chains that
still surround us.
May this be a day of peace,
of wholeness,
of knowing that our lives
are in your hands.
May this be a day of joy,
of blessing,
of living in your kingdom
as a child of God.

I enter this day with joy
knowing you are with me
every step of the way,
knowing there is a purpose
to each breath that I take,
knowing there is a hope
toward which I walk.

I enter this day with faith
knowing you are the strength
which I depend on,
knowing you are the love
that is all embracing,
knowing it is your peace
which calms my soul.

I enter this day with praise
knowing that I worship
with service as with voice,
hoping that my words
might reveal your truth,
hoping that your grace
might touch another heart.

I call to you, Lord
at the dawn of this new day,
place into your hands
family and friends,
work to be done,
decisions I shall make,
obstacles I encounter,
strangers who pass my way,
the service I shall offer.
I call to you, Lord
at the dawn of this new day,
my rock and my fortress,
my strength and deliverer,
for all I am is yours,
each moment of this day
gifted to me by grace,
and offered in your name,
my offering of praise.

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