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13:37-39 - "The one who sows the good seed is the Son of Man," replied Jesus. "The field is the whole world. The good seed? That is the sons of the kingdom, while the weeds are the sons of the evil one. The blackguard who sowed them is the devil. The harvest is the end of this world. The reapers are angels

21 Jul 2016


1. "God does nothing except in response to believing prayer." John Wesley
2. "Prayer is where the action is." John Wesley
3. "The man who mobilizes the Christian church to pray will make the greatest contribution to world evangelization in history." Andrew Murray
4. "Faith in a prayer-hearing God will make a prayer-loving Christian."Andrew Murray
5. "We must begin to believe that God, in the mystery of prayer, has entrusted us with a force that can move the Heavenly world, and can bring its power down to earth." Andrew Murray

6. "Each time, before you intercede, be quiet first, and worship God in His glory. Think of what He can do, and how He delights to hear the prayers of His redeemed people. Think of your place and privilege in Christ, and expect great things!" Andrew Murray
7. "...True prayer is measured by weight, not by length. A single groan before God may have more fullness of prayer in it than a fine oration of great length." C. H. Spurgeon
8. "If you want that splendid power in prayer, you must remain in loving, living, lasting, conscious, practical, abiding union with the Lord Jesus Christ." C. H. Spurgeon
9. "Prayer can never be in excess." C. H. Spurgeon
10. “In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart. ” John Bunyan
11. " The word of God is the food by which prayer is nourished and made strong." E. M. Bounds
12. "Prayer is not learned in a classroom but in the closet." E. M. Bounds
13. "Talking to men for God is a great thing, but talking to God for men is greater still." E.M. Bounds
14. "Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work." Oswald Chambers.
15. "I have seen many men work without praying, though I have never seen any good come out of it; but I have never seen a man pray without working." James Hudson Taylor
5 Principles on Prayer

1. In Humility
2. In Faith
3. In accordance with God's Will
4. Others-focused
5. In the name of Jesus

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