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25 Sep 2016


67 Questions Asked in Various Recent Bank Exams (SBI, IBPS RRB, IBPS PO) help to you in your upcoming exams! / Know about IBPS,How to get Bank job, Read the details below and suggestions if any please write to E/mail

1.       Banks declare an Asset as Non Performing where the interest / principal is in arrears for more than -90 days
2.       Who among the following was popularly called as ‘Loknayak’? - Jai Prakash Narayan
3.       What was the codename given to first nuclear explosion conducted by India's in 1974?  - Smiling Buddha
4.       SBI has launched multi-currency card in association with which of the following companies? - Master Card
5.       --------------------- states Kathakali dance form is associated? - Kerala
6.       Who was chosen as Most Valuable player among Indian medalists in Asian Games 2014?   - M. C. Mary Kom
7.       What is the name of the committee set up to examine the current monetary policy? - Urjit Patel Committee
8.       What is Currency of Algeria? - Dinar
9.       What is Universal Banking ?-  Provision of commercial and investment services
10.    MacMohan line is in between which two countries? - India and China

11.    When banks invest in government securities by depositing collateral, it is called - Asset Securitization
12.    G.N Bajpai committee is related to which of the following? - National Pension Scheme
13.    ------------------- is a foreign bank? - HSBC Bank
14.    RBI announces STAR SERIES notes recently. What is it? - replacement of defectively printed notes
15.    In Jan Dhan scheme which of the following will provide the accident cover under the scheme? - HDFC ergo
16.    What is India's number in mars mission, among Asian countries? - 1st
17.    World investvment report issued by - UNCTAD
18.    ------------------------- currencies is not included in SBI multicurrency scheme ? - Yen
19.    Expand CIBIL - Credit Information Bureau India Limited
20.    Ram Naik governor of which state - Uttar pradesh
21.    CRR stands for - Cash Reserve Ratio
22.    What is the currency of Egypt? - Pound
23.    Who is the Governor of Kerala? - P. Sathasivam
24.    What is the minimum amount to be deposited in PPF per month? - Rs. 500
25.    How many IIMs will be established as per Budget 2014-15? - 5
26.    Who is H.L. Dattu? - Chief Justice of India
27.    Which is the least populous state of India as per Census 2011? - Sikkim
28.    What is the name of the bank account opened for childrenabove 10 years of age by ICICI? - Smart kid account
29.    Who is the CM of Tamil Nadu? O. Paneerselvam
30.    What is the slogan of Jan Dhan Yojana? - Mera Khata Bhagya Vidhata
31.    Lionel Messi is associated with which sport? - Football
32.    Expand IFSC - Indian Financial System Code
33.    Who won the Nobel piece awrd 2014? Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzay
34.    Who belongs to tennis? options were - djokovic, federer, messi
35.    When is world rabies day? 28th setember
36.    Interest on savings account is calculated on which basis? daily basis
37.    In which of the following places there is no nuclear plant? – Kenya
38.    Mutual funds regulated by ? - Securities and Exchange Board of India
39.    What is ping in computer networking utility? - Packet InterNet Groper
40.    Processor speed measure in Instructions per second
41.    Using two different brand names for a propose of single product is called? Co-branding
42.    One question on repo rate
43.    What does B stands for in ECB ? - Borrowings
44.    What is the full form of RRB ? - Regional rural Bank
45.    What is the upper limit of PPF ? - 1.5 lakh
46.    What is the oldest currency in the world? - Pound sterling
47.    Which among the following is not an output device ? – Scanner
48.    Who is the author of the book Final Test: Exit Sachin Tendulkar ? - Dilip D' Souza
49.    What will Inflation result in ? - Decrease in economic activities of a country
50.    Which among the following is a volatile memory ? – RAM
51.    Question based on the definition of GNP (Gross National Product)
52.    What is an Internet explorer ? Browser
53.    What is the extension used for MS word ? - .doc,.docx
54.    What is the first step of buying ? - need recognition
55.    In which of the following areas there is no 100% FDI in railways ? –
56.    who is water resource minister ? - Uma Bharti
57.    the 5000 ₹ overdraft in Jan dhan will be applicable only if the account is active for how many months.
58.    The slogan " I have a dream" is given by which American activist in his public speech ? - Martin Luthor King
59.    which PSU is responsible for insurance over export? - Export Credit Insurance
60.    Which is an insurance regulatory body- IRDA
61.    Which is the Regulatory body for RRB? – NABARD
62.    Who is the author of God of small thing ? Arundhati Roy
63.    NPS stands for? National pension scheme
64.    RBI policy related to money laundering? Know Your Customer
65.    NBFC deals in? - providing banking services
66.    What is the full form of PDF? Portable Document Format
67.        What is the function of Ctrl + s in MS Word = to save file or

Know about IBPS

IBPS ( Institute of Banking Personnel Selection ) is an autonomous institute that conduct common recruitment process for the posts of PO ( Probabationary Oficers), Clerks and Specialist Officers in 29 public sector banks and financial institues.

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection is a Recruitment company in India. It started its operation in 1975 as Personnel Selection Services (PSS). In 1984, IBPS became an independent entity at the behest of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Public Sector Banks. IBPS is envisioned as self-governed academic and research oriented Institute, with a mission of enhancing human-resource development through personnel assessment.

In 2011, IBPS announced a Common Written Examination (CWE) for the recruitment of officers and clerks in Indian banks. IBPS CWE is now mandatory for anyone who seeks an employment in 29 public sector and regional rural banks. IBPS periodically accepts online and offline exam applications froms candidates at their website, and the exams are organized at various locations in the India in online mode. Until 2015, aspirants had to go through an interview process after passing the online test. On the basis of the interview, candidates were placed in regional rural banks. From 2016, interviews have been omitted from the selection process.

How to get jobs in Banking Sector

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection is mandatory for all who want a jobs in Banking Sector/ Regional Rural banks/ Public Sector Banks.

IBPS PO is very big opportunity for all employment seekers.

Anyone who want a Job in 29 public sector and regional rural banks, authorized Banks, Insurance Firms, they have to apply for IBPS Exam.

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