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6 Oct 2016


Dear Readers here is the 10+15 selected and Very Imp. General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Upcoming Banking Exams. These General knowledge questions and answers on Banking Awareness helpful for competitive exams, entrance test and Bank Interviews as bank interview questions.IN this site I am posting one article daily. More than 25 articles published sofar. To read full articles you search BANK PO GENERAL KNOWLEDGE IN SPACE PROVIDED IN THE WEBSITE. Thank you.

1. The long term objective of marketing is_________.
(a) Customer satisfaction
(b) Profit maximization with customer
(c) Profit maximization
(d) Cost cutting
(e) None of these

2. Mobile Marketing is also called as____________ ?
(a) M-marketing
(b) Management Marketing
(c) e-marketing
(d) Modern Marketing
(e) Mind Marketing

3. What is meant by B2B E-business Model?
(a) Bank-to Business
(b) Business-to Bank
(c) Building-to Business
(d) Business –to Broadcast
(e) Business-to Business

4. Automated Teller machines (ATMs) are innovation for the banking industry. In terms of the service industry this is an innovation in the – element of the marketing mix. 
(a) Pricing
(b) Promotion
(c) Distribution
(d) Product
(e) None of these

5. Current Accounts can be freely opened by_____________.
(a) Government Department
(b) All NRI's
(c) All Businessmen
(d) Firms and Companies
(e) HUF's

6. The service marketing is same as_____________.
(a) sales marketing
(b) telemarketing
(c) relationship marketing
(d) brand marketing
(e) None of these

7. Digital Bank can be resorted through_____________.
(a) Mobile phones
(b) Internal
(c) Telephones
(d) All of these
(e) None of these

8. Bank Marketing is treated as -
(a) Transaction marketing
(b) Service marketing
(c) Indoor marketing
(d) all of these
(e) None of these

9. Bank of Mathura is offering higher interest-ratio on fixed deposit to senior citizens of 60 years and above- It is practicing-
(a) Promotional pricing
(b) Psychological pricing
(c) Segmental pricing
(d) Product mix pricing
(e) All of these

10. Which of the following is an example of teleconferencing?
(a) Computer conferencing
(b) Audio conferencing
(c) Video conferencing
(d) All of the above
(e) None of these

Answer Key:
1. c
2. a
3. e
4. c
5. e
6. c
7. d
8. b
9. d
10. d


Q.1. Which of the following plays a key role in the ecological system?
(1) Roads
(2) Forests
(3) Rocks
(4) Both 1 and 2
(5) Both 1, 2 and 3

Q.2. Some people in Manipur live in house built on floating islands of weeds and decaying vegetation held together by suspended silt. These lands are called___________.
(1) Barkhans
(2) Izba
(3) Tipis
(4) Phoomdis
(5) Both 1 and 2

Q.3. The Sunderbans National Park is located at__________?
(1) West Bengal
(2) Odisha
(3) Assam
(4) Karnataka
(5) Rajasthan

Q.4. The Minimum land area recommended for forest cover to maintain proper ecological balance in India is.
(1) 25%
(2) 33%
(3) 43%
(4) 53%
(5) 63%

Q.5. Amongst the following Indian State which one has the minimum total forest cover?
(1) Kerala
(2) Goa
(3) Sikkim
(4) Haryana
(5) Rajasthan

Q.6. Which one of the following is also known as Top Slip?
(1) Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park
(2) Similar National Park
(3) Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary
(4) Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
(5) Gir National Park

Q.7. Which one of the following National Highways passes through Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Orrissa?
(1) NH4
(2) NH5
(3) NH6
(4) NH7
(5) NH8

Q.8. Which part of India is known as the Land of Sunrise?
(1) Nandhadevi
(2) Arunachal Pradesh
(3) Andhra Pradesh
(4) Himachal Pradesh
(5) Meghalaya

Q.9. The river which forms the waterfalls Sivasundaram is_____?
(1) Kavery
(2) Ganga
(3) Bhavani
(4) Vaigai
(5) Noyyal

Q.10. The farthest planet from the sun is______?
(1) Neptune
(2) Mars
(3) Pluto
(4) Venus
(5) None of these

Q.11. Dalmianagar of Bihar is famous of?
(1) Silk
(2) Milk
(3) Jute
(4) Leather
(5) Cement

Q.12. Which among the following is in Uttarakhand?
(1) Bandipur National Park
(2) Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary
(3) Corbett National Park
(4) Balpakram National Park
(5) Gir National Park

Q.13. Guntur of Andhra Pradesh is famous for?
(1) Sugar
(2) Tobacco
(3) Cement
(4) Tea
(5) Steel

Q.14. Which among following is largest container port in India?
(1) Ennore Port
(2) Jawaharlal Nehru Port
(3) Kandla Port
(4) Pradip Port
(5) None of these

Q.15. Which among following is largest container port in India?
(1) Agonda Beach
(2) Cavelossim Beach
(3) Marina Beach
(4) Varkala Beach
(5) None of these

Answer Key....
1. 2
2. 4
3. 1
4. 2
5. 4
6. 1
7. 3
8. 2
9. 1
10. 3
11. 5
12. 3
13. 2
14. 2
15. 3

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