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18 Nov 2016

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- 4 Habits of Successful People who cracked Bank Exams + 100 Q&A

They read current affairs daily

They read current affairs daily and then revise their GK by reading monthly GK Digest. It's a bad idea to avoid daily current affairs updates and read them just a week before the exam.

You can revise current affairs by downloading GK Quiz that is posted daily on BankExmasToday.

They prefer Self-study over Coaching institutes

Believe it or not, passing percentage of  candidates doing self-study is much higher than people who are attending classes at coaching institutes. 

You need to understand that nobody can teach you the whole banking syllabus within 60 classes (spread over 3 months). 

Yes it is possible to prepare for banking exams within 3 months, but for those who have a strong hold on English language. Those who don't feel comfortable in reading long newspaper editorials, will face difficulty in cracking banking exams.

They know what to read
If you are failing again and again in numerous competitive exams then you are following wrong books. The books you are following might not be preparing you for a difficult paper or they are solving questions in a lengthy way.

These successful people don't afraid of wasting a few hundred bucks on a unknown book or ebook, they just go for it. 

They love Newspapers
Talk to any expert, the very first you will get is - Read Newspaper.

How many of you took this seriously ?

Many of you started purchasing newspaper, but after 3-4 days you lost interest. Then you started reading newspapers online. 

While reading online nobody reads properly because they don't have time and there are infinite things you can do on your smartphone. In fact your "Smartphone" don't let you to concentrate on news site.

If my words made your mind to start reading newspapers then read "The Hindu" or "Indian Express".

I personally read "Indian Express". Yes I know "The Hindu" is better in terms of content quality but I have been reading Express from past many years. It's your turn to fall in love with a newspaper of your choice. 

They are active on social media and blogs
While replying emails and comments on various platforms I learn few names people who regularly ask variety of questions. I am surprised that all of them got the jobs. These people were active on social media, forums and blog comments. 

GAAR = General Anti Avoidance Rules
1.       1st presidency of new BRICS bank – India
2.       Zambia capital – Lusaka
3.       Port Louis is capital of – Mauritius
4.       Russia currency - Russian Ruble
5.       Home Affairs Minister - Shri Rajnath Singh
6.       Rural Development Minister - Nitin Gadhkari
7.       Coorg Hill station is where? – Karnataka
8.       Kathak dance – UP
9.       Kerala new Governor - P Sathasivam
10.     REIT abbreviation - Real Estate Investment Trust
11.    Which insurance company extended Jan Dhan insurance cover to 1 lakh? - HDFC Ergo
12.    BKS Iyengar is related to which field? Yoga
13.    Best actor in national film awards ? - Suraj Venjaramoodu(Malayalam), Raj Kumar Rao(Hindi)
14.    Best actress in Oscar? Cate Blanchett
15.    Rajiv Khel Ratna award 2014? – None
16.    US released postage stamp on who actor ? - Akkineni Nageswara Rao
17.     "The suitable boy" written by? - Vikram Seth
18.    By whose goal Germany win the final with 1-0 in Brazil ? - Mario Goetze
19.    World Computer Literacy Day? - 2nd December
20.    Cheruthoni dam in which state? - Kerala
21.     Japan will give total money for infra project? - $ 33 Billion
22.    How much amount allocated for price stabilisation fund- 500 cr
23.    Malaysia Currency – Ringgit
24.    World Environment Day - 5 June
25.    New IIMs to be opened in which district - Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar, Orissa and Rajasthan.
26.    Who is John Carrey? – Actor
27.    Tintu Lukka from which game – Athletics
28.     Sanitation Program in Budget till – 2019
29.    Oscar winner in leading role actor - Matthew McConaughey
30.    Who is the USA Secretary of State - John Kerry
31.    Which country capital is Port Victoria? – Seychelles
32.     “Cry The Peacock” author? - Anita Desai
33.    Atomic Energy minister of India - Narendra Modi
34.    French Open winner - Rafael Nadal
35.    Narora Power Plant situated in? U.P
36.    Best Director National Awards? Hansal Mehta
37.    U.K. Prime Minister? David Cameroon
38.    Full Form Of UNCTAD - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
39.     Sattriya is the dance form of which state? – Assam
40.    Leander Paes related to which game? – Tennis
41.    Rihand Dam in which state? - Uttar Pradesh
42.    Mogadishu is the capital of which country: Somalia
43.     e-visa in how many cities to promote tourism: 9
44.    FIDE world (rapid chess championship) won by which player: Magnus Carlsen
45.    Vice President of USA: Joe Biden
46.    Which film got Best Film Award at Film Fare Awards: Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
47.    Governor of Maharashtra: C Vidyasagar Rao
48.    Li-tatina (tomator tyoha) festival of which country: Spain
49.    Hill station 'ARAKU' in which state: Andhra Pradesh
50.    Oscar 2014 Best supporting actress - Lupita Nyong'o
51.    Best actress in film fare awards 2014 - Deepika Padukone
52.    Fiscal deficit according to union budget – 4.1%
53.    According to Budget 2014, how many new Govt. Medical Colleges will be opened? – 12
54.    Najma Heptulla ministry: Minority affairs
55.    Loss incurred for railway per passenger in paise - 23p
56.    Full form of CST? - Central Sales Tax
57.    Full form of NABARD? - National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Developemnt
58.    Full form of UGC? - University Grants Commission
59.    Full form of SLR? - Statutory Liquidity Ratio
60.    Ajiknkya Rahane is related to which game? – Cricket
61.    What is purpose of Jan Dhan Yojna? - Minimum one account for every family
62.    Who issues RuPay card? – NPCI
63.    Who is Robin Williams? - Hollywood Actor
64.    Who is P.J Kurien? - Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha
65.    What is the amount charged for ATM transactions after 5 times? - Rs. 20
66.    Flag Bearer for India in Commonwealth Games 2014? - Vijay Kumar
67.    How many Deputy Governors are there in RBI? – 4
68.     Strike word is related to which game? – Baseball
69.    Hardware park is proposed to which state? - Andhra Pradesh
70.    What % of money is increased for cleanliness in budget? - 40%
71.    Who is all time highest goal scorer of Germany? - Miroslav Klose
72.    Wilfried Bony - Football Striker from Ivory Coas
73.     Saji Thomas is related to which game? – Rowing
74.    Bhamashah Yojna in Rajasthan is for what purpose? - Women Empowerment
75.    Bank Capitalization related to -? - Basel III Norms
76.    Which country is the top source of FDI? – Singapore
77.     Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan is to be ended by– 2019
78.    Amit kumar related to which game – Wrestling
79.    Zero Effect- Zero Defect slogan by - Narendra Modi
80.    Who is Azim premji - Founder of Wipro
81.    Prior to which year currency note should be exchanged – 2005
82.    PFO monthly pension limit - Rs. 1000 (Minimum limit) & Maximum Limit is Rs. 15000
83.    Pankaj Advani Sports name – Billiards
84.    Chanakya also known as (his alternate name) – Kautilya
85.    CDR fullform - Credit Default Swap
86.     SEZ started by PM In which state/city – Maharashtra
87.    Indira Awas Yojna new name - National Gramin Awaas Mission (proposed name, please check once)
88.    FLIPKART is which kind of company? - E-Commerce
89.    200 cr allocated for stadium in which state - Jammu & Kashmir
90.    Which organization is worried for EBOLA – WHO
91.    Largest bank - Industrial & Commercial Bank of China
92.    Who is sumitra mahajan - Loksabha Speaker
93.     Sanjita Chanu wins gold in: Weightlifting
94.    Abhinav Bindra related to: Shooting
95.    Apurvi Chandela related to: Shooting
96.    6th BRICS summit held in: Fortaleza, Brazil
97.    Anirban Lahiri belongs to which sports: Golf
98.    Rory Mcllory belongs to which sports: Golf
99.    NHB full form: National housing bank
100. KYC full form: know your customer

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