“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. Matthew 7:7-8

19 Nov 2016


1.       PPF investment Limit: Rs 1.5lakh
2.       Yuki Bhambri related to which sport – Tennis
3.       Lionel Messi player of which country: Argentina
4.        In budget tax free home loan limit: Rs. 2 lakh.
5.        Income tax limit other than senior citizen: Rs. 2.5 lakh
6.        Smart car launched --- Tata Nano
7.       Volley term from which sport – Tennis
8.       Kargil war in which year: July 1999
9.        ISRO headquarter: Bangalore
10.    Make in India terms launched by – PM N. Modi

11.    Art 370 is related to which state – Jammu & Kashmir
12.     Jan Dhan Yojana Benefits – Overdraft Loan in Bank Account
13.    Writer of The Mother I Never Knew - Sudha Murthy
14.    L stands in SLR- liquidity
15.    Money laundering is done to- Avoid tax
16.    When did Mangalayan reached Mars - 24 September 2014
17.     In how days KYC custom fill identity proof – 5 working days
18.    Which Indian movie selected for Oscar Award 2015 - Liar's Dice
19.    NIM full form- Net Interest Margin
20.    MTSS- Money Transfer Service Scheme
21.    Kisan Vikas Patra was closed by govt. earlier why - to avoid Money laundering activities
22.     SBI life insurance partnered with – BNP Paribas Cardif
23.    Currency of Cambodia – Riel
24.    What is A in ATM – Automated
25.    Hard Choice author - Hillary Clinton
26.    Who invented Dynamite – Alfred Nobel
27.    Capital of Argentina: Buenos Aires
28.    Which actor's father is a famous badminton player - Deepika Padukone
29.    Word C stand for what in CP- commercial paper
30.    Bank used to what method to read code on cheque - MICR.
31.    Purpose of starting Minor account for 10 years children - Financial inclusion
32.    Kundankulam nuclear plant is a agreement between India and __ - Russia
33.    CVV full form – Card Verification Value
34.    Minority affair minister – Najma Heptulla
35.    Yogakshemam Vahamyaham is the slogan of – LIC
36.    Bank of International Settlement headquarter – Switzerland
37.    HDFC Tagline - We understand your world
38.    Smart star account opened by which bank – ICICI bank
39.     In Varistha pension Bima scheme will be administrated by – LIC
40.    Director of Singham Returns movie – Rohit Shetty
41.    Taskant is the capital of – Uzbekistan
42.    Sati pratha abolished by whom – Raja Ram Mohan Rai
43.    Railway minister: Sadanand Gowda
44.    Full form of PKI – Public Key Infrastructure
45.    Iran president: Hassan Rouhani
46.    Which country is part of European Union but do not use euro currency – Denmark
47.    CBS Full form- Core Banking Solution
48.    Cyrus Mistry is the CEO of – TATA group
49.    Kakrapar atomic power plant- Gujarat
50.    DNA full form: Deoxyribo Nucleic acid
51.    Home rule league moment leader - Annie Besant/ Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak
52.    Committee on Banking Ombudsman – Suman Verma Committee
53.    What “S” stands in CDSL – Securities [Central depository Securities depository Ltd.]
54.     IFSC Code contain how many digits- 11 alphanumeric code
55.    EBW full form - Export Bills Permitted to be Written off
56.    According to WHO, Highest rate of Child marriage – Bangladesh (India raked 2nd)
57.    Agaria Tribe belongs to which state – Madhya Pradesh
58.    Capital of Tanzania – Dodoma
59.    DIGC insurance cover is headed by – Central Govt.
60.    The initial minimum paid-up capital for a private bank shall be Rs.200 crore
61.    MTSS used - personal remittance
62.    According to census 2011Lowest density state - Arunachal Pradesh
63.    Which country does not belong in European Union but use Euro as a currency - Vatican city
64.    Max money that can remitted to Nepal from any of the NEFT-enabled branches in India – Rs 50,000
65.    In NSDL ,word ”S” stands for - National Securities Depository Limited
66.     SBI tag line: Pure Banking Nothing Else
67.     Santi Swaroop Bhatnagar award in mathematic: Dr. Kaushal Kumar Verma
68.    Bank celebrate 150 years with Sri Lanka: SBI
69.    Cheque amount written is called exchange of notes done by customer
70.    Overnight money needed by bank from RBI on which rate bases: MSF
71.    Poverty elevation minster – Ramvilas Paswan
72.    CPI full form: Consumer Price Index
73.    Urban dev and Parliament minister: Venkaiah Naidu
74.    Who won bronze medal in swimming in 2014 Asian Games: Sandeep Sejwal
75.     Jai hind slogan given by – Subhash Chandra Bose
76.    Capital of Turkey: Ankara
77.    BSE is given trade facility – online
78.    Who gave the principle of objects submerged partially or fully in water – Archimedes
79.    ASBA full form-Application Supported by Blocked Account
80.    Kakrapar nuclear power plant is located at which place? – Maharashtra
81.    Recently which bank has launched six digital touch  banking branches across the nation? - State Bank of India
82.    ________ announced a new liberal visa policy for nationals of Afghanistsan on humanitariangrounds. - India
83.    ________announced to honour Shahrukh Khan with Officer of the Legion of Honour for his contribution to Cinema? – France
84.    What stands for NPA? - Non Performing Assets
85.    A book Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas has been released, recently. Who is the author of the book? - Edward Klein 
86.    JP Morgan cut India's GDP growth projection for 2014-15 to _________percent from 5.3 percent.  - 5.1
87.    Recently John Kerry visited India. He is the Secretary of State  of which country? - USA
88.    Who is the Union Civil Aviation Minister at present? - Ashok Gajapathi Raju
89.    Who is the Director of the film ‘Mary Kom’? - Omung Kumar
90.    What is the currency of China? - Yuan
91.    Recently RBI extended the timeline for full implementation of Basel III norms to ______instead of 31 March 2018. - 31 March 2019
92.    _____________is a financial instrument by which company invite the public to invest their money in the company and investor can become a partner of the company.  - Equity
93.    Recently N.R. Narayana Murthy, the founder and executive Chairman of _____was honoured with the 2014 Canada India Foundation Chachalani Global Indian Award in Toronto, Canada .  - Infosys
94.    _________  celebrated as World Citizen Day? - November 19
95.    The bank should have net profit for the last ________consecutive years to be  permitted to set up the joint venture company for undertaking the insurance business with risk participation subject to safeguards. - five
96.    ____________is the process of stopping the flow of the physical cheque issued by a drawer at some point with the presenting bank en-route to the drawee bank branch. In its place an electronic image of the cheque is transmitted to the drawee branch by the clearing house.              - Cheque Truncation
97.    Section 35(6) of the________, empowers NABARD to conduct inspection of State Cooperative Banks (SCBs), Central Cooperative Banks (CCBs) and Regional Rural Banks (RRBs).  - Banking Regulation Act, 1949
98.    Recently _______Navy and Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) conducted annual bilateral naval exercises named SIMBEX 2014 in Andaman Sea.  - Indian
99.    _____________ has been appointed Chairman of the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal, recently. - Justice B.C. Chauhan
100. ______is NOT a basic approach to measure GDP? - Investment Approach
101.       What is the tagline of Allahabad Bank?  - A tradition of trust
102.                 --------------------------- financial years the benefits of Indira Awas Yojana has also been extended to minorities? - 2006-07
103. What is the allocation for Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme in the Budget 2014-15? - Rs. 100 Crore
104. What is the enhanced FDI limit in Defence Sector?  - 49 per cent
105. What is the rank of India in Human Development Index 2014?  - 135
106. Which country will host G8 Summit in 2015? - France
107. Who is the Chairman of Tax Administration Reform Commission (TARC)?  - Parthasarathi Shome
108. Who is Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers? - Ananth Kumar
109. What is the tagline of Syndicate Bank? - Your Faithful And Friendly Financial Partner
110. Which bank has started cardless cash withdrawal from its ATMs? - ICICI Bank
111. National Housing Bank is a subsidiary of- RBI
112. What is the initial capital infused by the Government of India in Bhartiya Mahila Bank(BMB)? - s. 1000 crore
113. ------------------- is not related with Negotiable Instruments Act 1881? - Hundi
114. ------------------------- is an Atomic Power Project located in Uttar Pradesh? - Narora
115. Hewlett & Packard which has recently announced its business to be split into two parts is associated with - Computer and Hardware
116. Which state has highest sex ratio as per the Census 2011? - Kerala
117. Mars Orbiter Mission reached on Mars on which day? - 24 September
118. Swachhta Udyami Yojana has been launched by which ministry? - Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
119. Cairo is the capital of which country? - Egypt
120. What is the full form of GDR?  - Global Depositary Receipt
121. Who is the union minister of Tribal Affairs? - Jual Oram
122. Full form of IRDA is – Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority.
123. What is the percentage of liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) threshold set for January 2015 that have to be met by the banks as per a recent revision in liquidity guidelines under the Basel-III framework by RBI?  - 60 per cent
124. Which country was runner up in the game of Kabaddi when India completed a golden double in men’s as well as women’s
125. category in Asian Games 2014? - Iran
126. What is the capital of South Korea? - Seoul
127. What is the tagline of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Limited? - Zimmedari ka humsafar
128. What was the old name of Axis Bank? - UTI Bank
129. --------------------------- countries DON'T have dollar as its currency? - Sweden
130. "Hundi" is  - equivalents of cheques issued by indigenous bankers.
131. What does ‘M’ stands for in OMO? - Market
132. What was the name given to The 2014 Hong Kong protests,against proposed electoral reform in the country? - Umbrella Movement
133. Banks declare an Asset as Non Performing where the interest / principal is in arrears for more than -90 days
134. Who among the following was popularly called as ‘Loknayak’? - Jai Prakash Narayan
135. What was the codename given to first nuclear explosion conducted by India's in 1974?  - Smiling Buddha
136. SBI has launched multi-currency card in association with which of the following companies? - Master Card
137. --------------------- states Kathakali dance form is associated? - Kerala
138. Who was chosen as Most Valuable player among Indian medalists in Asian Games 2014?   - M. C. Mary Kom
139. What is the name of the committee set up to examine the current monetary policy? - Urjit Patel Committee
140. What is Currency of Algeria? - Dinar
141. What is Universal Banking ?-  Provision of commercial and investment services
142. MacMohan line is in between which two countries? - India and China
143. When banks invest in government securities by depositing collateral, it is called - Asset Securitization
144. G.N Bajpai committee is related to which of the following? - National Pension Scheme
145. ------------------- is a foreign bank? - HSBC Bank
146. RBI announces STAR SERIES notes recently. What is it? - replacement of defectively printed notes
147. In Jan Dhan scheme which of the following will provide the accident cover under the scheme? - HDFC ergo
148. What is India's number in mars mission, among Asian countries? - 1st
149. World investvment report issued by - UNCTAD
150. ------------------------- currencies is not included in SBI multicurrency scheme ? - Yen
151. Expand CIBIL - Credit Information Bureau India Limited
152. Ram Naik governor of which state - Uttar pradesh
153. CRR stands for - Cash Reserve Ratio
154. What is the currency of Egypt? - Pound
155. Who is the Governor of Kerala? - P. Sathasivam
156. What is the minimum amount to be deposited in PPF per month? - Rs. 500
157. How many IIMs will be established as per Budget 2014-15? - 5
158. Who is H.L. Dattu? - Chief Justice of India
159. Which is the least populous state of India as per Census 2011? - Sikkim
160. What is the name of the bank account opened for childrenabove 10 years of age by ICICI? - Smart kid account
161. Who is the CM of Tamil Nadu? O. Paneerselvam
162. What is the slogan of Jan Dhan Yojana? - Mera Khata Bhagya Vidhata
163. Lionel Messi is associated with which sport? - Football
164. Expand IFSC - Indian Financial System Code
165. Who won the Nobel piece awrd 2014? Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzay
166. Who belongs to tennis? options were - djokovic, federer, messi
167. When is world rabies day? 28th setember
168. Interest on savings account is calculated on which basis? daily basis
169. In which of the following places there is no nuclear plant? – Kenya
170. Mutual funds regulated by ? - Securities and Exchange Board of India
171. What is ping in computer networking utility? - Packet InterNet Groper
172. Processor speed measure in Instructions per second
173. Using two different brand names for a propose of single product is called? Co-branding
174. One question on repo rate
175. What does B stands for in ECB ? - Borrowings
176. What is the full form of RRB ? - Regional rural Bank
177. What is the upper limit of PPF ? - 1.5 lakh
178. What is the oldest currency in the world? - Pound sterling
179. Which among the following is not an output device ? – Scanner
180. Who is the author of the book Final Test: Exit Sachin Tendulkar ? - Dilip D' Souza
181. What will Inflation result in ? - Decrease in economic activities of a country
182. Which among the following is a volatile memory ? – RAM
183. Question based on the definition of GNP (Gross National Product)
184. What is an Internet explorer ? Browser
185. What is the extension used for MS word ? - .doc,.docx
186. What is the first step of buying ? - need recognition
187. In which of the following areas there is no 100% FDI in railways ? –
188. who is water resource minister ? - Uma Bharti
189. the 5000 ₹ overdraft in Jan dhan will be applicable only if the account is active for how many months.
190. The slogan " I have a dream" is given by which American activist in his public speech ? - Martin Luthor King
191. which PSU is responsible for insurance over export? - Export Credit Insurance
192. Which is an insurance regulatory body- IRDA
193. Which is the Regulatory body for RRB? – NABARD
194. Who is the author of God of small thing ? Arundhati Roy
195. NPS stands for? National pension scheme
196. RBI policy related to money laundering? Know Your Customer
197. NBFC deals in? - providing banking services
198. What is the full form of PDF? Portable Document Format
199. What is the function of Ctrl + s in MS Word = to save file or document

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