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17 Nov 2016

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- BANK PO EXAM-Why Bank Exams Preparation at home is better than Coaching Institutes + 100 Q&A updated.

Should I join a coaching institute for Bank exams preparations ?

At least a dozen of people ask this question every week via various channels. Today I am going to explain why exam preparation at home is better than coaching institutes.

Shortcut techniques

No coaching institute is going to teach you shortcut technique for any chapter because shortcut techniques never gives 100% accurate answers in all possibilities. 
That's why I don't share all the techniques are as some of you find these techniques funny.

While preparing yourself, you will find many shortcut techniques and you gradually you will draft some techniques yourself.

I have seen few students who solve every question from Quantitative Aptitude section using Algebraic equations only and I have also seen students who solve every question using estimation techniques only. Both of these students prepared for just 3 months and they cracked IBPS PO.

Low standard of teaching at coaching institutes

Let's accept a fact that salary of a PO is around Rs.40,000 (After June 2015) and institutes pay Rs.300 to Rs.500 per 2 hours lecture to a teacher. Don't you think it will be better to become a PO then working as a casual labour ?

Then why are working as teachers ?

Because they are trying in competitive exams from past many years and unable to crack any exam.

So what they are teaching you ?

They are actually not teaching you anything. You score won't improve at all if you solely rely on them.

Believe me, sometimes I find a new student is better at Maths or English than his/her teacher at a coaching institute.

Low quality study material

How many of you have seen 200 pages Quantitative Aptitude book at a coaching institute ?

If your answer is yes then tell me if it is possible to cover whole Quantitative Aptitude syllabus in 200 pages.

As many of you might know that I started my coaching class last year. We printed our study material and gave it to students. Only Data Interpretation workbook consist of 200 pages.

It took me around 3 months to complete Quantitative Aptitude syllabus. While I charged Rs.4000 per student foe whole course including study material.

I end up incurring huge losses.

I realized why coaching institutes provide 200 pages Quantitative aptitude book. They want to complete the whole syllabus within 2 months. That's not enough.

It is not financial feasible to provide quality content and teachers to students.

Batch size should be 10-12 and fee for course and study material should be at least Rs.25,000. Course duration should be at least 5 months. But nobody is ready to pay this much. In short institutes are interested in making money but they can't make money by providing quality education.

Difficulty level practice questions

If you have ever been to a coaching institute, you might have realized that everything is so easy. From concept to practice questions and even their test series.

Why they do this while everybody knows the fact that exams are getting harder?

Because if institutes provide hard questions then they need to provide detailed explanations to students and they don't have skilled teachers. After every chapter there are 20 questions and you can't bring any question out of these 20 questions.

No SWOT analysis

Who is interested in knowing your strengths or weaknesses ?

It's only up to you.

If you are preparing at home or with your friends, you can find your weaknesses and then you can work on it.

Benefits of preparing at Home or in a Group

§  Study at your own speed. If you think you need more time for an easy Probability chapter then you need not to take permission from anybody.
§  Get the best and updated study material.
§  Save time and invest that time on reading newspapers and practice model papers
§  Save money

Candidate preparing at home have higher probability of cracking the exam. Never get impressed by success rate of coaching institutes. I have seen many institutes in Ludhiana and Delhi who pay Rs.5000 to Rs.10,000 to successful students for their permission to print their photographs on their pamphlets and newspaper ads. 

I wanted to write about this issue from past many weeks. Two years back I helped 2 students without any fees. They cracked the SBI PO and SEBI exams. I didn't want any credit for that. After few months I saw their pictures on ads of a well known coaching institutes. They took Rs.5,000 each for their permission. I never expect people to praise my work but they helped an coaching institute to cheat dozens of students. 

Find a mentor, make study groups. That's the best way to prepare.

Please give me your opinion and suggestions to E/mail www.christyboyj@gmail.com

2.       Who is the current road, transport, highways and shipping? NITIN GADKARI
4.       WIMBLEDON championship is related to which game ? LAWN TENNIS
5.       Who is the current SBI chairman? ARUNDATI BHATTACHARYA
6.       Regulatory authorities of Cooperative banks & RRB's?- NABARD
7.       A Scheme named Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls also known as ?- SABLA
8.       Recipient of 49th Jananpeeth Award - Kedar Nath Singh
9.       Amul related to what ? - white revolution
10.    FIBA is related with Which sport ?- Basketball
11.    Recently in which state Solar thermal power plant installed – Rajasthan
12.    Which card is issued by NPCI?-RuPay Card
13.    Which south east organisation has 10 members?-ASEAN
14.    ARMY FLAG DAY- 7 December
15.     In shop transaction is done by which machine: POS
16.    Water resource minister - Uma Bharti
17.    Dadasaheb Phalke Academy Award for Best Singer (Female): Sunidhi Chauhan
18.    Which award is given to Leander Paes, Ruskin bond- Padma Bhushan award
19.    Vijay hazare trophy is related to which sport? CRICKET
20.    Night blindness is due to deficiency of which disease- Vitamin A
21.    Full form of NVRAM- Non Volatile Random Acess Memory
22.    Which of the following activities is not done by RBI?- trading in commodities
23.    Currency of Kuwait-Kuwaiti Dinar
24.    Capital of Bhutan-Thimphu
25.    Recently Hindustan Motor car plant shut down: Uttarpara plant in West Bengal
26.    Book my journey transforming into dreams: Former President APJ Abdul Kalam
27.    Highest rural population state as per Census 2011 - Uttar Pradesh
28.    Reliance company lady head name- Neeta Ambani
29.    Full form CAG-Comptroller and Auditor General
30.    Which of the following is not an indirect tax- 10% surcharge on income
31.    Who directed the silent film raja Harish Chandra: Dadasaheb Phalke
32.    According to Census 2011 highest sex ratio for which state: Kerala
33.    Repo rate: 8%
34.    CRR – 4%
35.    Number of directors in RBI – 4 deputy directors
36.     Satish Shivlingam realeted to which: Weightlifting
37.    Who is Nripendra Mishra: Principal Sec. to PM
38.    Defence minister: Arun Jaitely
39.    Home minister: Rajnath Singh
40.    PMGSY Established by-2002
41.     IAY--Allocate financial assistance
42.    Budget Allocate for Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sichayin Yojana - Rs. 1000 cr
43.    Young India book author...MK GANDHI
44.    MGNERGA Act launched in: 2005
45.    National Pension System (NPS) launched in — 2004
46.    Capital of ITALY- Rome
47.    Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) launched by : Ministry of Labour and Employment
48.    Commonwealth total medal of India --- 64
49.    WTO member -160
50.    Official director of RBI - Raghuram Rajan
51.    Van Bandhu Kalyan Yojana has allocated Rs.100 crore
52.    Monetary policy published and controlled by – RBI
53.    On Advances taking as loan ---pre- shipment loan
54.    Tibor full form - Tokyo Interbank Offered Rate
55.    How much interest paid by RBI on deposit of CRR? Zero
56.    RBI proposed for 5th deputy governor by post - Chief Operating Officer
57.     Shadow banking committee headed by - T. Vijay Bhaskar
58.    Who is lady election commission officer? V.S. Ramadevi
59.     Summer 2016 games held in? Rio De Janeiro
60.    Pound sterling is the currency of which country - United Kingdom
61.    Which Lok Sabha election was held recently held - 16th
62.    GDP for 2014-15 by IMF? - 5.4%
63.     India's first motion picture? - Raja Harishchandra
64.     India's first newspaper? - Bengal Gazette
65.    Press council of India formed in which year? – 1978
66.     Indira Awas Yojna which year formed? – 1996
67.    Which of following country is not a male dominated country? – USA
68.    Currency of UK ? - Pound Sterling
69.    Minister of Railways ? - Sadananda Gowda
70.    World Heart day? - 29 September
71.    WTO head quarter? – Geneva
72.    When did India become member of WTO? – 1995
73.    RBI formed in which Year? – 1935
74.     India's first Postal Savings Office ATM located in which city? – Chennai
75.    First newspaper of India- Bengal gazette
76.     Indira sagar dam located in which state – Madhya Pradesh
77.    Addis Ababa capital of – Ethiopia
78.    Bangladesh currency – Taka
79.    External affairs minister – Sushma Swaraj
80.     Japan Prime Minister– Shinzo Abe
81.    Author of inheritance of loss – Kiran Desai
82.    Bharatanatyam dance of which state – Tamil Nadu
83.    Taj Mahal in which state – Uttar Pradesh
84.    What is the profile of Maneka Gandhi - Women and child development
85.    FFCB full form - Foreign currency convertible bonds (FCCBs)
86.    Number of goals in FIFA World Cup – 171
87.    Louvre museum in - Paris
88.    Laughter day – 1st Sunday of may
89.    Oscar best movie – 12 years a slave
90.    National award for best Hindi film – Jolly LLb
91.     Inheritance of loss – Kiran desai
92.    Kaiga nuclear power plant – Karnataka
93.     Jan Dhan Yojana – Life Insurance – 30,000
94.    World Bank head – Jim Yong Kim
95.     ILO headquarters – Geneva
96.    Deputy speaker of Loka sabha – Thambi durai
97.    Purpose of Commercial Paper – to meet short-term debt obligation
98.    RBI proposed small and ___ banks – Payment
99.     Income exempted from tax (below 60) – 2.5 lakhs
100. Metro rail project in Ahmadabad and – Luckhnow

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