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For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul? Jesus Christ

22 Oct 2016

PRAYER- My Simple Prayer of Gratitude

Thank you, Lord, for the blessings you have bestowed on my life.

E COMMERCE- 8 Steps to Attracting New Customers

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There’s a logical sequence to building a business, whether it’s online or offline. There are certain things that must be done in order to see your business grow. By committing to follow these eight steps, you can attract more clients and have the kind of income you want.
Step One: Get Clear On Who You’re Targeting
Before you begin any marketing, you must find your target audience. Do your research and discover who your products or services can help the most. Without a clear understanding of exactly who you’re targeting, your marketing can’t be effective.
Specializing your approach will definitely help your conversion rate. It may make you nervous to think of narrowing your options, but it’s the first step in attracting more long-term clients. Here’s one more benefit to narrowing down your focus: each time you specialize a little more, you’re able to charge more for your services.



1)   India has been ranked at which place in the list of innovative economies according to UN WIPO Global Innovation Index 2016?
a. 65th
ANSWER: 66th

STOCK MARKET- A TIP-- Growth vs.value investing in stocks.

When evaluating domestic stock mutual funds, you’ve likely run across two labels that may be confusing: Growth Funds and Value Funds. Both types of funds seek to provide the best possible returns. The difference is in the approach they take, the way they pick stocks, and the types of markets for which they are best suited.
Growth investing
Growth funds focus on companies that managers believe will experience faster than average growth as measured by revenues, earnings, or cash flow. Growth fund managers also look carefully at the way a company manages its business. For instance, many growth-oriented companies are more likely to reinvest profits in expansion projects or acquisitions, rather than use them to pay out dividends to shareholders.

21 Oct 2016


Lord, be our guide and our protector

on the journey we are about to take.

Watch over us.
Protect us from accidents.
Keep us free from harm to body and soul.
Lord, support us with Your grace when we are tired.
Help us be patient in any trouble which may come our way.
Keep us always mindful of Your presence and love.

LOVE- Nine Principles of True Love

Dear Readers,

Love makes all things beautiful. As a wife and a mother of three, I have been learning a great lesson about true love. Before getting married and before having children, I thought life was all about me. Once I have been giving my life to my family, something significant changed within me. Life has been no longer about “me”, but “we”. Life is all about loving and serving others. Life is about giving and receiving love. There are more than nine principles of true love, but I would love to share with you about what I have been learning. Plus, the number “9” is a great number for the Thai people. Number 9 means moving forward.

1. True love is selfless.

If you truly love someone, you would be willing to give of yourself to him/ her. You would be willing to give what is the most precious thing for you to the other person. You would be willing to give what the other person needs. You would be willing to give up something that is very important to you to give them something that is very important to them. For example, if your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse loves watching TV, you would let him/her watch TV instead of paying attention to you or helping you do the house chores. If he/she loves going out with friends, you would allow him/ her to be with friends. If he/she has a bad day from work, you would give him/ her attention, care, and ask how he/ she is feeling. You would be willing to listen without judgment, but with love. Giving yourself to your others brings a valuable reward. It makes you happy. It brings you joy.


Varanasi girl Artika Shukla of 25 years cracked prestigious Civil Services Exam and one of the toughest exams and made her city proud by securing fourth rank in the 2015 UPSC Examination in her first attempt. She has achieved this stunning success without taking any coaching classes. It is also commendable that for preparing Civil Services, Artika Shukla didn’t left her job or study and continued to work as a Junior Resident at PIMER, Chandigarh. She is brilliant and anyone looking for inspiration can look at her. Artika Shukla said “if one has a dream, they should just follow it.”

STOCK MARKET- 59 Stock Tips for Investment Success:/WILL YOU FALLOW?

  1. As a new investor, be prepared to take some small losses. (see also 10 Great Ways to Learn Stock Trading)
  2. Always cut your losses at 8% below your purchase price. (read our stop loss ordersguide)
  3. Persistence is key when learning to invest. Don’t get discouraged.
  4. Learning to invest doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort to become successful at it.
  5. When getting started, it is important that you pick the right full service or discount brokerage. If you use a broker, make sure he or she has a good track record.
  6. As a beginner, set up a cash account, not a margin account.
  7. It only takes $500 to $1,000 to get started. Experience is a great teacher. (Read ourInvestment Guide to Proper Portfolio Allocation)
  8. Avoid more volatile types of investments, such as futures, options, and foreign stocks.

20 Oct 2016

PRAYER- Win Worley Deliverance Prayer.Self Deliverance from evil spirits,satan

Say this prayer if you need deliverance. This prayer takes from satan all the legal grounds to touch you. If you are having problems with demons this self deliverance prayer is your first step to get rid of them. It takes all the legal grounds off real quick that satan used to attack you from any source.

In the name of Lord Jesus Christ
I renounce all the sins I remember and know about and also the sins I don’t know about. I renounce and confess the sins. Any false owls that I may have made, to any demonic god’s. I renounce any idolatry in witch I was ever involved. Satan I rebuke you in Jesus name. Im closing any door that I may have opened to you. I renounce satan and all His demons. I declare them to be my enermies. I want them out of my life completely. And I call on the Lord for deliverance of all evil spirits. In the name of Jesus Christ.

MORAL TIP- 15 Differences between Positive People and Negative People

As you know, it is a drastically different experience being around positive people versus negative ones. If you are striving to be more positive yourself, here are 15 ways you can do so:
1. “Failure is part of learning.”
Positive people view failure as an opportunity to learn and get better. They understand that failure is an event, and doesn’t define who they are. Negative people are emotionally disabled by failure because they allow it to define who they are. They fail to understand that it’s part of the learning and growing process.


Q. 1. The duration of the 1st Five-year plan was
(a) 1948-53
(b) 1950-55
(c) 1951-56 
(d) 1954-59

Q. 2. According to the 2011 census, what is the literacy rate (% of population) in India?
(a) 74% 
(b) 68%
(c) 82%
(d) 65%

Q. 3. The duration of Day and Night are equal at
(a) Equator 
(b) South Pole
(c) Prime Meridian
(d) North Pole

Q. 4. Who wrote the book ‘India Divided'?
(a) Dr. Rajendra Prasad 
(b) Liaquat Ali
(c) Sir Mohammad Iqbal


It has been my practice to bring my son, a grade 2 pupil  to school everyday and wait for their recess before I go to work.  Before I leave him in school, I always tell him "God bless you and may Jesus protect you always."   
Yesterday, I almost forgot to do this.  I already bid goodbye to my son and I was already a few blocks away from their school when I remembered I haven't done it yet (it may seem routinary but I always do this).  I immediately went back to their school and luckily he was still near the school gate and so I gave him my parting words. 

19 Oct 2016


Jeremiah 33:6
Heavenly Father, I am broken and in pain because of the injuries caused by this accident. However, I thank You for protecting my life O Lord! Father, the Scripture says that there is nothing impossible for You. I believe in Your healing power. Deliver me from all pain and grant me a quick and complete recovery O Lord! I know that we are healed by Your stripes. Stretch forth Your healing hand and let Your power descend upon me even now. I do not want to be a burden to my family. Grant me complete healing Lord and make me whole so that I can resume my day-to-day life. I know You are listening to my prayer and I trust in Your mercy and compassion. Strengthen me O Lord and let every weakness pain and suffering leave my body right now Master! Thank You for answering my prayer. I expect a miracle from You O God & I Pray in Jesus' Name.


MARRIED LIFE- 5 Things Women Hide from Their Husbands

After you tie the knot, the "what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine" mentality can begin to shape your life together. However, for most women, there are at least a few things they tend to hide from their guys—even if they've got a tight bond. (Because hey, the men hide stuff, too!) We tapped the experts to find out what women commonly stay hush-hush about. Guilty of any of these?


Q.1. Which of the following is not the characteristic of a computer?
(1) Computer is an electric machine
(2) Computer cannot think at its own
(3) Computer processes error free information
(4) Computer can hold data for any length of time

Q.2. The process of two sided interaction by setellite based technology is known as
(1) e-mail
(2) Teleconferencing
(3) Computer
(4) C.D. ROM

Q.3. Which of the following statement is correct?
(1) Virus improves the speed of processing information through computer
(2) Internet does not allow the virus to spread
(3) Virus is part of software
(4) Virus is an operating system

MONEY MARKET- Debt Mutual Funds Seen As a Better Bet In Times of Falling FD Rates

Bank fixed deposit rates could fall further with softening inflation increasing the possibility of more RBI rate cuts in the future.

Tax factor is one of the reasons why financial planners suggest investors to look at debt mutual funds.
1.     FD rates could fall with easing inflation leading to rate cut: experts
2.     RBI has cut interest rate by 175 basis points since start of 2015
3.     Financial planners say investors could look at debt mutual funds
The Reserve Bank of India has cut interest rate by 175 basis points since the start of 2015, thus bringing down the bank fixed deposit rates sharply. According to estimates, the country's biggest lender State Bank of India (SBI) has brought down its one-year fixed deposit rates (FD) by around 135 basis points during this period.

18 Oct 2016

PRAYER- A PRAYER FOR SURGERY ie (a prayer for someone to say before an operation)

Maker of heaven and earth,

Thank you for the role of doctors, nurses, and surgeons. Thank you for the blessing of knowledge and understanding, for the breakthroughs in medicine and all the specialist treatments.
Lord, may you oversee each area of this surgery, every detail and protect me and keep me as I look forward to recovery and the future.
I dwell in your love, hope and strength always.


STOCK MARKET-Market view for the week(18/10)

Coming after vacation days, investors were relaxed as far as trading was concerned. Low volume has been witnessed by the market for few days. With some geopolitical uncertainties FIIs were on net seller side. The release of Chinese data on growth in quarterly Gross Domestic Product and inflation numbers will define how emerging markets including India will perform this week. Another important event, Janet Yellen's Friday comments and how they impact the US markets after they open today, will also define how market performs. December rate hike eventually digging pillars. FIIs are pulling out despite a good earnings season and optimistic macro numbers. Falling short of 9,000, Nifty says around USD 0.5 billion worth of selling by FIIs. 


Which questions you have to attend first: It’s better to attempt first with that section on which you are very confident and you can attempt in a minimum time.

For Ex:
1. Syllogism
2. Miscellaneous questions
3. Inequality or Decision Making
4. Data Sufficiency
5. Input Output
6. Logical Reasoning
7. Seating Arrangement/ Puzzle Test
Note: Please do not start with Seating Arrangement/ Puzzle type’s questions because once you stuck on this you will lose your valuable time.
2. Data Analysis & Interpretation:
To score good marks in this section, you have to be quick in solving mathematical calculations. You should have good command on topics like Ratio, Percentage, and Average as in D.I. section mostly questions come on the basis of these topics.
Data Analysis & Interpretation mainly contains, Pie Charts, Bar Diagrams, Tables, Graphs, Probability & Data Analysis
It is one of the time consuming section. You have to practice more than 400+DI Sums to become master in it. So better prepare 5 sets of D.I. per day within 30mins.
In exam just attend only those questions in which you are sure to give accurate answer. Don’t do guess work over there. Don’t try to answer all DI questions.
If a DI consists of 5 questions just answer the easiest question first. Don’t do long calculations, multiplications etc..You just leave that and switch over to other question. If we do it confidentially there is no problem in scoring 25+
Note: 1. Have a fair clarity on how to get the right option in minimal time.
2. Have speed in solving this section.
3. Learn the Square till 30 and tables till 20.

WISDOM TIP- Who’s Sorry Now?

 Philosophy professor Charles Griswold recently commented to Vision that the process of apology and forgiveness may be so expected in a culture like ours that they can become theatrical, contrived and robbed of their moral seriousness. He explains that “forgiveness is about a moral response on the part of a victim to a wrongdoer.” This concept raises ethical questions, particularly the challenge of forgiving those who are not truly sorry for the wrong they have perpetrated. 
We have all seen high profile members of the sporting and entertainment communities shedding tears as they beg for the public’s forgiveness. The world is weary of politicians making emotional apologies to their constituents and families after their financial or sexual misconduct has come to light. Even more disturbing is the specter of religious leaders “falling from grace”—not to mention trust—and being led away in handcuffs.  We have come to expect dishonesty and immorality from public figures. Corruption is uncovered with almost comical regularity. 

17 Oct 2016

PRAYER- Prayer for the Gift of a Child

This is a daily prayer is for all married couples who long for a child. Husband and wife may hold hands while reciting this prayer.
God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob; God who created the universe and sustains it every moment, we praise you, we thank you and we glorify you.
Lord, you who gave a child to Abraham, we thank you, we praise you. Seeing the tears of Hanna, Lord you gave her a child. Elizabeth who was barren in her old age, you blessed her with a child.







Hi Readers,

SBI PO On Hand Salary Per month and year. Here is the much detailed discussed topic about SBI PO Salary. You are reading SBI PO Salary news and updates from Each aspirant searching about Salary of an SBI PO OR Salary of a PO In SBI and SBI PO Allowances OR SBI PO in hand Salary, SBI PO benefits, SBI PO Salary in Mumbai etc.

Important FAQ Questions and Answers Regarding SBI PO Salary:

FAQ. Will I get any salary during my Probation??
Yes, All selected candidates for officer position will be on a probation period of two years. You will get the same salary given above during probation as well.

FAQ. Do I have to pay for training like the case with various Manipal Courses??
No, not even a single penny. Instead when you are undergoing your classroom training, even then you will be getting the full salary. (LEARNING AND EARNING AT THE SAME TIME)

LIFE VALUES-Distinguishing Between Morality and Ethics

There is certainly a connection between morality (or morals) and ethics; dictionary definitions of one will usually reference the other.
However, there is an important distinction that needs to be considered in the debate about morals and ethics: The basis for ethics must be morals, not the other way around. Unless there is a strong and consistent moral base—founded on something substantial—ethics will be subject to convenience, vested interests and fudge factors. The underpinning for decent human conduct must be a consistent and easily understood code of morality.
The Chambers English Dictionary (1998 edition) highlights important distinctions between ethics and morals:

16 Oct 2016

PRAYERS- Prayers of the Unemployed

O God, who made us in your image and intended us for creative work; 
look with love on those of us who are unemployed. 
Help us to enjoy life together with those who have work 
and to understand what kind of help we need to give one another, 
whether in paid employment or not. 
Guide the leaders of our country, 
that they may take wise decisions which will benefit us all. 
Finally we ask you Lord to guide us 
in the knowledge that we all have worth in ourselves 
and that we are all of equal value in your eyes, 
through Jesus Christ Our Lord.


STOCK MARKETS- Tips For Investors In Volatile Markets

 During volatile times, many investors get spooked and begin to question their investment strategies. This is especially true for novice investors, who can often be tempted to pull out of the market altogether and wait on the sidelines until it seems safe to dive back in. The thing to realize is that market volatility is inevitable. It's the nature of the markets to move up and down over the short-term. Trying to time the market over the short-term is extremely difficult. One solution is to maintain a long-term horizon and ignore the short-term fluctuations. For many investors this is a solid strategy, but even long-term investors should know about volatile markets and the steps that can help them weather this volatility - in this article we'll show you how to do just that.

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- BANK PO EXAM-Full Forms / abbreviations - Important for IBPS RBI SBI etc. All Bank Exams - Specially for Banking Exams

ADB Full Form - - - Asian Development Bank

ADR Full Form - - - American Depositary Receipt
AGM  Full Form - - Annual General Meeting
AIDWA Full Form - - - All India Democratic Woman’s Association
AITUC Full Form - - - All India Trade Union Congress
AMFI Full Form - - - Association of Mutual Funds in India
AO  Full Form - - Additive Outliers
APEC Full Form - - - Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
APL Full Form - - - Above Poverty Line
APM Full Form - - - Administered Pricing Mechanism
ARC Full Form - - - Asset Reconstruction Company
ARDR Full Form - - - Agricultural and Rural Debt Relief
ASBA Full Form - - - Application Supported by Block Amount
ASEAN Full Form - - - Association of South-East Asian Nations
ASEM Full Form - - - Asia-Europe Meeting
ASSOCHAM  Full Form - - Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India
ATM  Full Form - - Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM  Full Form - - Automated teller machine
BCBS Full Form - - - Basel committee for Banking Supervision
BCSBI Full Form - - - Banking Codes and Standards Board of India
BIFR Full Form - - - Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
BIS  Full Form - - Bank for International Settlements