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Luke 5:31, 32 And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

31 Mar 2017

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The stocks which are expected to witness significant movement on March 31 are Tata Consultancy Services, NTPC, Zensar Technologies, BSE, Tata Chemicals.
Tata Consultancy Services: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and SATS will collaborate to develop world's first smart watch solution for airport technical ramp operations. The share price of the company bank will remain in the limelight on Friday.
NTPC: NTPC has commissioned 260 MW capacity (4x65 MW) of Bhadla solar PV project at Bhadla Rajasthan. The share price of the company will be in focus on March 31.
Zensar Technologies: Zensar Technologies has acquired Keystone Logic and target leadership in digital commerce and omni-channel services. The share price of the company bank will remain in the limelight on Friday.

30 Mar 2017

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Hi Friends:  What causes Inflation?   Monetary inflation happens when the amount of money in circulation increases faster than the quantity of goods in circulation.  The government is the only entity who can do this.  In the old days, they would simply print more money.  Today, the government purchases securities from banks, thereby increasing the money supply.  Monetary inflation is often followed by price inflation- the inflation  that most consumers can see and identify.  Obviously, price inflation happens when the price of goods increases.  When there is an increase in money circulation , the value of the rupee goes down.  Subsequently, businesses must increase the price of goods to get the same value from their products.

Deflation:  In general, deflation is when the average price of goods falls.  When the inflation rate falls below zero, indicating negative inflation, we know that there has been deflation.  Remember that the inflation rate is calculated based on the change in the Consumer Price Index or CPI.  What causes Deflation?   There are four situations that cause deflation.  1. A decrease in the supply of money.  Let’s say the only goods available in the world were green apples, and everyone wanted an apple just as much as everyone else.  If we only had Rs.10, then each apple would be worth Re. 1.  But , if our money decreased to Rs.5, then each apple would only be worth Rs. 50.  2. An increase in the supply of goods, in the same situation as above, let’s assume the number of apples went up to 20, but we still only had Rs. 10.  In that case, the value of each apple would again be Rs. 50.  3.  A decrease in the demand for goods .  If everyone already had an apple, then no one would want to use their rupee to buy an apple.  The value of an apple falls.  4. An increase in the demand for money.  When the demand for more money increases, it’s symptomatic of people starting to hoard money.  The value of the apples falls in relation to the rupee.

29 Mar 2017

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Hi Friends:  India’s Five Best Managed Companies:  As per the recent survey , listed below are some of the best Indian managed companies. 

TCS  is one of the largest  companies by market share and revenue.  The information technology company has topped for finest management they have executed, to bring their company to a prestigious level.   Natarajan Chandrasekharan, the CEO and MD of the company has been formulating and executing the global strategy of the company since 2002 when he became the head of global sales.  He built a new organization structure of the company while he was a chief operation officer when he joined the concern and it was disclosed in the year 2008.  This organization structure led to the speed growth of the company.  The market, domains and the business units showed drastic growth.  The initiatives, investment abilities and new ideas by Natarajan cherished the company.

HDFC:  The excellent service provided by them has created a strong goodwill about the company.  The Indian based financial service company was incorporated in the year 1994 by Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited.  It was the first company that obtained the “in principle “ authority from Reserve Bank of India.  The skilled professionals and management teams of HDFC have brought them to top 2 level of best managed company.

28 Mar 2017

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Hi Friends:  The Secret of  Stock Market:-   Many people are interested in stocks.  Some are traders, some investors and some are both.  People in  THE STOCK MARKET    are  generally optimists,  else they wouldn’t dare to risk their money.  It is fair to say that both, traders and investors, believe in what they are doing and probably both think that they know it better than the other side.  Here are some methods investors are using to put their money at work.   

Look for chart patterns suggesting that a stock has become abnormally cheap and at the same time will likely go up from where it is now.   b.  Be a fundamentalist, analyze and examine every data that comes out of a company, and then buy only cheap at a reasonable price.   c. Make global judgement about the economy and hit the right turning point for a general entry into the MARKET to elegantly avoid analyzing details of pea size.  d. Buy the broader market with index funds, based on the idea that overall  THE STOCK MARKET reflects the ongoing advance in the world and thus stock indices are doing well long term.  e. Delegate the work of making investment decisions to a professional , who, because being a professional, should outsmart the market.

Most investors adhere not only to a single pure form of these strategies.  They rotate between them, they try different flavours of them, they mix things up, they even start an investment with one strategy and close it with another.  Or they started trading and end up with an investment.  Nonetheless, all these behaviours seem to have good arguments.  These rational looking strategies and huge stock price advances picked and presented by the media probably  cause the general belief that investing in Stock Market will make people wealthy.  Anyway both Traders and Investors should follow the current international changes and decide accordingly in positive way.

Thanking you,                                                       see you later.                                           

27 Mar 2017

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                                                JK PAPER LTD.

This company is fundamentally and technically very strong company. 52 weeks high will be crossed very shortly. Brief details are furnished. Current market price of the share is 94.80. F/V of share Rs.10/- Promoter share holding is 58%, 52 weeks H/L 41.05/101.80, PE 10/50 and industry PE 23.2,pledging of shares- Nil, Good promoters. Credit rating agency ICRA has been changed rating to positive from stable.

JK Paper Ltd. has two large integrated paper manufacturing units – JK Paper Mills, Rayagada, Odisha and Central Pulp Mills, Songadh, Gujarat with a combined capacity of 4,55,000 TPA.  It is the market leader in Branded Copier paper segment and among the top two players in Coated Paper and high-end Packaging Boards. 

Its products are sold through extensive distribution network of 188 wholesalers, 10 depots & 4 regional marketing offices, and covering nearly 4,000 dealers. It offers a wide product range and its brands are synonymous with premium quality paper. 

26 Mar 2017

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SHARE MARKET-- PE ratio—How it helps Investors to buy great stocks.

Introduction to PE ratio: PE ratio is one of the most widely used tools for stock selection. It is calculated by dividing the current market price of the stock by its earnings per share (EPS). It shows the sum of money you are ready to pay for each rupee worth of the earnings of the company.
PE = Market price / EPS
Assume there are two companies 'A' and 'B', operating in the same sector. If PE of 'A' is 30 and PE of 'B' is 22, then 'B' is considered to be a better buy, as the market price has not gone up to reveal the earnings prospects of the company. But 'A' is considered to show higher growth prospects as compared to 'B'.
How does PE help?
Understanding PE gives the investors an idea if the stock has sufficient growth potential. Stocks with low PE can be considered good bargains as their growth potential is still unknown to the market.

25 Mar 2017

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Hi Friends,   Why would I choose stocks?

Stocks are one of the most effective tools for building wealth, as stocks are a share of ownership of a company.  You thus have great potential to receive monetary benefits when you own stock shares.  Owning stocks of fundamentally strong companies simply lets your money work harder for you since they appreciate in value over a period of time while also offering rich dividends on a periodic basis.

What instruments are traded in the stock markets?

There are various types of instruments traded in the stock market.  They include shares, mutual funds, IPOs, futures and options.

Where do I buy stocks?

Stock trading happens on stock exchanges.  However, you cannot buy directly at the exchange.  To buy stocks, you need to find a suitable broker who will understand your needs and buy stocks on your behalf.  You can think of them as agents who will conduct transactions for you without actually owning any of the securities themselves.  In exchange for facilitating or executing a trade, brokers will charge you a commission.

Where do I find stock related information?

Some of the most accessible avenues to get stock information are the internet, business news channels and print media.

What are some of the orders I can place?

You can place different kinds of orders such as Market orders, limit orders, stop loss orders, good – till – cancelled orders, after – market orders (AMOs), etc.

Market Order:  A market order is an order to buy or sell a stock at the current market price.  It signals your broker to execute the order at the best price currently available.  However, as market prices keep changing, a market order cannot guarantee a specific price.

Limit Order:  To avoid buying or selling  a stock at a price higher or lower than you wanted, you need to place a limit order rather than a market order.  A limit order is an order to buy or sell a security at a specific price.  You could use a limit order when you want to set the price of the stock.  In other words, you want to sell/buy particular scrip at a price other than the current market price.  However, although a limit order guarantees a price, it cannot guarantee execution of the trade.  This is because the stock might not reach the desired price on that particular trading day owing to market-related factors.

Stop Loss Order:  A stop loss order is a normal order placed with a broker to sell a security when it reaches a certain predetermined price called the trigger price.  Sometimes the market movements defy your expectation.  Such market reversals often result in loss-bearing transactions.  The stop loss trigger price is your defense mechanism-an amount at which you will be able to sustain yourself against such unanticipated market movements.

24 Mar 2017

PRAYER-- A Prayer to Teach Kids Thankfulness

Lord, I pray that the message of Christ and his sacrifice is the root of gratitude in my heart. That His gracious gift leads me to thankful living, setting an example for my children. That they will have their own relationship with Jesus one day, and that You would grow gratitude in their hearts out of the acceptance of Jesus as their Savior. Lead us to do everything in the name of Jesus and give thanks to You through Him


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Dear friends, Today I furnish the details of one share for long term investment. This share is fundamentally and technically strong share. Consult your advisor and take decision.
POCL the leading Secondary Lead Smelter in India. At POCL the company produce the highest quality lead and lead alloys and PVC additives which are supplied to  customers who are mainly battery manufacturers, chemical manufacturers and PVC extruded and moulded products. About Fifty percent (50%) of their production is exported to  numerous international customers mainly but not limited to the Asian region like South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and to Middle – East. Over the years POCL has built a unmatched brand image within the lead sector for its quality, high level of efficiency, reliability, technical support and service.

23 Mar 2017

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Hi Friends, Please become an investor and not a trader or a gambler .  You remember the life cycle of investing.  You can afford to take great risks when you are young,  As you cross 55 years you should consider gradually getting out of risk instruments.  Read  carefully, and take informed decisions and think it wisely.  When you apply for an IPO , read about the offer .  Practically it is very difficult as the documents have several pages, even abridged prospectus too is difficult to read.  At last you read the risk factors, promoters, company track record, issue objects and key financial data.  Invest only in the fundamentally strong companies.  Strong stocks are also liquid stocks.  Don’t go for penny stocks.  Always remember equity investments cannot be sold back to the company or promoters.  You can consider investing in good IPOs.  During bull runs, almost all IPOs provide positive returns on the listing day.  It is better to exit on the listing date.  After that going high is very remote in the near future.  Investing in PSU IPOs is profitable because retail investors get 5% discount on issue price.  If you have no knowledge in share trading go for  mutual fund route.

21 Mar 2017

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Nagpur-based Sunil Hi-tech Engineers which is an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company deals in business of solar energy, road projects, urban infrastructure and power projects. Is a good company for long term investment. Last year the Company issued Bonus share @ 1: 1 and splited the share from 10 to Re 1 and share was trading at 385 during that time. The company is fundamentally strong and professionally managed one. Present stock price is Rs .11-30 it is a good buy for long term investment.