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19 Aug 2017

TOURISM- GODS PWN COUNTRY TOURIST SPOT Fun Forest Adventure Park in Munnar

Fun Forest Adventure Park Overview

Fun Forest Adventure Park, situated 3600 ft above sea level amidst endless greenery, is the place where one can partake in a number of adventure activities. While low rope activities, such as horizontal ladder, free walk, tyre walk and spider net are sure to fascinate all, the high rope activities like Burma Bridge, valley crossing, rock climbing and rappelling are designed for the brave and strong hearted. 

For the less adventuresome, the park offers buggy ride and jeep safari. Besides various activities, the park oozes natural beauty in the form of captivating waterfalls and hills shrouded in mist. All these breathtaking attractions make this park a popular place to visit.

Opening Closing Time
Rs. 400 for Low Rope Activities with Entry Ticket

Rs. 500 for High Rope Activities with Entry Ticket
Rs. 300 for Valley Crossing and Rock Climbing
Rs. 200 for Rappelling 
Rs. 500 for Buggy Ride
Rs. 4500 for Jeep Safari (up to 7 Persons)

Photo Opp
The mist covered hills and beautiful waterfalls make for a perfect backdrop for taking snaps. Click pictures of your friends and family enjoying various fun-filled activities in the park.
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Second Mile, Munnar, 685565, Kerala

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