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Luke 5:31, 32 And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

30 Sep 2017

TOURISM- Aquatourism in Kochi (gods own country).

              Aquatourism in Kochi

Located on the coast of the Arabian Sea, Ernakulam district is a cluster of islands networked by lagoons and backwaters. Kochi (Cochin), one of the finest natural harbours in the world, was once a major centre of commerce and trade with the Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and the British. The commercial capital and the most cosmopolitan city of Kerala, Kochi is also known as the 'Queen of the Arabian Sea', Once a major centre of commerce and trade with the Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and the British, all these foreign traders have left their mark on this beautiful island. Half the fun of visiting Kochi is moving around in the local ferries. A conducted cruise on the Kochi backwaters will take you to several quaint spots.

Fort Kochi (Beach)

Access: Backwater ferry / bus / three-wheeler auto rickshaw. A leisurely walk through the city is the best way to discover historic Fort Kochi. Once an obscure fishing village that became the first European township in India, Kochi has an eventful and colourful history to tell. Its reputation as a seafaring commercial town was such that Nicolas Conti, an Italian traveller of the Middle Ages remarked: If China is where you make your money; then Kochi surely is the place to spend it. The town was shaped by the Portuguese, the Dutch and later the British. The result of these cultural interfaces is seen in the many remains of Indo-European architecture that still exist here. The huge cantilevered Chinese fishing nets which were brought here by traders from the court of Kublai Khan, are a fascinating sight on the Kochi shore line.

28 Sep 2017


Be on your guard against false prophets; they come to you looking like sheep on the outside, but on the inside, they are really like wild wolves.  You will know them by what they do.  Thorn bushes do not bear grapes, and briars do not bear figs.  A healthy tree bears good fruit, but a poor tree bears bad fruit.  A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a poor tree cannot bear good fruit.  And any tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown in the fire.  So then, you will know the false prophets by what they do.  (Bible)

1.       “Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.”
— James Baldwin

2.      “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”
—  Lucille Ball

3.      “Once the realization is accepted that even between the closest human beings infinite distances continue, a wonderful living side by side can grow, if they succeed in loving the distance between them which makes it possible for each to see the other whole against the sky.”
— Rainer Maria Rilke

27 Sep 2017


Konni Tourism
Konni, a forested village in the State of Kerala in South India, situated on the bank of the mighty Achencoil River has a long and rich history of man-forest interface. Vast expanse of forests of Western Ghats in the background is crisscrossed by numerous streams and rivulets, which add to the exceptional scenic beauty of the landscape. The forests, repository of rich biodiversity were constituted in to Konni Reserve Forests and Achencoil Reserve Forests by the Maharaja of Travancore way back in 1897 and 1901 respectively, which are among the oldest reserve forests in the State.
The Elephant Camp
The elephant camp at Konni serves as a hub of forest-based eco tourism activities in southern Kerala. Various locations in forest areas also have been developed, which can be accessed through trekking in forests.

Half-day trek takes visitors to locations like Kurichi, Chavarpandy etc., which are locations in evergreen forests. Peruvally in Kallar River is another enchanting location for relaxation after half day trekking. Kattathi, Kottampara and Aluvamkudy are locations, which can be accessed in one day trekking through sylvan forests.
Konni Tourist Places
Tourist Places in Konni, Visit more details.

Kerala Gods Own Countary.

26 Sep 2017

SHARE MARKET-- What do you understand by Securities Market? What are the different types of securities market?

What do you understand by Securities Market? What are the
 different types of securities market?
Security market is a market where securities are issued 
and traded. It is the market for different types of securities
 namely: Debt, Equity and Derivatives.

Debt market is further divided into three parts:

- Government securities market
- Money market
- Corporate Debt market

Equity market is divided into two parts:

- Primary market
- Secondary market

Derivatives market is also divided into two parts:

- Options market
- Futures market
What do you mean by Derivatives? Give an example.
The word derivative refers to a variable which has been 
derived from another variable. Thus derivatives have 
no value of their own as they derive their value from
 the value of some other assets which is known as
 underlying asset. They are specialized contracts 
which signify an agreement to buy or sell the 
underlying asset of the derivate up to a certain
 time in the future at a predetermined price.
 The value of the contract depends on 
the expiry period and also on the price 
of the underlying asset. For example –
 Derivative contract on crude oil depends
 on the price of crude oil.

25 Sep 2017


No one tears a piece off a new coat to patch up an old coat.  If he does, he will have torn the new coat, and the piece of new cloth will not match the old.  Nor does anyone pour new wine into used wineskins, because the new wine will burst the skins, the wine will pour out, and the skins will be ruined.  Instead, new wine must be poured into fresh wineskins.  And no one wants new wine after drinking old wine.  ‘The old is better, he says.               (Bible).

 I alone cannot change the world.  But I can cast a stone across the waters to create many Ripples.  (Mother Teresa)

God doesn’t require us to succeed; he only requires that you try.  (Mother Teresa)

B+ not my Blood group, neither my grade in Maths, It is my favourite quote.

Many things will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart, pursue those.

A good friend knows all your best stories.  A best friend has lived them with you.

Being the richest man in the cemetery does not matter to me.  Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful that’s what matters to me.  (Steve Jobs)

24 Sep 2017


                     Backwater stretches of Ashtamudi
So called because of its 8 arms or channels, Ashtamudi Lake is the gateway to the backwaters. This 16 km long lake is the second largest in Kerala, finding its way into the sea through the Neendakara estuary. The District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) Kollam provides boat rides as well as houseboat cruises. The trip between Kollam and Alappuzha is one of the most popular and longest backwater cruises in Kerala. The eight-hour journey will give you an intimate experience of the famed waterways. Catch a glimpse of one of the many splendours of Ashtamudi backwaters. As the boatman gently dips his paddle, without disturbing the prevailing calm, the ripples spread out gently in the shimmering golden hue of the sun.
Contact details of DTPC Kollam:

Ph: +91 474 2745625, 2750170


Nearest railway station: Kollam Junction, about 2 km

Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, about 70 km


Lattitude:8.95138, Longitude: 76.582575

23 Sep 2017

QUOTES AND THOUGHTS-- 10 reasons your husband is growing distant

You and your husband were once completely in love and your marriage was totally solid, but things have seemed a little off lately. Maybe he's been spending a little extra time on his phone instead of talking to you, or maybe he's not as interested in intimacy as he once was.
·         He might be feeling stressed, or he might be having a deeper problem that you need to discuss. Whatever the case, knowing why he's struggling to connect will help you help him, and your relationship will grow.
·         Here are 10 reasons your husband might be feeling a little distant:
·         1. He's stressed
·         Stress can really take a toll on someone, and your husband might be stressed without you even knowing. Ask him how work is going, and do little things to lighten his load. If he's less stressed, he can put more effort into your relationship.
·         2. He doesn't feel appreciated
·         Women love to feel appreciated, and it's no different for men. Thank your sweet hubby for everything he does for you and your family. He sacrifices a lot, and sometimes his efforts can take the back seat to everything else going on. Let him know you're grateful for him.
·         3. He feels inadequate
·         Your sweetheart loves you and thinks you're Wonder Woman, and he might feel intimidated by your incredible ability to take on the world. We forget that men have insecurities too, and they need validation. Tell him you think the world of him.
·         4. You put blame on him
·         This is a big reason your husband might be getting distant. If you have unmet needs, don't place the blame on him. Gently remind him you need him to do certain things, but don't blame him for every single thing that goes wrong in your life.

22 Sep 2017

SHARE MARKET-- 30 Stock Market Quotes and Saying/Improve your knowledge

The words of successful traders and investors not only give us inspiration but also guide us on how to be on the right path and avoid mistakes.  Quotes of Warren Buffett have always been golden words for investors. Apart from Warren Buffet there are many veteran investors and traders whose words are equally inspiring. Check out the stock market quotes and saying  of successful traders and investors. 
Warren Buffett Quotes for Investors
1. “Price is what you pay; value is what you get.’ Whether we’re talking about socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down.”
2. “I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” –
3. Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway.”
4. “I never attempt to make money on the stock market. I buy on the assumption that they could close the market the next day and not reopen it for five years.”
5. “Derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction.”
6. “ Great investment opportunities come around when excellent companies are surrounded by unusual circumstances that cause the stock to be misappraised.”
7. “ You’re neither right nor wrong because other people agree with you. You’re right because your facts are right and your reasoning is right-and that’s the only thing that makes you right.”
Other Stock Market Quotes by Famous Investors

21 Sep 2017


                    Vagamon, Idukki

Have you visited beautiful, green Vagamon Are you thinking, "In a green country, what's the attraction of yet another verdant spot" Well, the point is Vagamon is not just any other verdant spot. Of course, you can get grassy hills, velvet lawns and cool mountain air in many other places but not the Vagamon kind; not just this exciting blend of religious mysticism and European legacy.

Like a lot of other beautiful things in life, Vagamon too has to be experienced, not read about or its stories merely listened to. What you've got to do is get yourself some means of transport, head straight for Idukki district and then on to Vagamon. Once there, try taking off your shoes, closing your eyes and just listening to Vagamon.

And when you're through with the mystic getting to know session, you could take a trek across the chain of three hills - the Thangal hill, the Murugan hill and the Kurisumala, important for Muslims, Hindus and Christians respectively.

And don't miss the nice, little dairy farm of the Kurisumala monks.

Getting there

Nearest railway station: Kottayam, about 75 km from Peermede

Nearest airport:  Cochin International Airport, about 150 km from Peermede

20 Sep 2017

QUOTES--30 Inspiring Christian Quotes

1. “Life is wasted if we do not grasp the glory of the cross, cherish it for the treasure that it is, and cleave to it as the highest price of every pleasure and the deepest comfort in every pain. What was once foolishness to us—a crucified God—must become our wisdom and our power and our only boast in this world.” –John Piper
2. “God loves each of us as if there were only one of us”- Augustine
3. “God never said that the journey would be easy, but He did say that the arrival would be worthwhile” – Max Lucado

4 “God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supplies.” –Hudson Taylor
5. “God will meet you where you are in order to take you where He wants you to go.”  –Tony Evans
6. “Let God’s promises shine on your problems.” –Corrie ten Boom
7. “Christ literally walked in our shoes.” –Tim Keller
8. "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose." –Jim Elliot
9. “Remember who you are. Don’t compromise for anyone, for any reason. You are a child of the Almighty God. Live that truth.” –Lysa Terkeurst
10. “If you can’t fly, then run, If you can’t run, then walk, If you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” –Martin Luther King Jr.
11. “Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” –Francis Chan

19 Sep 2017

SHARE MARKET-- Tips For When To Buy, Sell Or Hold

As a broker, sometimes you need to make snap decisions. Should you buy, sell or hold that stock? You won't always have time to consult your firm's stock analysts, interview management or read lengthy research reports to make a decision. So what do you do? One simple trick is to look at the company's last two earnings reports. In this article, we'll point to key information that will help you make good decisions under pressure. (For related reading, see Strategies For Quarterly Earnings SeasonsEverything Investors Need To Know About Earnings and Earnings: Quality Means Everything.)

Increasing Sales
Is the company growing its sales, and if so, is the sales growth real, or related to one-time events? This means you'll have to read the entire press release to both take in what management said about the quarter, as well as look at the numbers. Did the company experience internal growth, or did it sell an asset or experience some other windfall that makes it seem like it's growing?
In general, it's a good idea to look at smaller companies (in the $100 million to $1 billion in sales range) that are growing in excess of 10% annually. When looking at larger companies, their sales should be growing by at least 3% to be of interest. Lastly, compare a company's growth in sales not only from last year, but from last quarter (both year-over-year and sequentially). If quarterly sales have exhibited an upward trend, it's usually another good sign. (For more insight, see Great Expectations: Forecasting Sales Growth.)

18 Sep 2017

TOURISM--11 Things you need to pack for your Goa trip/ BEWARE

written by MovingShoe

If you’re planning a Goa vacation to enjoy the best of its beaches and parties during the Sunburn Festival, do read this post before packing your bags for the trip. Goa is a place, completely for outdoor fun activities and water sports.
Here are some of my recommendations for your Goa trip.
1. Sunscreen
You are not going to Goa for enjoying your complete time inside a Casino. Goa is popular for the outdoor activities and hence sunscreen is very much required. Get a good sunscreen that does not make you sweat, since you’re going to be quite hot and sweaty from all that partying. Always prefer branded sunscreens when it comes for your skin protection.
2. Sunglasses
Needless to stay, but inevitable in Goa. It will protect your eyes from harsh sun rays as well as sand in the beaches. They are also make for great cover-ups for sleepy or hung-over eyes. People have the habit of staring others when it’s an open beach, so sunglasses will make you comfortable there also. Be a good guy like me.
3. First Aid Box
Goa will be completely packed with outdoor fun activities and chances are there for medical emergencies. Pack in some basic medicines for headaches, colds, tummy runs and the like. If you are a hardcore party animal, it might be a good idea to have some OTC anti-hangover pills on you.

17 Sep 2017


When I was around 17- God showed me that the boy I was engaged to was a homosexual and that he was in danger.  He showed exactly where he was-in a house of an older man.  I was able to go there and talk to the man’s mother and prevent any other young men from going there. 
When I was 18, I heard a voice tell me I had the gift of healing.  I did got to church, but I was not involved in any ministry of healing and the church I went to did not teach the gift of healing.  I was scared and not ready (and I felt confirmation that I was not ready until later in my life) 

16 Sep 2017


Hi Friends,   Please see funny quotes and think about it.   1.   She is from Ice land and he is from Cuba.  Their kids will be known as an Ice Cube. 2.  I had some words with my wife, and she had some paragraphs with me.  3.  When a man opens the door of his car  for his wife, you can be sure of one thing,   either the car is new or the wife is.......  4.  If the couples that are in love are called “Love Birds”  then couples that always argue should be called “Angry  Birds”.  5.  The only time I don’t have any problems in this world is when I am already six feet below the ground.  6.  When you pray, be careful of how you respond to what you get.  I read somewhere that if you pray for rain..... don’t complain about the mud.  7.  A mother is the best friend God ever gave.

8.  Age is an issue of mind over matter.  If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.  9.  You only live once?  False, you live everyday.  You  only die once.  10.  Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, I’m possible.   11.  Sleeping is my drug, my bed is my dealer and my alarm clock is the police.  12.  Laughter is the best medicine, but if you are laughing without any reason, you need medicine. 13.  When I die, I want my last words to be “I left a million dollars under the ......... 14.   Dear sleep, I know we had problems when I was younger ..... but  I love you now.

Thanking you,                                                          See you later.    

15 Sep 2017


This factory is located in a tax exemption zone at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh and is enjoying income tax and excise duty exemption. The unit is having state of art machinery and infrastructure to manufacture and process 3000 MT of copper/ brass in a year .Mr. Rajiv Gupta, MD of RCI has not only the experience in this industry but also having contacts and networking.The unit is having good infrastructure and facilities to cater to the wide array of customer’s requirement. The customers of the unit includes name such as Havells India Ltd., Supreme Auto Industries, Indo Asean etc. The unit is located in Baddi (H.P.) in an area of 9828 sq. mtrs. owned by the firm.
The company has state of the art manufacturing set-up at baddi (H.P.) coupled with latest machinery and equipment. A major expansion plan in order to replace existing old as well as installation of new plant & machinery to enhance the capacity is in progress and we expect capital expenditure to the tune of Rs. 15.00 crores in the form of building , plant & machinery and equipments during current F.Y. 2016-17. The installed capacity with the proposed expansion will enhance production from 3000 MT to 24000 MT P.A. by March 2018
Favourable points to be noted.—Current market price of share is Rs.187/50,PE 6.19/industry PE 52.25,Face value of share Rs 10/-,Promoter share holding 73/55%,equity capital 13.44 cr, Q2 result superb, debt equity 0.42.Good prospectus awaited

14 Sep 2017


Successful couples are savvy. They read books, attend seminars, browse Web articles and observe other successful couples. However, successful couples will tell you that they also learn by experience — trial and error.
Here are 10 principles of success I have learned from working with and observing hundreds of couples:
1.      Happiness is not the most important thing. Everyone wants to be happy, but happiness will come and go. Successful couples learn to intentionally do things that will bring happiness back when life pulls it away.
2.     Couples discover the value in just showing up. When things get tough and couples don't know what to do, they need to hang in there and be there for their spouse. Time has a way of helping couples work things out by providing opportunities to reduce stress and overcome challenges.

13 Sep 2017


Maybe you are not yet fully convinced that it's worth spending more time at Goldmine Stock Market Traders (Pt y) Ltd. Some reasons might be:
  • You want to be able to find a good way to invest your money.
  • You want to know enough to make your own decisions and avoid bad advice.
  • You are curious about day trading.
  • You are up for a new challenge and want to increase your skills & know-how.
Independent of your personal goal or motivation, one thing is true for sure: 

Today, thanks to the Internet, there are now many opportunities for you to take things into your own hands. You can now trade and invest from home at a much lower cost. And at the same time, the financial world has become much more complex – which means you need more knowledge. 

  1. Invest smartly

    If there is one thing the financial crisis showed: there is no such thing as a 'sure' investment! 

    The fact that the stock market has its ups and downs is common knowledge. But recent years showed that even perceived safe havens, such as state bonds, can turn poisonous. 

    However, inflation will eat your savings up if you don't invest it. So you also don't want to have your cash just sitting in your bank account. 

    So how do you make your money work for you? At Goldmine Stock Market Traders (Pty) Ltd, we teach you about good investment strategies and how to analyse your options. And in our community, you will find advice on your goals and ideas. 

    A starting point for this goal is our lessons on building a smart stocks portfolio:
    • Building a portfolio module
    • Build a stock portfolio
    • Module
    • Define your goals and your risk tolerance. Select the right companies to build a conservative portfolio.

12 Sep 2017

QUOTES--AWESOME Anxiety Quotes from great authors.


11 Sep 2017


Featured here is the first of the four trails in the northern district of Wayanad as conceived and promoted by Wayanad Tourism Organization (WTO) an organization taking the lead role in fostering a culture of 'responsible and sustainable tourism' in Wayanad.
Of the four trails, we would like to introduce first the 'Outdoor Trail', which would cover the following locations in the District of Wayanad.
Chembra Peak
At a height of 2100 metres, the towering Chembra Peak is located near Meppadi in the southern part of Wayanad. It is the tallest of peaks in the region and climbing this peak would test ones physical prowess. The climb up the Chembra Peak is an exhilarating experience, as each stage in the climb unfolds great expanses of Wayanad and the view gets wider as one goes up to its summit. Going up and coming down the peak would take a full day. Those who would like camp at the top are assured of an unforgettable experience.

Those who require camping gear may contact the District Tourism Promotion Council, located atKalpetta in Wayanad.

Located in the southeastern part of Wayanad, and approachable from Kalpetta as well asSulthan Bathery, Neelimala is a trekkers delight, with options for different trekking routes. At the top of Neelimala, the sight is a breathtaking one with a view to the Meenmutty falls located near by and the valley in the foreground.