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Treat others as you want to be treated. Matthew 7:12 states it that simply. Improve your life today by treating those around you with kindness and respect.

14 Jan 2017






STOCK MARKET-- Overnight TIPS- Stocks to look out for on January 16

The stocks which could see significant movement on either side on January 16 are DCB Bank, Network18 Media & TV18 Broadcast, Reliance Industries, DHFL, LIC Housing, Tata Communication, Axis Bank and Scial Logistics.
a) DCB Bank, Network18 Media & TV18 Broadcast: Private banker and media groups Network 18 stocks will be reacting to their respective Q3 numbers on Monday, January 16.

b) Reliance Industries, DHFL & LIC Housing Finance: The country’s biggest company in terms of profitability along with two major housing financiers DHFL & LIC will be reporting their Q3 earnings on Monday.

c)Tata Communications: BSNL, India’s leading telecom operator, has partnered with Tata Communications to deliver a high quality mobile experience and accelerate its subscribers usage of Wi-Fi internationally.

13 Jan 2017

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STOCK MARKET-- Overnight TIPS- Stocks to look out for on January 13

The stocks which could see significant movement on either side on January 13 are TCS, Infosys, Gruh Finance, Tata Group stocks, Bharti Airtel and Mahindra Lifespaces.
a) TCS: The country’s largest software service provider Tata Consultancy Services reported an in line set of quarterly earnings. The company has met constant currency growth, margins and bottomline.
b) Infosys & Gruh Finance: The country’s second largest software service provider Infosys and housing finance company Gruh Finance will be posting their Q3 earnings on Thursday.
c) Tata Group Stocks: According to certain media reports, Tata Sons is scheduled to hold a board meeting where a new chairman is likely to be named with the consent of all the board members.
d) Bharti Airtel: Airtel Payments Bank, a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel, became the first company to launch the country’s first payment bank.

12 Jan 2017

LIFE-- Here are some tips and ways to live your life to the fullest /practice it:

 Forgive those who may have done you wrong in the past. "To forgive is to set a prisoner free and realize it was you." - Lewis B. Smedes
 Let go of attachments. Don't fixate yourself with a certain status, fame, wealth or material possessions. These are impermanent and will ultimately disappear one day when you die. Focus on growing and living life to the fullest instead.
     Let go of relationships that do not serve you. That means negative people, dishonest people, people who don't respect you, people are overly critical and relationships that prevent you from growing.
   Spend more time with people who enable you. Hang out with people who you compatible with, like-minded people, people who are positive, successful, strong achievers and positive for your growth. You are after all the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.
     Build genuine, authentic connections with people around you - strangers, friends, family, colleagues, business partners, customers/clients, etc. Spend more time to know them better and foster stronger connections.
    Connect with an old friend. There is no end to the number of friends you can have. Reach out to people from the past.

STOCK MARKET-- Overnight TIPS- Stocks to look out for on January 12

The stocks that could see significant movement on either side on January 12 are TCS, Bajaj Corporation, Cyient, MRF, TRIGYN Technologies, Atlanta and DHFL.
TCS, Cyient and Bajaj Corp.: The country’s largest software service provider Tata Consultancy Services along with mid-tier IT firm Cyient will be reporting their Q3 earnings on Thursday. FMCG company Bajaj Corp. will also be coming out with its Q3 results on Thursday.

MRF: The company has informed BSE that it has signed an MOU with the Government of Gujarat on January 11, 2017, expressing its in-principle intention to set up a new manufacturing facility in Gujarat for the manufacture of automotive tyres, tubes, flaps, and related products. The company plans to invest about Rs 4500 crore over a 10-year period in a phased manner.

11 Jan 2017

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STOCK MARKET-- Overnight TIPS- Stocks to be looked out for January 11

The stocks which could see a significant movement on either side on January 11 include: South Indian Bank, BEL, Adani Ports & SEZ, IL&FS and IndusInd Bank.

a) South Indian Bank: This private lender, South Indian Bank, will be coming with its Q3 earnings on Wednesday. Hence, asset quality, slippages and CASA figures would be keenly watched along with management commentary.

b) BEL: The company has informed the BSE that the proposal for sub-division of company's equity shares with face value of Rs. 10/- each will be considered by the board of directors.

c) Adani Ports & SEZ: Founder-Chairman Gautam Adani promised an additional investment of Rs 16,700 crore in augmenting terminals capacity in Gujarat. The announcement came via Adani's speech on the inaugural day of Vibrant Gujarat Summit programme.

10 Jan 2017

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Hi Friends,  Furnished below are the five Investment Mantras.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket:    The great mantra given by Mr. Warren Buffett  - do not  put all your eggs in one basket – is valid in the current market scenario also.” Says Vivek Gupta  CMT  - Director Research , Capital via Global Research Ltd.  He further adds that neither on bull side nor on bear side investors should be on the winning side, and for that buy on dips is the right strategy.

Make Investment for long term ( 3 – 5 years):   Before making any investment decision, homework is must, says  D K Aggarwal, CMD, SMC investment and Advisers Ltd.  Investment in the equity market should be done only with a medium to long term horizon, i.e. investment for at least 3 to 5 years.  Investors should invest only in companies with strong fundamentals.  These are the ones that will withstand market pressures, and perform well in the long term, he adds.

Buy undervalued business:  The Investment 

9 Jan 2017





Q. Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is an Inter-governmental Body established in 1989. It is concerned with -
1. Money laundering
2. Stock markets
3. Foreign Direct Investment
4. Foreign Institutional Investors
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Ans: 1
Q. The market for government securities is also referred to as -
1. Bullion market
2. Gilt-edge market
3. Secondary market
4. Money market
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Ans: 3
Q. Which two institutions are popularly referred to as the 'Bretton Woods Twins?
1. Monetary Fund and World Bank
2. World Bank and Asian Development Bank
3. Asian Development Bank and International Monetary Fund
4. United Nations and World Trade Organisation
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Ans: 1
Q. The Finance Minister's Budget speech presented to the Indian Parliament every year usually has two parts. What does the Part A relate to -
1. Taxation Proposals
2. General Economic Survey
3. Both (a) and (b)
4. None of these
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Ans: 2

8 Jan 2017


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Hi Friends,   Why would I choose stocks?

Stocks are one of the most effective tools for building wealth, as stocks are a share of ownership of a company.  You thus have great potential to receive monetary benefits when you own stock shares.  Owning stocks of fundamentally strong companies simply lets your money work harder for you since they appreciate in value over a period of time while also offering rich dividends on a periodic basis.

What instruments are traded in the stock markets?

There are various types of instruments traded in the stock market.  They include shares, mutual funds, IPOs, futures and options.

 Where do I buy stocks?

Stock trading happens on stock exchanges.  However, you cannot buy directly at the exchange.  To buy stocks, you need to find a suitable broker who will understand your needs and buy stocks on your behalf.  You can think of them as agents who will conduct transactions for you without actually owning any of the securities themselves.  In exchange for facilitating or executing a trade, brokers will charge you a commission.