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11 Feb 2017

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The stocks which could witness significant movement on either side on February 13 are Bank of Baroda, Suzlon, Allcargo Logistics, NBCC, Hindalco, Shreyas Shipping, DB Corp and Infosys.
a) Bank of Baroda and Suzlon: Public sector banking major Bank of Baroda and wind energy company Suzlon will be reacting to their Q3 numbers on Monday.
b) Allcargo Logistics, NBCC and Hindalco: All eyes would be on these companies as they would be reporting their Q3 earnings on Monday, February 13, 2017.
c) Shreyas Shipping: The company has informed BSE in an exchange filing that the company has signed a Memorandum of Agreement for the acquisition of one container vessel of about 1100 TEUS. The delivery of the vessel is expected in the first week of March 2017.
d) DB Corp: The company has informed BSE in an exchange filing that the company’s radio arm has launched a new station in Solapur, taking the count of operational stations to 8.
e) Infosys: The company is likely to remain in focus, post comments from one of the founders asking the board to strengthen the company's remuneration committee.

10 Feb 2017

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The stocks which could witness a significant movement on either side on February 10 are Cairn India, LT Foods, SBI, Tata Power, TVS Electronics, Reliance Capital, Tata Chemical, Brigade Enterprises and United Bank of India.
a) Cairn India and LT Foods: Oil & gas major Cairn India and branded rice seller LT Foods will be reacting to their Q3 numbers on Friday.
b) SBI, Tata Power, TVS Electronics, Suzlon and Reliance Capital: All eyes would be on these companies as they would be reporting their Q3 earnings on Friday, February 10, 2017.
c) Tata Chemical: The company has informed BSE in an exchange filing that the board of company in its meeting approved an investment in the nutritional solutions business of Rs 270 crore for setting up of a state-of-art biotechnology unit in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.
d) Brigade Enterprises: The company has informed BSE in an exchange filing that the company will be launching three-day 'Mega Home Fest' from February 10-12, 2017.

e) United Bank of India: The company has informed BSE in an exchange filing that the bank has revised the rate of interest of domestic terms deposits.

9 Feb 2017

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The stocks which could witness a significant movement on either side on February 9 are Cipla, Union Bank, ABB India, Aurobindo Pharma, Bank of India, BPCL, SKF and Acrysil.
a) Cipla and Union Bank of India: Generic pharma major Cipla and public sector bank Union Bank will be reacting to their Q3 numbers on Thursday.
b) ABB India, Aurobindo Pharma, Bank of India, BPCL and Cairn India: All eyes would be on these companies as they would be reporting their Q3 earnings on Thursday.
c) SKF: The company has informed BSE in an exchange filing that the board of directors meeting scheduled to be held on February 13, 2017 will also consider a proposal for buy-back of equity shares of the company.
d) Acrysil: The company has informed BSE in an exchange filing that the company has acquired additional 8 per cent equity shares in the UK-based kitchen sinks distribution company Homestyle Products Ltd through its UK subsidiary, Acrysil UK Ltd".

e) Cipla: The company has informed BSE in an exchange filing that the board of directors of the company have approved raising of funds upto Rs 2,000 crore.

8 Feb 2017






February 8 promises to be a volatile day for Indian markets.

A day ahead of the monetary policy (MPC) outcome, markets remained cautious. Sensex fell 104 points and Nifty closed below 8,800 levels.

All eyes will be focussed on what Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Urjit Patel does with the policy rates and whether he will deliver on the 25 bps policy rate cut as expected by several market participants. Lower inflation levels provides a window of opportunity to cut rates.

Banking stocks, auto stocks and housing finance companies will be the stocks to watch out for on Wednesday as these set of stocks are the ones that are most interest rate sensitive stocks. Markets can expect rally in banking and auto stocks, especially if policy rate cut of 25 bps is declared.

Some of the key companies such as Hero MotoCorp, Tata Chemicals, NTPC and Cipla will be declaring their Q3 results on Wednesday. On Tuesday, traders were seen pilling up long positions in retail and electronics.


Hi Friends,   Online Trading:   Online trading means the purchase and sale of stocks on the Internet.  All stock exchanges offer an e-trading facility.  Earlier, trading took place in the trading hall.  Orders were placed with the stockbroker either verbally (personally or telephonically) or in a written form (fax).  In online trading, the investor accesses a stockbroker’s website through his/her Internet-enabled personal computer and places orders through the broker’s Internet-based order routing and trading engine.  These orders are routed to the stock exchange without manual interference and then given effect.  All the players in the securities market, viz., stockbrokers, stock exchanges, clearing corporations, depositories, DPs, clearing banks, etc., are electronically linked.  The information flow happens in real time among them.  The orders are routed to the exchange in seconds.   Many securities trading agencies provide online trading facilities to their clients’ homes.  Earlier, computer terminals at the brokers’ premises acted as the trading platform but now it has been shifted to the homes of investors.  This provides more transparency in transactions.  The investor knows exactly when and at what rate his order was processed.  Manipulation is difficult.

Procedure for online trading:   Listed below are the main steps involved in online trading:  A. An Investor has to register with the online trading portals listed on the site.  B.  He has to open a bank account using the Internet, at the trading portals of banking and depository service partners.  C. He must be a registered connect user.   D. On placing an order to buy or sell securities through the listed online trading portal, he has to click on the ‘pay through’ bank listed on the online portal, which will direct him to a login screen of the investor’s account.  E.  Once the login ID and password are entered, he has to verify the transaction details and confirm the transaction by entering his transaction ID and password.   F.  An email confirmation will follow giving the status of the transaction, once the order has been executed.  G. His account status is updated on a real-time basis.  The securities’ status can be viewed online after the day of settlement.

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Q. Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is an Inter-governmental Body established in 1989. It is concerned with -
1. Money laundering
2. Stock markets
3. Foreign Direct Investment
4. Foreign Institutional Investors
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7 Feb 2017

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Hi Friends,     Reasons for selling shares:   Though we primarily advocate long-term and buy-and-hold investment strategies, this does not mean that shares should never be sold.  Change is the law of life.  There is no share which can be bought and forgotten forever.  What was a good buy last year may be a better sell a few years hence.  Therefore, selling decisions cannot be avoided altogether.  The long-term or buy-and-hold investor can postpone and restrict selling decisions in his overall investment strategy, but he cannot eliminate them completely.  Here are some of the reasons which make selling necessary:

Selling becomes necessary when you find that you have made a mistake in your initial selection of the share.  It enables you to rectify your mistake and cut short your losses.  Your investment portfolio needs to be periodically reviewed and reconstituted by selling shares which have outlived their usefulness and have no further growth possibilities.  Apart from enabling you to get rid of such dead wood, selling will provide you with an opportunity to adjust your portfolio  to changed economic conditions, switch over from slow-moving shares to fast-moving shares, and from ‘sunset’ industries to the newer, faster-growth ‘sunrise’  industries.  Selected periodic selling will enable you to take advantage of market swings and new buying opportunities. 

6 Feb 2017

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STOCK MARKET-- Check Out The Multi-Bagger Stock Picks Of Mr. Motilal Oswal For 2016 & Beyond +a hidden gem.

Mr. Motilal Oswal, the founder of MOFSL, has, in his latest interview, recommended five large-cap and five small-cap stocks as being worthy of investment in 2016 and beyond.
“What are your top five multibagger ideas for 2016 with a minimum investment horizon of three years?
Motilal Oswal: Bajaj Finance, Sun Pharma, SBI, ONGC, and InterGlobe Aviation are the five largecap stocks to watch out. Among the smallcaps, I would bet on Alkem Labs, DFM Foods, Astra Micro, Eveready and Lincoln Pharma.
Let’s take a quick look at the five small-cap stocks recommended by Mr. Motilal Oswal:
Five Small-Cap stocks
CMP (Rs)
MCap (Rs Cr)
DFM Foods
Astra Micro
Alkem Labs
Lincoln Pharma
The first thing worth noting is that of the five small cap stocks referred to, two are Pharma stocks. This is because Pharma stocks have been consistent wealth creators for the past several decades and are expected to be so in the future as well.