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13 Oct 2017

SHARE MARKET-- What is the difference between a bear market and a bull market?

The terms “bull” and “bear” markets are often used to describe how stock markets are doing in general—whether they are appreciating or depreciating in value.
Bull Market
A bull market occurs when the economy is doing well—unemployment is low, GDP is high, and stocks are rising. If people are optimistic, believing that stocks will rise, they are called “bulls.”
Bear Market
On the other hand, a bear market is when the economy is NOT doing well— unemployment is high, and a recession is approaching. If people are pessimistic, believing that stocks are going to drop, they are called “bears.”
History of Bull and Bear Markets
Bull markets typically tend to last much longer and have much greater returns than bear markets. Because bear markets are so short and severe, it’s impossible to get out in time consistently. In many cases, by the time people realize they’re in a bear market and start to get nervous, they’re probably closer to the beginning of a bull market.
What to do?
In a bull market, investors should take advantage of rising prices by buying early and then selling later when the prices have reached their peak. During a bull market, investors can invest in more equity with a higher probability of making a return.
In a bear market, the chances of loss are greater because prices are continually losing value. Investors are better off short selling or making safer investments, such as fixed-income securities.
Fun Facts:

12 Oct 2017


Paradesi synagogue (Photo credit: CC BY Wouter Hagens/Wikipedia public domain)

This synagogue was first built in 1568 and is the oldest synagogue in India as well as the entire British Commonwealth. The interior is beautifully decorated with clear influence taken from the Indian trade routes of Europe, China, and the Middle East. This foreign influence is a direct reflection of the varying origins of the Jews of Kochi.
The Paradesi Synagogue is one of seven in Kochi, however it is the only one still functioning. The original synagogue was destroyed by the Portuguese in the 17th century and later rebuilt with the help of the Dutch.
Address: Jew Town Rd, Mattancherry, Kochi (Cochin), India
Hours: Sun – Thu, 10am – noon & 3 – 5pm
Website: http://www.cochin.org.uk/tourist-attractions/jewish-synagogue.html

10 Oct 2017


Variant investors and variant approaches- Though all equity investors are driven by the same ambition of making as much money as possible, they differ in their time perspectives. Just look at the following alternatives.

(a)    Mr. Prasad invested in 100 shares of Acoy at Rs. 18 in 1981. After the bonus issue of 1:2 (1988) he had 150 shares of Acoy. Priced at Rs.170/- in December 1991. He sold the shares. Thus an investment of Rs. 1800 grew to 25,500 in 10 years. An appreciation of 1300% in decade the scripture assures us. He that shall endure into the end, the same shall be saved.

(b)   Mr. Krishan invested in 100 Bcoy share in July 1990 at Rs. 60/- per share and sold them in December 1991 at Rs. 250/- per share. Krishnan made profit of Rs 19000. A gain of 317% in 15 months. He believes little boats should keep near the shore.

(c)    Mr. Nair bought 100 shares of Coy at Rs. 165 by paying a margin of Rs. 25% on 6 December 1991. Within fifteen days he sold them at Rs. 185. Mr. Nair made a profit of Rs, 2,000 on an investment of Rs. 4125. An appreciation of 48% for 15 days. Nair is a wise man who will make more opportunities than he fiends.

Here Mr Prasad is a cautious and long term investor. He invested in established growth stocks and follows a buy and hold strategy for a long time he endures

Mr. Krishan is an aggressive investor with a medium term perspective. He buys emerging blue chips at an early point and sells them after a few months. His little Boat is always kept near the shore.

Mr. Nair is a speculator in search of quick money opportunities with a very short term perspective. He buys on margin and quits fast. Thus the three persons are the examples of long term investor, short term investor and speculators

Good luck,                                                        See you later 

9 Oct 2017

TOURISM- GODS OWN COUNTRY TOURIST SPOT- Kuruvadweep - a group of islets in Wayanad

Located about 14 km east of Mananthavady in the northern district of Wayanad, Kuruvadweep is a group of islets forming 950 acres of evergreen forest. These islets are located in one of the tributaries of the River Kabani, which is close to the border with the State of Karnataka.

There are three prominent islets among the group, where one would come across a variety of vegetation, some rare orchids and wild flowers. One of these main islands contain two small fresh water lakes These islets are also haven for migratory birds, whose activities break the otherwise silent environs of these beautiful islets. The avian life here includes hornbills, parrots and a host of butterfly species.

Some of these islets have massive trees, the boughs of which at some places stoop down and caress the river water. The whole of Kuruvadweep has a unique eco-system worth exploring for nature lovers. Those who venture into these islets needs to refrain from actions that would hamper the environment.

For those with a bent for trekking can make the most of it by heading for Kuruvadweep, while it is an exciting proposition for those carving for some blissful and serene moments; and for some it is definitely a place where one can get under the cool shades of big trees and listen to the lullaby of the gurgling river.

Permitting authority:

Divisional Forest Officer,

South Wayanad
Ph: +91 4936 203428

Nearest railway station: Kozhikode, about 99 km away from Mananthavady.  

Nearest airport: Calicut International Airport, about 119 km


Lattitude:11.828374, Longitude: 76.089706

8 Oct 2017


"be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labour is not in vain in the Lord."
-1 Corinthians 15:58
Whether it seems big or small, do it for God. Remember, He fed the 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish! He can take a seemingly small thing and turn it into something much more significant than we might have thought.
So big or small, do it for God- and trust Him to use it for good!

                       Nine Principles of True Love.

Dear Readers,

Love makes all things beautiful. As a wife and a mother of three, I have been learning a great lesson about true love. Before getting married and before having children, I thought life was all about me. Once I have been giving my life to my family, something significant changed within me. Life has been no longer about “me”, but “we”. Life is all about loving and serving others. Life is about giving and receiving love. There are more than nine principles of true love, but I would love to share with you about what I have been learning. Plus, the number “9” is a great number for the Thai people. Number 9 means moving forward.