Lord Jesus Christ Says...

For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul? Jesus Christ

2 Dec 2017


1.Keep your head up and your heart open.I repeated this phrase to myself over and over again after my aforementioned breakup. At the time, the last thing I ever wanted to do was to open myself up again.
After being with the same person for over 6 years (6 years!), I quickly realized that this kind of thinking wouldn’t get me far.
I trusted myself that if I just kept my head up and my heart open, good things would come into my life. And I’m glad I listened to myself.
I use this phrase both literally and figuratively.

By actually keeping your head up, smiling at people as they walk by, and keeping aware of your surroundings, you may notice something or meet someone that you potentially could have missed had your head been down.
When to use: During a break up, when you feel let down by someone, or when you feel betrayed or mistrust.

1 Dec 2017


Hi Friends,    Stock Markets are important factor of the economy.  It is actually a mirror image of how an economy is performing over the years.  If the Stock Exchange is performing considerably well, economy is on a great path otherwise it is clearly growing at a slow pace growth rate.

People who invest massively in Shares:

Anybody with a large investment in equity market will be affected by the stock market. It affects the investor confidence in country.  For eg. , Overseas investors have pumped in investments of US $ 2011 billion in Indian Equity markets via FII’s in the first half of the last year, mainly on hopes of a stable and reform-oriented government at the Centre, if due to instability and fringe elements, the Indian government fails to protect the Investor sentiment, Investor may withdraw their massive investment, causing stock market to fall which in turn creates panic environment for both the government and the investors.  This is the main reason you don’t see much investment in war torn and countries engaging in civil war such as Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, Iran etc.  Firms who are expanding and wish to borrow often do so my issuing more shares because it apparently provides a low cost way of borrowing more money.  But, with falling share prices it becomes much more difficult.

People who don’t invest heavily in Shares:

Many believe that if you don’t invest in the stock market, a stock market crash doesn’t affect you.  However, any ordinary citizen loses money and opportunities all based off the stock market.When the stock market begins to fluctuate, companies tend to cut the Employee Benefits by pulling back on their employees’ retirement, healthy care plans.  It impacts student’s University education as when money gets tight, people stop saving and this includes their children’s education savings.  Properties or real estate tends to get more expensive as interest rates rises.  This creates a bone of contention as income of the people doesn’t show any momentum and as a result the property bubble may burst causing property prices to fall intensively which may affect people who have massive investment in real estates.  Unemployment, most companies keep their money mixed in equities, and hence a rapid drop may dissolve their assets and so to make up for this, Companies would lay off employees to try to stay afloat.  So Stock Exchange smooth functioning is very important for the economic growth of the country.  So monitoring the movement of the market is the main function of our Finance Ministry.

Thanking you,                                                               See You Later.

30 Nov 2017


                     Backwater stretches of Ashtamudi
So called because of its 8 arms or channels, Ashtamudi Lake is the gateway to the backwaters. This 16 km long lake is the second largest in Kerala, finding its way into the sea through the Neendakara estuary. The District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) Kollam provides boat rides as well as houseboat cruises. The trip between Kollam and Alappuzha is one of the most popular and longest backwater cruises in Kerala. The eight-hour journey will give you an intimate experience of the famed waterways. Catch a glimpse of one of the many splendours of Ashtamudi backwaters. As the boatman gently dips his paddle, without disturbing the prevailing calm, the ripples spread out gently in the shimmering golden hue of the sun.
Contact details of DTPC Kollam:

Ph: +91 474 2745625, 2750170

Website: http://www.dtpckollam.com

Nearest railway station: Kollam Junction, about 2 km

Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, about 70 km


Lattitude:8.95138, Longitude: 76.582575

29 Nov 2017


People will probably forget what you said and they will possibly 
forget what you did . . . but they will never forget how you made
 them feel!
Either a good or bad word from someone will stay with you for a long while - but how they made you feel in what they said - will stay with you forever!!!
Of course there's two sides to this principle (as there is for most things in life) - both equally important!!!
One aspect is the negative, destructive one.   If we drive a nail into something, or a knife into someone (whether real or virtual) - even when we remove them - the resulting damage, or scar, remains forever !!!   Please stay aware of that - without focusing on it.

The other aspect of this principle - the one we really should focus on - is the power of encouragement!!!
The power of uplifting words or actions to another individual - or group of people - is almost impossible to measure - but the results will be sustainable if the words or actions are used consistently!!!
Many of us are in the practice of using positive self-talk and affirmations to keep us uplifted - or to overcome some deep adversity in our lives that has left a scar.   It is a great way to achieve good things and to maintain a constant "feel good" mentality - but just one little chunk of encouragement from someone else is usually far more uplifting (by a factor of ten - at least) and the affects longer-lasting.
My suggestion to you is to give encouragement on a daily basis - and if you're not particularly good at it - then try it for just one week and see how it feels - and observe the change in the dynamics of the people around you - they will be incredible..... once they're over the shock :)   One week of successful encouragement will change your entire life - because it will become a great habit!!!
Sure - it's easy to say nothing if someone in our lives does something that involves some level of achievement (no matter how large or small) - but your life (and theirs) will become far richer and more fulfilling if you can learn to give genuine praise and encouragement!!!   It may not even be achievement just yet - they may only be 'trying' to do something - but just not quite getting there (?).  
Your positive help just may allow them to reach the goal that they are so desperately seeking.  Give it a go - you've got absolutely nothing to lose - and so much to gain!!!
If you're striving for a particular goal yourself - let persistence, patience, and courage be your closest friends - you'll get there!!!

Written by Phil Evans

28 Nov 2017


Hi Friends,   7 Ways to adapt your trading in Volatile Markets.

Stay disciplined and stick to your trading plan:     Emotions have no place in trading.  Decisions regarding which stocks to own should be based on fundamental analysis or other research that examines the financial condition of the underlying companies.  When markets get choppy, knowing what to own becomes even more important.  Once you have a target list of stocks, employing technical analysis—the study of stock prices and trends—can help you select your entry and exit prices.  Then, monitor your positions carefully.  Set realistic profit and loss thresholds and follow them when the stock price moves outside of these bounds.  Don’t expect to outperform the broader market each year, even professionals rarely do that.  Also remember that you don’t have to trade your entire portfolio actively—in fact, you shouldn’t.  Instead, consider your personal risk tolerance when deciding how much of your portfolio will be used for trading—perhaps something  like 20-30%---and then keep the rest of your portfolio as core holdings.  With these longer-term investments, be sure to stay diversified and stick to your target asset allocation.

Maintain your risk tolerance and trade smaller positions:      Most traders think they have a high tolerance for risk—that is, until they encounter a bear market.  Before that happens, make sure you understand your capacity to withstand losses.  Don’t assume overly large positions to maximize gains if you aren’t comfortable with the risks involved.  When trading, consider scaling in and out of positions by buying the stock in increments as its price fluctuates, or selling in increments when you think it may be getting close to a top.  When properly managed, scaling in and out can reduce your overall cost basis and prevent you from owning too much of a position that is moving against you.

27 Nov 2017


Hi Friends,   Online Trading:   Online trading means the purchase and sale of stocks on the Internet.  All stock exchanges offer an e-trading facility.  Earlier, trading took place in the trading hall.  Orders were placed with the stockbroker either verbally (personally or telephonically) or in a written form (fax).  In online trading, the investor accesses a stockbroker’s website through his/her Internet-enabled personal computer and places orders through the broker’s Internet-based order routing and trading engine.  These orders are routed to the stock exchange without manual interference and then given effect.  All the players in the securities market, viz., stockbrokers, stock exchanges, clearing corporations, depositories, DPs, clearing banks, etc., are electronically linked.  The information flow happens in real time among them.  The orders are routed to the exchange in seconds.   Many securities trading agencies provide online trading facilities to their clients’ homes.  Earlier, computer terminals at the brokers’ premises acted as the trading platform but now it has been shifted to the homes of investors.  This provides more transparency in transactions.  The investor knows exactly when and at what rate his order was processed.  Manipulation is difficult.

Procedure for online trading:   Listed below are the main steps involved in online trading: A. An Investor has to register with the online trading portals listed on the site.  B.  He has to open a bank account using the Internet, at the trading portals of banking and depository service partners.  C. He must be a registered connect user.   D. On placing an order to buy or sell securities through the listed online trading portal, he has to click on the ‘pay through’ bank listed on the online portal, which will direct him to a login screen of the investor’s account.  E.  Once the login ID and password are entered, he has to verify the transaction details and confirm the transaction by entering his transaction ID and password.   F.  An email confirmation will follow giving the status of the transaction, once the order has been executed.  G. His account status is updated on a real-time basis.  The securities’ status can be viewed online after the day of settlement.

Thanking you,                                                                         See You Later.

26 Nov 2017


1.        A little girl kicks a soccer ball. It goes 10 feet and comes back to her. How is this possible? (Ever heard of gravity? She kicked it up.)
2.        A 10 foot rope ladder hangs over the side of a boat with the bottom rung on the surface of the water. The rungs are one foot apart, and the tide goes up at the rate of 6 inches per hour. How long will it be until three rungs are covered?(Never. The boat rises as the tide goes up.)
3.        A is the father of B. But B is not the son of A. How’s that possible? (B is the daughter you MCP’s!)
4.        A man dressed in all black is walking down a country lane. Suddenly, a large black car without any lights on comes round the corner and screeches to a halt. How did the car know he was there? (It was day time.)
5.        A rooster laid an egg on top of the barn roof. Which way did it roll? (It didn’t roll – since when did roosters start laying eggs?)
6.        A truck driver is going down a one way street the wrong way, and passes at least ten cops. Why is he not caught? (Because he was not driving! He’s walking on the sidewalk.)
7.        An electric train is moving north at 100mph and a wind is blowing to the west at 10mph. Which way does the smoke blow? (There is no smoke with an electric train.)
8.        How can a man go eight days without sleep? (By sleeping during the night time)