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8 Jan 2018


Dear Readers. Today we are here with Banking Awareness Quiz for Bank Exams (Special IBPS PO) for your upcoming IBPS Bank Exam Preparation. These Banking Awareness Questions and Answers are very helpful for your target Bank Competitive Exams.

Question No. 1 Full form (abbreviations) for term 'STRIPS'?
(a) Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principle of Securities
(b) Separate Trading of Regulating Interest and Principle of Securities 
(c) Special Trading of Registered Interest and Principle of Securities
(d) Separate Trading of Regulating Interest and Principle of Securities
(e) None of these

Question No. 2 The Government of India is planning to revive which of the following types of banks by infusing fresh capital? (A good number of these banks are having a negative net worth and need recapitalization).
(a) Public Sector Banks
(b) Private Sector Banks
(c) Regional Rural Banks
(d) Developmental Institutes who have converted themselves into Banks
(e) None of these

Question No. 3 What does LMS stand for in e-learning?
(a) Learning Management System
(b) Life Management System 
(c) Learning Management Software 
(d) Liquidity Management Service
(e) None of the above 

Question No. 4 A banknote is also known as a ___________.
(a) Bill
(b) Paper money 
(c) Simply a note
(d) financial obligation
(e) Both a,b and c 

Question No. 5 First Indian bank to open a branch outside India is_______.
(a) Bank of India
(b) Canara Bank
(c) Punjab National Bank
(d) State Bank of India
(e) UCO Bank 

Question No. 6 The first bank purely managed by Indian was Punjab National Bank. PNB was established in Lahore in________.
(a) 1810
(b) 1836
(c) 1895
(d) 1910
(e) 1936

Question No. 7 First Indian bank to Introduce internet banking – 
(a) UCO Bank
(b) ICICI bank
(c) State Bank of India
(d) HDFC bank
(e) Bank of India

Question No. 8 First Bank in India to launch Talking ATMs for differently-able person?
(a) UCO Bank
(b) Union Bank of India
(c) State Bank of India
(d) HDFC bank
(e) Bank of India

Question No. 9 What is the full form of FINO? 
(a) Financial Investment Network and Operations 
(b) Financial Inclusion Network and Operations
(c) Farmers' Investment in National Organization 
(d) Farmers' Inclusion News and Operations
(e) None of the above 

Question No. 10 if Reserve Bank of India hikes interest rates by 25 basis points in its monetary policy, then a commercial bank would like to increase it’s interest rates on loans by 25 basis points of___________?
(a) Prime Lending Rate
(b) Repo rate
(c) Base rate
(d) Saving account interest rate
(e) None of these

Answer Key:
1. Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principle of Securities
2. Regional Rural Banks
3. Learning Management System
4. Both a,b and c 
5. Bank of India
6. 1895
7. ICICI bank
8. Union Bank of India
9. Financial Inclusion Network and Operations
10. Base rate

IBPS Clerk Main 2015-16 Exam : GA Questions Asked 
1.       Who is authorized to permit premature closure of PPF A/c? -Chairman of concerning Bank
2.       The objective of Government to appoint  Narasimham Committee is - to strengthen the banking system
3.       When was NABARD established? - July 12, 1982
4.       _________ cities in India has become the world’s second most populous city in 2014 after Tokyo, according to a UN report released recently? - Delhi 
5.       Recently who has become the first player of Indian origin to be a part of the National Basketball Association (NBA)? - Sim Bhullar
6.       Who is the present Global Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF? - Sachin Tendulkar
7.       ___________ is an e-Commerce solution of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)? - RuPay Debit Cards                       
8.       Recently SBI signed _______ line of credit with Export Import Bank of India. - 500 million dollars
9.       _________ highest urban population? - Maharashtra
10.    Japan has sea-conflict with _________ country? - China
11.    ________ signed an agreement with the Kochi Metro Rail Ltd. for a loan of Rs. 1,170 crore? - Canara Bank 
12.    Recently former President of the United States of America Bill Clinton visited Jabrouli village, near Lucknow, on an awareness mission on - diarrhea
13.    India has inked a loan agreement with World Bank for an assistance of ____for the Odisha Disaster Recovery Project. -$153 million   
14.    For the safety and welfare of women how much money has been provided for Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana to generate awareness on the issues? - Rs. 100 crores
15.    ___was conferred “Best Bank – Public Sector” award in BFSI Awards-2014 by World HRD Congress, recently? - Bank of Maharashtra
16.    What is Current Repo Rate? - 8%
17.    Recently Priyanka Chopra played a role of Mary Kom in a movie, who is Mary kom? - Boxer
18.    Expand DBT - Direct Benefit Transfer
19.    Lisbon is the capital of – Portugal
20.    Currency of Saudi Arabia - Riyal
21.    What is ‘C’ in KYC? - Customer
22.    What is ‘I’ in REIT? - Investment
23.    Mary Barra  who recently visited India is the CEO of  –General Motors
24.    According to RBI norms, what is minimum capital required for foriegn banks to open subsidaries in India? - Rs 500 Crores
25.    17th Asian Games were held at- Incheon
26.    ‘Together we can’ is slogan of ________? - Canara Bank

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