Jesus answered them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

6 Jan 2018


  I furnish below some details about a listed hospital. Presently it is listed in BSE. Within 6 months this share may be listed in NSE also. It is a very good share for long term investment. Fundamentally and technically it is now in UP condition i.e. short term, mid term and long term. Consult with your adviser and take decision. Present price is Rs.25/-

  Why should I consider having a medical or surgical procedure at Kauvery Hospital in India?
Consider having your medical or surgical procedure at any of the Kauvery Hospital’s facilities, for the following reasons:
o    Skilled Healthcare Professionals, educated and trained Internationally
o    State-of-the-art equipment
o    World class standards at one-tenth the costs
o    Positive outcomes of surgical and medical procedures
o    Top quality facilities, superior services ensuring patient comfort and care
o    You and your health are in very safe hands at Kauvery Hospitals

Will the treatment be very expensive?
In comparison to the quality of treatment and care, the costs are priced pretty low and costs of medications are also not expensive, as most medications are easily available.

How do I trust the skills and expertise of the Doctors, Physicians, Surgeons or Healthcare professionals?
Our multidisciplinary team of doctors, physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals have been educated, trained and have practiced at international hospitals (UK, USA) before returning to their home country, to provide their knowledge, skills and expertise for the benefit of Indians and other nations.
With India’s teeming millions, our doctors have a wider exposure to treating ailments and diseases and therefore are more skilled in providing the right treatments. Every healthcare professional is widely experienced and has been internationally exposed in their particular specialty.
The doctors, physicians, surgeons, healthcare specialists and professionals are all encouraged to be members of national and international medical associations. They are also encouraged to attend Continuous Medical Education (CME’s) programs, domestically and internationally.

Do I specifically need a referral from my local doctor or may I contact Kauvery Hospital directly?
A specific referral from a local doctor is not always necessary. You may contact our Concierges at our Kauvery International Patients’ Center, to be treated at any one of our centers / locations. Our patient coordinators will be able to connect you to the right specialist, after you provide them with details of your medical history and treatments required.

I am an International patient. How do I register at the Hospital?
All International patients are required to submit a copy of their passport (photo and visa page) to the hospital at the time of registration. This copy will be maintained in the patient’s hospital records as this is a mandatory requirement, as per the directives from the Government of India

What do I do in case my Visa expires, while I am undergoing treatment at the hospital?
In case your visa expires during the currency of your treatment at the hospital, the hospital will provide all clinical records to evidence that your treatment is still ongoing and request for extension of your visa.

How do I communicate as I do not speak the local languages?
All our medical and non-medical staff speak English. We also provide interpreters, who are available 24 x 7; our interpreters speak many languages.

What about follow-up and after care?
·         The hospital at the time of discharge, will provide a detailed summary of the hospital stay, including health issues at the time of admission, examination findings, treatments given and procedures performed
·         On discharge the patient will be provided with comprehensive advice on medications, diet, exercise and precautions to be taken
·         The patient will be provided will all the diagnostic test reports
·         Contact information of the treating doctors / team will be provided to help the patient and their medical practitioner keep in touch

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