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10 Feb 2018

SHARE MARKET--AN INVESTOR EXPERIENCE--What are the best small cap Indian stocks for 2019?

                         CHRISTY BOY J, RTD. GOVT.SERVANT.
I am in Equity market since 1988 and my portfolio is always on the greener side (confidence in stocks which I hold)
A. Shivalik bimetal control Ltd. cmp is 98
B. Genus paper and boards ltd cmp 13.80
I have not given any target as speaking out of my 30 years of experience in stock market you do not earn by buying or selling stocks its only what you hold for long term.
Trust me 100% that all the mentioned stocks above will make your money double even triple if you hold it for minimum of 2 years (without having a look at daily movements which would make you sell the stock eventually at lower levels)
Let’s start investing 10% every month and become a billionaire in 15 years.
PS: always remember if you help other people to become rich you eventually would be the richest (something more than just money)

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