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19 Feb 2018


Available at just 123 (As on16/2/2018).
Potential of 250-300+ in 2-3 years.
Why KELLTON TECH MUST be in my portfolio?
1. Kellton Technology Ranked 19th on Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India, a ranking of 50 fastest growing technology companies in India. ONLY, yes ONLY, LISTED Co. to be in this list.
2. The company furnishes top notch IT solution, consultancy & development in SMAC- Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud, Business Process Management, Artificial Intelligence (AI), ERP & Internet of Things (IoT) which are the next generation space, the future of mankind! The growth in above digital space will accelerate at mind boggling pace with increased technology penetration in India as well abroad, opening major doors of business for KELLTON TECH.
3. Management is conservative and is systematically acquiring tech companies, leading to huge growth in top as well bottom line. In fact, in very short time frame of 3 months, KELLTON TECH has acquired not only one or two but EIGHT (8) major new clients.
4. The current Trailing Twelve Month(TTM) Revenues stand at ₹594 crores. The company is planning for 2000 crores revenues by 2021 with aid of many recently acquired and to be acquired subsidiary companies. Hefty 3x increase in revenues and profits can be seen on cards in near future as per management.
5. The company has already bagged in its portfolio, by providing world class services to, giants like PayTM, Makemytrip, Nokia, PVR, Educomp, Nielsen, Upay, Discovery and many more proving it's mettle in the industry.
6. FII do hold 3.42% of total stake amounting to 16,09,645 shares in KELLTON TECH.

7. "Kellton Tech has been very good at letting us know what we can and cannot do and in working through changes with us."
-Deputy Director, NASSCOM. 
Succinctly explained business working culture. Need not comment further over service quality.
8. NET PROFITS in EVERY QUARTER, I repeat, EVERY QUARTER is greater than the previous one. 

In the last 5—(9) months, Sales &profits have increased indicating it has come out as winning player overpowering cut throat competition.
9 months Profit

Mar 14- Sales 24.91 cr & net profit 2.93

Mar 15- Sales 28.07 & net profit 4.34

Mar 16- Sales 48.78 & net profit 6.73

Dec 16- Sales 55.20 & net profit 7.29

Dec 17- Sales 91.67 & net profit 7.86
9. The Indian IT industry being in turmoil recently due to Dollar Depreciation & Visa issues is H-1B Visa issues didn't participated in Nifty 9000+ Bull rally. These 2 issues will be sorted soon, pushing IT stocks back into action & higher and higher.
This company just declared Bonus 1 : 1 and fundamentally a promising company. Company PE is 9.75/Industry PE is 21.5. With an expected annualised EPS of ₹14 or thereabout, stock deserves a rerating to around ₹210 levels.... simply on the back of its current fundamentals and a consistently growing top-line as well as bottom-line invest for long term after consult with your broker. Wish you goodluck.

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