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30 May 2018

STOCK MARKET--How do I learn how to trade stocks and become a bull, particularly in India? I've never traded before and I have no experience in trading.

If you are totally new to trading, i would suggest you to know about a few stocks.
Learn about a few low-risk stocks and monitor them for a few days. Although, there’s nothing like a “low risk” stock, you can go with the stocks where your investment is less.
You can watch a few business channels like CNBC and ETNOW where experts share their tips and ideas. You can listen to the expert analysis, note their strategies and observe those stocks.
You can begin by monitoring intraday deals, where, you understand the movement of the stock on that day.
Also, you need to understand the movement/trend of the stock in normal days and when its the end of the month/its result. So, when you have a few stocks in hand which you would like to trade in, you can observe them for sometime and then start.
Follow the trend with technical knowledge.

Don’t dive deep into it. Start small. Start with low investment. Dont take risk, dont follow anybody blindly.
You can learn to read charts and candles. By this, you will understand the movement/trend of the stock for a particular period of time. Learn to analyze the stock movement.
Becoming a bull doesn’t totally depend on you. It depends on the time of the month and the stock. There are people who gain pretty well trading Put Equities too.
Do your fair amount of research before investing. Also, when you start trading, start with a single lot. Do not buy 10 lots at once and risk your money as a beginner.
Best of luck.

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