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- Jesus answered, "The scripture says 'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God'."

30 Jun 2018

SHARE MARKET--Is TVS Motor a multibagger?

Yes, it is.

TVS Motors has already given multi fold returns where it moved from Rs.30 in 2013 to Rs.500 levels in less than 4 years.
The stock has made a breakout of Rs.500 zone and made all time high recently & continues its strong uptrend. It is in clear uptrend and there is no sign of weakness seen in this stock. If the same trend continues, the stock can continue its out performance in coming years as well.
wish you good luck.

29 Jun 2018

SHARE MARKET--How do I do fundamental analysis in the Indian stock market?

Titan Company was incorporated in the year 1984. It is a Large Cap company operating in Consumer Durables sector. Titan Company is the fifth largest integrated own brand watch manufacturer in the world. Titan launched ‘Sonata’, India’s largest selling watch brand, which has established itself as a brand of great quality and unbeatable value for the customer. After Sonata, Titan Company launched Fastrack in 1998 and became an independent urban youth brand in 2005. The brand has carved a niche for itself within categories such as watches and eyewear amongst the youth in the country. In 2009, Fastrack extended its footprint into accessories with a range of bags, belts, and wallets. Titan Company launched ‘Tanishq’, India’s most trusted and leading jewelry brand.

Titan Company operates via 1400 stores and a total retail area of over 1.8 m sq.ft. all over India. It has India’s largest specialty retail network in over 240 towns. Today, Titan Company Limited is TATA’s largest company operating in consumer durables. It is India’s leading producer and retailer of watches, jewelry, eyewear, and accessories.

in this way you are simply analyse the stock’s fundamentals.

28 Jun 2018

SHARE MARKET--What are some of the most undervalued stocks to buy now (2018-June) in Indian equity markets?

Since small-caps and mid-caps were at a free-fall for most part of 2018, there are quite a few stocks that have corrected way too much. I don’t recommend investing in any of these stocks but you can definitely take a look at the following before the reversal gains momentum:
1.       Motherson Sumi - CMP Rs. 310.65
Several players in this segment of auto ancillaries but this one is easily the King, just check their website, you’ll see what I’m saying.

2.      NBCC - CMP Rs. 87
Massive order book nearing 1 Lakh Crore, no debt, 2018 is all about execution, new Ministries added to portfolio. Stock is very cheap right now, just get it if you think its fits your style of investing.

3.      Ashok Leyland - CMP Rs. 144.95
Monopoly in defense with over two dozen contracts part of order book, these will start paying out in 2019, more orders being added in current year. Company doing great in LCV segment which it entered not too long ago, May 2018 auto sales up by astounding 51%, revolutionary partnership with Sun Mobility for future of sustainable public transport, I can go on, this is a stock that has only rallied up, seldom does it correct, GET IT NOW if you feel it’s your kind of stock.

4.      NOCIL - CMP Rs. 177.65
It has corrected way too much, was at Rs. 150 something about two days back I guess, will shoot back to 200 levels in a few weeks, company has absolute monopoly over what it does, this stock is owned and favored by several market Kingpins, this one will definitely go BIG in near future.

5.      Meghmani Organics - CMP Rs. 95
Company does great business, fundamentals are really strong, stock has corrected a bit, best time for entry.

27 Jun 2018

QUOTES--Teenage Love Sayings and Quotes/Enjoy-

Stolen kisses are always sweetest.
Leigh Hunt
Young love is a flame; very pretty, often very hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. The love of the older and disciplined heart is as coals, deep-burning, unquenchable.     
Henry Ward Beecher
First love is only a little foolishness and a lot of curiosity.     
George Bernard Shaw
That amazing moment when your crush has a crush on you. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that the person who you want to be in a relationship with likes or loves you back.     
Morgan Pierce
If you make a girl laugh, she likes you. If you make a girl cry, she loves you...
Melchor Lim
Just thinking about you brings a smile to face, a twinkle to my eye, and a skipped beat to my heart.
Ash Sweeney
Too many adults wish to 'protect' teenagers when they should be stimulating them to read of life as it is lived.     
Margaret A. Edwards
For the record, I would like to point out that it is NOT being obsessive to memorize a boy's schedule so that you can accidentally bump into him. It is called being efficient.     
Jess Rothenberg
The young habitually mistake lust for love, they're infested with idealism of all kinds.
Margaret Atwood

26 Jun 2018

SHARE MARKET--How many stocks are you currently holding in your portfolio?

Thank you for Asking to Answer.
Almost 90% of my net investment amount in my stock portfolio is invested in 9 to 10 stocks.
For the remaining 10%, I’ve invested in 5–6 stocks just for trying out new things (and having fun). These are those stocks which are capable of giving great returns but at the same time are also very risky (few of them are penny stocks).
Quick Note: I will ‘not’ recommend to hold more that 15 stocks in your portfolio as it makes your portfolio over-diversified and really difficult to monitor. Reading the quarterly financial reports of over 15 stocks (along with their corporate announcements, board meetings etc) can be a tedious job for an average retail investor. It’s better to hold 8–10 stocks in your portfolio.
I hope it helps. Happy Investing.
1)      Shivalik bimrtal contros ltd.
2)     Genus paper & boards ltd,
3)     K.m.c speciality hospital ltd.
4)     Caplinpoint laboratories ltd.
5)     Uflex ltd.
6)     Strides shasan Pharma.
7)     HCL technologies ltd.
8)     Future consumer ltd.
9)     Maithan alloys.
10)  Kellton tech solutions ltd.—These are small cap companies reduced price about 30% and more, still I am holding patiently because India is a very fast moving economy and i will get 100% appreciation with in 3 years.
11)   Good luck.

25 Jun 2018


21. “A mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside… when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.”
– Author Unknown
22. “If I had my life to live over, instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I’d have cherished ever moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle.”
– Erma Bombeck
23. “There is no way out of the experience except through it, because it is not really your experience at all but the baby’s. Your body is the child’s instrument of birth.”
– Penelope Leach

24. “I’m never as happy as when I’m pregnant. I literally would have 10 babies if I could!”
– Tori Spelling

25. “All the time we wondered and wondered, who is this person coming, growing, turning, floating, swimming deep, deep inside?”
– Crescent Dragonwagon

26. “Life is a flame that is always burning itself out, but it catches fire again every time a child is born.”
– George Bernard Shaw

24 Jun 2018


                        UFLEX LIMITED.
About Uflex, Uflex is India's largest multinational flexible packaging materials and Solution Company and an emerging global player. Since its inception back in 1985, Uflex has grown from strength to strength to evolve as a truly Indian Multinational with consumers spread across the world. Uflex today has state-of-the-art packaging facilities at multiple locations in India with installed capacity of around 100,000 TPA and has packaging film manufacturing facilities in India, UAE, Mexico Egypt, Poland and USA with cumulative installed capacity in excess of 337,000 TPA. All Uflex plants are accredited with ISO 9001, 14001, HACCP & BRC certifications. Uflex caters to markets spanning across the globe in over 140 countries like USA, Canada, South American countries, UK and other European Countries, Russia, South Africa, CIS, Asian and African nations. Integrated within its core business profile are allied businesses like Engineering, Cylinders, Holography and Chemicals which further give Uflex a superior edge above competition. Uflex Limited is also a part of the D&B Global Database and winner of various prestigious national and international awards for its products' excellence. Uflex offers technologically superior packaging solutions for a wide variety of products such as snack foods, candy and confectionery, sugar, rice & other cereals, beverages, tea & coffee, dessert mixes, noodles, wheat flour, soaps and detergents, shampoos & conditioners, vegetable oil, spices, marinades & pastes, cheese & dairy products, frozen food, sea food, meat, anti-fog, pet food, pharmaceuticals, contraceptives, garden fertilizers and plant nutrients, motor oil and lubricants, automotive and engineering components etc. Some of Uflex's clients on the global turf include P&G, PepsiCo; Tata Global; Mondelez, L' Oreal, Britannia, Haldiram's, Amul, Kimberly Clark, Ferro Rocher, Perfetti, GSK, Nestle, Agrotech Foods, Coca Cola, Wrigley, Johnson & Johnson among others.
Why I would bet on Uflex for the long term: 1. It`s the largest flexible packaging company in India. It has a global FMCG clientele. This itself makes it a brand in itself. 2. Uflex is targeting a turnover of USD

22 Jun 2018

SHARE MARKET--What's the best financial advice you can provide?/READ IT-

Whether you’re saving for retirement or seeking wealth through the magic of compound growth, the “secret” is really just a simple three-step plan:
1.       Earn a decent living and live beneath your means
2.      Invest that difference automatically, and increase the investment with each raise
3.      Invest in a way that takes advantage of your tax situation and choose ultra-low-cost (0.20% per year or less), passively managed, widely diversified (across stocks and bonds and across domestic and international) index funds that are appropriately balanced for your age.
good luck.

21 Jun 2018

SHARE MARKET--Why is the Indian stock market crashing these days? My portfolio was up 45% in Feb at the start, but now its 8% only.

We are in a hidden bear market and as stated by Morgan Stanley “the rolling bear market” is “fooling everyone at the index level”
A bear market isn't just a 20% or bigger index wide crash. It's a time wherein it becomes extremely difficult to maintain a profitable trading portfolio. (Excludes long term investors)
Also, breaking midcaps and small caps, is the beginning of a larger looming threat. Wherein, aggressive portfolios are under stress and bleed even though key indices may be close to all time highs. Here, funds of retail traders move to large caps, as large caps do not show cracks like other smaller stocks, which is when the bigger institutions begin to offload and book gains.
Here's what the Chief Equity Strategist at Morgan Stanley had to say:

20 Jun 2018

QUOTES--Free Exclusive Happiness Tips/ READ AND ENJOY-

 Exclusive Happiness Tips
Bottom of Form
1.        “Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.”
Benjamin Disraeli

2.      “The greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances.”
Martha Washington

3.      “Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory.”
Albert Schweitzer

4.      “Our envy always lasts longer than the happiness of those we envy.”

5.      “Happiness is a how; not a what. A talent, not an object.”
Herman Hesse

6.      “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

7.      “Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

8.     “Happiness is something that comes into our lives through doors we don’t even remember leaving open.”
Rose Lane

9.      “The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You do not blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the president. You realize that you control your own destiny.”
Albert Ellis

10.  “I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.”
Groucho Marx

11.   “Just because it didn’t last forever, doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth your while.”

12.  “Your work is discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.”

13.  “That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest.”
Henry David Thoreau

14.  “Happiness always looks small while you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and you learn at once how big and precious it is.”
Maxim Gorky

15.   “A quiet secluded life in the country, with the possibility of being useful to people to whom it is easy to do good, and who are not accustomed to have it done to them; then work which one hopes may be of some use; then rest, nature, books, music, love for one’s neighbor — such is my idea of happiness.”
Leo Tolstoy

19 Jun 2018

STOCK MARKET--Why is mid-cap stock falling?


Think about it. Markets work on future news right? Is there certainty in the future ? Indian government elections , rate hikes , global markets , macro factors such as Italy crisis.
Uncertainty causes doubt in investing. Now when you have a doubt in the future, no one is ready to take risk or the same exposure of risk which they were willing few months back.
If you see the nifty ,the nifty consist’s of good companies while mid and small caps consists of little more riskier companies comparatively.
Now if an investor faces uncertainty,they do not want to take more risk which means they will move towards less risky companies.
Hence the nifty is where it is because investors are comfortable with the risk however small and mid caps may see some uncertainty and risk averse behaviour for some more time. Hence the correction.
However quality companies will sustain both in small caps and midcaps both. It's the risky ones which may come down.
Markets work in cycles and psychology. This will happen 10 times in 10 years.
This is a good opportunity to enter quality stocks for the next cycle.

18 Jun 2018

Share market--How do I become a great stock trader?

Mastering the stock market is a very big term let’s call it how to become good trader in stock market... here are a few things i think everyone should learn to achieve it...
• Read and learn about the basics of stock markets and some basic analysis of charts
• Don’t trade because u have some money ready to use... start only when u feel u r ready
• Don’t trade with money that is not yours
• Markets are not going extinct tomorrow, don’t rush... you will always have more opportunities coming again and again
• Learn to avoid leverage and understand that it only is there to kill your account

17 Jun 2018

QUOTES--Beautiful And Inspirational Pregnancy Quotes And Sayings

1. “Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom.”
– Harriette Hartigan
2. “The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.” and so in you the child your mother lives on and through your family continues to live… so at this time look after yourself and your family as you would your mother for through you all she will truly never die.”
– Osho

3. “A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day you die.”
-Mary Mason
4. “A mother does not become pregnant in order to provide employment to medical people. Giving birth is an ecstatic jubilant adventure not available to males. It is a woman’s crowning creative experience of a lifetime.”
– John Stevenson

5. “That first pregnancy is a long sea journey to a country where you don’t know the language, where land is in sight for such a long time that after a while it’s just the horizon – and then one day birds wheel over that dark shape and it’s suddenly close, and all you can do is hope like hell that you’ve had the right shots.”
– Emily Perkins

16 Jun 2018

SHARE MARKET--Can I buy Suzlon shares at the 15-16 price now for the long-term? Will it be worthy to buy now?

Suzlon Energy Price has increased by just 4.36% while its earnings has grown by a whopping “350.24%” in past one year making it Attractive in Valuations but high debts are still a major concern for all. It is poised for a turn around in next few quarters.

Also, its volume have surged by 258.58% on friday. Its still available at almost the same rate as was some three years back due to sharp drop due to its high debt issue. One may track it and start accumulating in small lots for long term only.
Due to high debt still, one needs to be careful with this stock but in case of positive turn around, it may grow very fast in next few quarters.
good luck.

15 Jun 2018

STOCK MARKET--Why is Warren Buffett the best investor on the planet and not James Simons?

Two points on this: first, both of them are perfectly happy with the perception being the way it is, since Simons doesn’t want any extra publicity while Buffett enjoys educating the retail investor. Second, most institutional capital, if given the choice, would rather invest with Simons, but his funds are closed.

The reason this perception exists is that Buffett’s strategy is pretty easy to communicate and understand by the public. That’s not to say that it’s easy to execute as well as him, but at least people can feel like they understand it. Whereas Simons doesn’t explain his strategy in any detail, and even if he did, very few people have the technical background to understand it.

wish you good luck.

14 Jun 2018


1.       “The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be.”
Marcel Pagnol

2.      “If men would consider not so much wherein they differ, as wherein they agree, there would be far less of uncharitableness and angry feeling in the world.”
Joseph Addison

3.      “Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.”
George Burns

4.      “Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

5.      “The pleasure which we most rarely experience gives us greatest delight.”

6.      “It’s been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will.”
L.M. Montgomery

7.      “Happiness is acceptance.”

8.     “The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does.”
James M. Barrie

9.      “We begin from the recognition that all beings cherish happiness and do not want suffering. It then becomes both morally wrong and pragmatically unwise to pursue only one’s own happiness oblivious to the feelings and aspirations of all others who surround us as members of the same human family. The wiser course is to think of others when pursuing our own happiness.”
Dalai Lama

10.  “Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable, than risk being happy.”
Dr. Robert Anthony

13 Jun 2018

SHARE MARKET--What is under ASM? Just introduced by BSE and its impact.

On 31 May 2018, SEBI, the stock market regulator, issued a circular[1] (including annexure) with the applicability of Additional Surveillance Measure (ASM) for a consolidated list of 105 companies. They also provided a disclaimer that the shortlisting of securities under ASM Framework is purely on account of market surveillance and not be construed as an adverse action against any company.

Those 105 companies are include many popular, fundamentally strong, high growth oriented stocks. The only caveat being that most of the stocks are from the small and midcap segment and many investors/traders were over leveraged in these stocks from the middle of 2017.

What does this mean? Other than the stocks which are in T-2-T segment, which basically means that there is no intraday square-off possible for those stocks, for buying other stocks the investors have to provide 100% margin money, thereby reducing manipulation by certain entities/individuals who trade using a small margin money.
Is this good? Well, there are two sides to it. As a retail investor, I don’t like this at all & I am invested in quite a few of these stocks from a long time - some as back as 3 years. I am perturbed by the fall in some stocks, with continuous LC’s.
However, SEBI also has a valid point. The traded volumes of most of these companies would have hit the roof over the last 18 months or so and might have been subjected to stock price manipulation by certain entities. Hence, it was necessary to stop that process and avoid stock manipulation.
Therefore investors please refer the list which is available in BSE site and take vigilant in these stocks especially fundamentally week shares.
 Wish you good luck.

12 Jun 2018

share market--What are some of the most undervalued stocks to buy now (2018-June) in Indian equity markets?

                                          Here are a few -
1.       Meghmani Organics - Showing amazing performance since last multiple quarters. Have give 100% returns in last one year & is undergoing a period of consolidation since last 4–5 months.
2.      Tata Global Beverages - TGB is available at an attractive valuation. There was a steep fall post the Q4 results. The consumption story is unfolding sharply & it’s JV with Starbucks is going to create a huge value in the coming 3–4 years.
3.      Page Industries - This is not cheap. But considering the results this company is delivering QoQ & YoY - it is the next MRF in the making.
4.      JM Financial - Accumulate this stock at the current valuation. A P/E of 17 against peers like Edelweiss which are trading at 33. JM has showed strong financial earnings in last 1 year & the management commentary is very positive.
5.Genus paper& boards lt is  (a kailash group Company) craft paper manufacturing company with capacity expansion to be finished shortly. Stock price is Rs. 10.50
Recommend investment for minimum 3 years.

Happy Investing!!