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16 Jun 2018

SHARE MARKET--Can I buy Suzlon shares at the 15-16 price now for the long-term? Will it be worthy to buy now?

Suzlon Energy Price has increased by just 4.36% while its earnings has grown by a whopping “350.24%” in past one year making it Attractive in Valuations but high debts are still a major concern for all. It is poised for a turn around in next few quarters.

Also, its volume have surged by 258.58% on friday. Its still available at almost the same rate as was some three years back due to sharp drop due to its high debt issue. One may track it and start accumulating in small lots for long term only.
Due to high debt still, one needs to be careful with this stock but in case of positive turn around, it may grow very fast in next few quarters.
good luck.

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