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18 Jun 2018

Share market--How do I become a great stock trader?

Mastering the stock market is a very big term let’s call it how to become good trader in stock market... here are a few things i think everyone should learn to achieve it...
• Read and learn about the basics of stock markets and some basic analysis of charts
• Don’t trade because u have some money ready to use... start only when u feel u r ready
• Don’t trade with money that is not yours
• Markets are not going extinct tomorrow, don’t rush... you will always have more opportunities coming again and again
• Learn to avoid leverage and understand that it only is there to kill your account

• Always consider stock markets as a business and see everything in that prospective only
• Earning a good 40% - 50% per Annum is a huge thing for most of the stock investors... which comes to 3–4 percent a month and not even 0.2 % per day... so keep that in mind and have realistic targets when taking a position
• When you are entering a call you should be able to write down why you are entering it and also when to enter and when to exit and what the stoploss should be
• Never trade without stoploss or else you will burn all your profits and your account in one or two wrong trades
• Don’t trade based on tips... its the biggest scam in the country
• We study for 4 years to earn a degree that will give us a job now stock market is also going to give you money... so should we not spare some time to read and learn and understand the companies and their charts.
• Have patience... not all stock movements happen instantly …. If you open a business store, won’t u wait for the customers all day long patiently and make some money... same thing here... keep it cool.
• Keep a journal of your trades and always update of your profits and losses in it and possible reasons why it happened it will help u improvise overtime
• You cannot earn all the time... but at the same time cut your losses quick when ur trade goes wrong
• Never fight against the trend. Swim along with it or else the chances are good that you will drown.
• Don’t guess... dont go by gut feeling... have a reason for ur trade... then only move ahead
• Never average a losing are simply doubling or tripling your risk.
• Don’t try and follow hundreds of stocks... select a few and keep following them regularly. over a period of time you can talk like a pro regarding those charts coz you have been seeing it in and out
• if you want to do day trading keep in mind that its serious money and should have your full attention
• Trading can be addictive and many people do it for the adrenaline rush but make sure u don’t over trade whether it’s winning or losing keep it in control. Do not overtrade most of the times u will end up losing everything
• if you want to be a lion you should train with them ,, so find some good trader and tag along with them and learn from their experience
• Money can’t buy you happiness but do you know that 80% of problems in this world are due to lack of money. So don’t lose your money and end up in problems and earn money and if possible solve most of your money related issues.
Good luck and happy trading...

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