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4 Jun 2018

STOCK MARKET--What are the best multibagger stocks to buy in June 18, which will give good returns by 2021?

3 years duration of investment may be considered as a good strategical policy.
Minimum return is expected to earn :
15–20% for 1yr.
35–50% for 2 yrs.
90–100% for 3 yrs.
Should we continue with our multibagger stocks even with their price levels staying at far below this minimum earning levels during mentioned period?
Here adversed reasons and their recoveries are not are not so credential to think too much over our main motto of desired earning or spending time within mentioned period or waiting for more time within the imagination of hike enough in future. But any stock may attain the recent fate of VAKRANGEE and PNB. Earlier holders of these two stocks have to lose enough as they did not decide to come out in proper time. At this position they have nothing but to accumulate at lower circuit if they desire to make up something of huge loss or to enter into the profit zone by reducing average price.
Now you are in better scope to choose these two stocks as multibagger obviously you may believe to accept.

There is no valid reason for such gradual fall of VAKRANGEE . Probably this is due to the loss of faith and presence of panic feelings within investors . Till investment is going on with tiny amount, otherwise no movement was found. Any tiny good news may recover the faith or panic feelings of average investors. Once it boosts up from low, there will have no problem of gradual up turn.
PNB has no scope of remarkable hike as long as it is under the jurisdiction of investigation of recent fraud case related with some specific persons only. That doesn't mean that whole PNB will have to sink into water. Govt will not take any decision in advance before completion of investigation. At the end of investigation expected before next Parliament election, this stock may be expected to have multibagger movement with the all probable positive actions from the end of govt & RBI. For that reason, present low level price is found to be much attractive along with accumulation at further dip in respect of future multibagger profit.
Some more stocks are waiting to be multibagger :
RELIANCE HOME FINANCE(57.80): This is a new housing finance company set up by Reliance group of companies. There is no doubt that the company is going to attain the present status of DHFL or LIC in future. With the present features, it's price level is supposed to be double any time within 2 years. This will be one of the best multibagger stock.
ADVANCE ENZYMES( 239.5 0): Target price may supposed to go above rs 500 at any time before 3 years. This is now in strong base. HDFC MUTUAL FUND HAS already bought 15 lakh shares recently@ rs 222. Buy and accumulate at dip.
BHEL(83): This is also having with good fundamental position and supposed to remain with same sequence in future also . Target price: above rs 200 before 3 years.

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