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8 Jul 2018

SHARE MARKET--How do I track good penny stocks?

You can’t because they aren’t any.
Investing in penny stocks is like taking your hard earned money and dumping them in a fire

Seriously, don’t invest in penny stocks, because if you do that’s the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot and when they bullet hits you, you then cry out in pain asking “what did I do to deserve this”.
They are just "small-market capitalization companies, with very high volatility, poor liquidity and no stable history of financial position. You can buy them if you want to commit financial suicide, you can go in but you can never go out (due to low liquidity)
Why would you seek to invest your cold hard cash into something like that?
Penny stocks are just speculation! Also It can be exceptionally hard to find reliable information about them, A worthy to mention is that scam artists frequently use penny stocks for get-rich-quick schemes and people easily fall for them.
So always invest in indexed shares for reward.
Wish you good luck.

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