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5:40-42 - "If a man wants to sue you for your coat, let him have it and your overcoat as well. If anybody forces you to go a mile with him, do more - go two miles with him. Give to the man who asks anything from you, and don't turn away from the man who wants to borrow."

14 Jul 2018

SHARE MARKET-- Which are some undervalued multibagger stocks to buy in July 2018?

A common dream of our society is how to become rich. Sincere persons set a target to be achieved in upcoming 20 years. I am 28 years old and have set up a target to earn Rs. 5 crore INR in the next 22 years with a lump sum investment of Rs. 7 lack. To achieve the target I need to invest in such companies which yield 22% CAGR. Before investing one should be done the fundamental analysis of the companies. One should be sure whether the company will be able to give that huge return in long-term perspective. There are many points to check on the basis of which you can make an investment in various companies like Debt: Net Worth ratio,Compounded sales Growth,Profit after Tax (PAT) growth, Return on Equity etc.
Pidilite Industries- Incorporated in the year 1969. It is a Large Cap company (having a market cap of Rs 54383.95 Crore) operates in the Chemicals sector. Pidilite Industries is an Indian-based adhesive manufacturing company. It also sells art material, construction chemicals, and other industrial chemicals. Pidilite produces some famous products like“Fevicol”, "Fevikwik", “Dr.Fixit”, “M-seal”, “Roff”, “Cyclo”, “Hobby Ideas”, “Acron”, and “Ranipal”. Here is the detailed fundamental analysis of Pidilite Industries.

Market cap 53,656 Cr.
Debt: Equity ratio 0.00
Compounded sales growth 14.14%
Compounded profit growth 19.66%
Return on equity 27.61%
P/E 55.54
V I P Industries Ltd. was incorporated in the year 1968. It is a Mid Cap company (having a market cap of Rs 5813.09 Crore) operates in Plastics sector. It is world’s second largest and Asia’s largest luggage maker of plastic moulded suitcases, handbags, briefcases, vanity cases and luggage. Company provides travel products, hard and soft-sided luggage, bags, backpacks, duffels, shoulder bags, waist pouches, sling bags, duffel trolleys, vanity cases, office bags and satchels, suitcases, and briefcases. The company offers its products primarily under the brand name of VIP, Carlton, Footloose, Alfa, Aristocrat, Sky bags, Moderna and Buddy. Here is the detailed fundamental analysis of VIP Industries Ltd.
Market cap 5,856 Cr.
Debt: Equity ratio 0.00
Compounded sales growth 9.28%
Compounded profit growth 12.92%
Return on equity 23.50%
P/E 46.20
V-Guard Industries Ltd.-Incorporated in the year 1996. It is a Mid Cap company (having a market cap of Rs 10099.15 Crore) operates in Electric Equipment sector. It is a major electrical appliances manufacturer in India and the largest in the World with an annual turnover of Rs. 21.50 billion (FY 2017-18). It manufactures voltage stabilizers, electrical cable, electric pumps, electric motors, geysers, solar water heaters, electric fans and UPSs. Here is the detailed fundamental analysis of V-Guard Industries Ltd.
Market cap 8,360 Cr.
Debt: Equity ratio 0.00
Compounded sales growth 24.97%
Compounded profit growth 28.27%
Return on equity 23.66%
P/E 62.82
Asian Paints was incorporated in the year 1945. It is a Large Cap company (having a market cap of Rs 113612.18 Crore) operates in Paints and Pigments sector. The Company is engaged in the business of manufacturing, selling and distribution of paints, coatings, products related to home decor, bath fittings. It also provides related services. Asian Paints is India's largest and Asia's fourth-largest paints company. Its Key Products/ Revenue Segments include Paints, Enamels, and Varnishes& Black. Here is the detailed fundamental analysis of Asian Paints.
Market cap 126,916 Cr
Debt: Equity ratio 0.00
Compounded sales growth 13.63%
Compounded profit growth 19.67%
Return on equity 31.46%
P/E 60.51
APL Apollo Tubes Ltd was incorporated in the year 1986. It is a Mid Cap company (having a market cap of Rs 5188.40 Crore) operating in Iron and Steel sector. APL Apollo Tubes Ltd has a vast business model across India. Its key Products/Revenue Segments include Black Pipes, Coils, GI Pipes, Galvanised Pipes, Scrap, and Export Incentives. APL Apollo Tubes Ltd. is the largest producer of Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) steel pipes including one of the largest section pipe & tube manufacturers in India. It has the capacity to produce more than 1.3 million tons per annum. It caters extensively to the region and exports to over 20 countries globally. The company’s vast distribution network is spread across India with warehouses and branch offices in 25 cities. This vast distribution network enables it to be one of the leading Galvanised Iron (GI) pipe manufacturers in India. Here is the detailed fundamental analysis of APL Apollo Tubes Ltd.
Fundamental analysis of APL Apollo Tubes ltd:
Market cap 4,006 Cr.
Debt: Equity ratio 0.15
Compounded sales growth 36.64%
Compounded profit growth 27.79%
Return on equity 18.39%
P/E 25.01
Titan Company was incorporated in the year 1984. It is a Large Cap company operating in Consumer Durables sector. Titan Company is the fifth largest integrated own brand watch manufacturer in the world. Titan launched ‘Sonata’, India’s largest selling watch brand, which has established itself as a brand of great quality and unbeatable value for the customer. After Sonata, Titan Company launched Fastrack in 1998 and became an independent urban youth brand in 2005. The brand has carved a niche for itself within categories such as watches and eyewear amongst the youth in the country. In 2009, Fastrack extended its footprint into accessories with a range of bags, belts, and wallets. Titan Company launched ‘Tanishq’, India’s most trusted and leading jewelry brand. Titan Company operates via 1400 stores and a total retail area of over 1.8 m sq.ft. all over India. It has India’s largest specialty retail network in over 240 towns. Today, Titan Company Limited is TATA’s largest company operating in consumer durables. It is India’s leading producer and retailer of watches, jewelry, eyewear, and accessories. Here is the detailed fundamental analysis of Titan Company.
Fundamental Analysis of Titan Company:
Market cap 77,907.67 Cr.
Debt: Equity ratio 0.00
Compounded sale growth 17.69%
Compounded profit growth 19.8%
Return on equity 29.67%
P/E 69.97
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