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10 Jul 2018

STOCK MARKET-- What are some good stocks to invest in right now?

Hello traders and investors. This is an answer from the research of a well equipped and experienced analysts, who have helped and guided their clients to generate wealth in both intraday and long term. Cont details are in profile.
So, best stocks to invest in for a time period of 2–4 years, considering all the parameters such as value investors choose these two tools to select stocks for investment price to earning ratio and price to book value ratio.
But, remember low EPS (price to earning ratio) doesn't means that the stock is worth investing. Infact it could be a price trap. So, instead of detailing the fundamentals we would simply list the stocks and their future prospect.
1.       Pharma Sector:- Sunpharma, the only stock in the pharmaceutical sector that looks promising. Returns are not not expected to be
multibagger in the time span considered, but this won't give you unwanted surprises that wipes investors money. For smaller time span of 1–2 years investors can look at ipca labs.
2.      Automobile:- Maruti Suzuki, Escorts and Motherson Sumi are the stocks with promising management team and future.
3.      Banking Sector:- Kotak Mahindra is our first choice and Hdfc Bank, the stocks that will always give positive returns on your investment. The longer the time span the better will be returns. And if you get 15–25% fall in Bajaj Finance then you can invest in the stock also.

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