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22 Jul 2018

STOCK MARKET--What are the top 10 shares to invest in for the short term and long term?

Presently market is in different stage which we have never seen in last 10–15 years. Difference is Nifty and sensex are near all time high and they will make new all time high in few days but portfolios are at lows. Indices are rising and stocks are falling which is unusual for us and we have never seen this in past.
Reason is only large cap stocks like Reliance, Infy, TCS, HDFC Bank, HDFC Ltd, Kotak bank etc are performing while midcaps and other indices are near 52 week lows. 40 stocks out of Nifty 50 stocks are near 52 week low or not performing. When Nifty is rising, only few stocks are rising but when nifty is just correcting few points, mid caps, small caps and other sectors are falling like anything.

Now what should be your next investment strategy which gives decent returns in next 6 months to 1 year?
Many people are suggesting to buy TCS, HDFC Bank and other large cap stocks from here which I don’t prefer because you won’t get much appreciation from here. They risen up as per their valuation so I am not expecting much upside from here and if you will buy at top, risk:reward ratio will not favour.
I prefer to buy those stocks which are undervalued and having good fundamentals. There are many stocks which we are getting at cheaper value and has good management as well as fundamentals. Adani enterprise was my best pick for investment which risen 60 to 65% from it’s bottom of 100.
I am mentioning few stock names which will give you best returns in near future:
1.       Ambuja Cement: Cement sector is continuous under performer in last few months while Nifty is performing well and Ambuja is my top pick amongst Cement sector. Buying aroun 190 level is a best idea and holding for a year can give you rate of 350 to 400.
2.      Tata Motors: Tata Motors is again under performer due to one or another reason. I am optimist about their earnings and growth and expecting it to touch it’s old high was above 600. Buying around 250 level for investment is a best idea.
3.      IOC: IOC is largest Oil Marketing company in India and it is posting great results. Currently stock is trading neat 52 week low and buying around 150 to 155 is best option for short term or long term investment. I am expecting atleast 300 to 400 target within 1 year to 2 years.
4.      ICICI Bank: Continuous under performer due to negative news of MD Chanda kochar and it has not performed in banking rally since last 2 years. I am expecting it to rise towards 400 to 500 levels in near future so you can buy around 250 to 260 level for an investment.
5.      REC Ltd: One of Navratna companies of Government of India and has good fundamentals. We are getting at lowest rate around 90 because midcaps are underperforming. It’s a best buy at this level for target of 200 to 250 in near future.
6.      DLF: Real estate giant which is not preforming with the market. Expecting it to rise towards 300 in next rally. 160 to 170 is a best range for an investment.
7.      NMDC: Best buy around 90 levels for an short term investment. Expecting 150 to 200 rate within a year in next rally.
8.      Ashok Leyland: Best fundamentals amongst commercial vehicle segment. Best to buy around 100 to 110 for target of 200 in near future.
So these are the stocks which can give decent returns in near future. I am not expecting much downside in midcaps or even in Nifty in next few months. Nifty is expected to reach 11500 to 12000 soon. All the best

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