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13 Aug 2018

STOCK MARKET-What are small cap companies that can be turned into a multibagger in the future?

Here are few small and micro cap I am invested in with rationale behind it:
1.       Vip industries ( Tourism and backpacking industry showing hugh room to grow, brands that VIP has and consistently building (caprese, carlton, aristocrat, sky bags), individual and institutional insiders buying, company is confident of growing at 32% CAGR for next five years. Definitely a portfolio stock.
2.      Bhageria industries:( Dye pigment industry overall having demand uptick and china's curb on pollution giving room to fill the global demand gap, Lot of the companies in this segment has seen insider buying)
3.      Kiri industries (Same reason as 4th. I have chosen this because of its special situation having Dy-star as its cash cow and hugh cash surplus and growth potential, Insider buying)
4.      Kilpest: (Hugh Insider buying, growing consistently )
5.      Confidence petroleum (Consistent growth, lot of insider buying, hugh market)
6.      Rajratan global wires (Insider buying, unpledging of shares, auto industry on the uptick, capacity expansion supporting future growth, Niche player)
Please note that I invested at much lower levels in most of the companies so I would like to advise you to add on big dips and this is my opinion of this companies. Do your own research before investing.

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