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31 Aug 2018

STOCK MARKET{ What is your view on Jain Irrigation? Despite the good news on the stock its falling every single day.}

I think Jain Irrigation is now under valued stock. Fundamental are very strong.
If you buy this stock for 3 to 5 year. This stock may be multibagger. And you make your portfolio more wealthy.
Jain Irrigation
It's Q1 FY 18 profit rise 84%.
Stocks book value is around 91 Rs.
And fundamentals are very strong. It's future growth is very good.
It's future projects is very good.
Volume charts are very good in near to long term.
Stock crashed around 40% it's 52 week high.
And now we see all the investor mostly buy Large Cap stocks.. And Mid-Small cap are not now pickup. Sensex and Nifty make it's all time high.
So now it's time for Mid-Small cap.
And Jain Irrigation is the best pick to buy. This stock is outperform in future.
I think in next 2 to 3 year this stock make your money Double. And make more wealthy your Portfolio.
I think Jain irrigation {DVR} is more profitable than Jain irrigation ordinary share. Wish you good luck

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