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5 Sep 2018


On 29/8/2028 I have published a post relate to SHIVALIK BIMETAL CONTROLS LTD for long term investment. Now I add some latest information dt.4/9/2018 for investors use.

GR8 information. If this comes out as expected we can see this moving on new heights. We can expect atleast 40-45% returns. safe and sound investment. Soon to be a 1000Cr. market Cap company. Shunt turning out to be a big big game changer. Lets see what we can find in upcoming AGM.  
Annual report 2018 notes stated that Growth in revenue of 29% from 125 Cr to 162 Cr. Growth in NP from 8.6 Cr to 13.95 Cr Co was certified under TS16949 in Jan 2016 and now has upgraded itself AEC (Automotive Electronics Council) compliant test facility was commissioned in previous year. This has allowed for development and successful testing of samples for automotive application, many of which are in final stages of testing and approval Commercial Orders have already been received from leading automotive customers Existing stamping facility is now in upgradation phase wherein new high speed presses are being installed. This will provide significant increase in accuracy, safety and capacity Co has procured 2324 sq mt of land adjacent to existing facility. Construction work will start mid October 2018 and complete by July 2019. This will add approx 25,000 sq ft of additional area offering 3 floors. UNIT 4 - as reported earlier relating to setting up of manufacturing facilities for capacity expansion, having obtained the possession of land, the layout is under finalization and construction is expected in March 2019 to be completed by Oct 2020. R&D Expense this year is 1.45 Cr. 0.90% of turnover. MDA: Shivalik s products are catered to broad spectrum of applications which include Switchgear, Energy Meters, Industrial & Electrical Applications, Automotive & Electronic Devices. We export to 50 Countries.
We are one of the leading manufacturers of Thermostatic Bimetal / Trimetal strips, components, EB welded products, Cold Bonded Bimetal Strips and Parts globally. We provide a complete solutions/package to the customer, not only of strips, but also of ready-to-use components. Co continues to focus on improving yields, productivity and key strategic initiatives like automation and logistics automation. Co is quite hopeful with opportunities in following: Smart Meter - Co has developed products which are an integral part of meter Automotive application - We have developed resistors which are used in high power low ohmic metals. Power resistors are used for automotive applications such as electric power steering, power window modules & IBS (Intelligent Battery System) of Electric Vehicles. Snap Action disc: Company is venturing into niche application such as OLP (overloaded protectors) and thermostatic Bimetals of various industrial and home appliances. We are developing disc grade Bimetals for such applications. My personal note - The co has shared the breakup of revenue and even given
quantitative details. Its interesting to see that the shunt segment is growing at an exponential rate and has become a material part of business in just 3 years. Given that its being used in areas like Smart Energy meters and EV Batteries, its interesting to think of the potential

 Therefore please consider for long term investment so as to enable you to double your profit within two years.

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