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13:37-39 - "The one who sows the good seed is the Son of Man," replied Jesus. "The field is the whole world. The good seed? That is the sons of the kingdom, while the weeds are the sons of the evil one. The blackguard who sowed them is the devil. The harvest is the end of this world. The reapers are angels

31 Oct 2018

STOCK MARKET--What are the stocks to buy in the present market for long term after continuous fall which are available at a good price?

Q2 results of 2018–19 is going to be key driver for the market.
In the current market scenario it is better to wait for a further fall as the market is trading extremely week. The following scrips can give superior returns going forward.
1.       Reliance industries around 950 levels
2.      ICICI Bank around 300 levels
3.      M &M around 700 levels
4.      JSW steel around 330 levels
5.      TCS around 1900 levels
All these should be considered for long term as we do not see much gains in a shorter time frame
Wish you good luck.

30 Oct 2018


1.      Question 1. What Do You Understand By Securities Market? What Are The Different Types Of Securities Market?
Answer :
Security market is a market where securities are issued and traded. It is the market for different types of securities namely: Debt, Equity and Derivatives.
Debt market is further divided into three parts:
o    Government securities market
o    Money market
o    Corporate Debt market
Equity market is divided into two parts:
o    Primary market
o    Secondary market
Derivatives market is also divided into two parts:
o    Options market
o    Futures market
2.      Question 2. What Do You Mean By Derivatives? Give An Example.
Answer :
The word derivative refers to a variable which has been derived from another variable. Thus derivatives have no value of their own as they derive their value from the value of some other assets which is known as underlying asset. They are specialized contracts which signify an agreement to buy or sell the underlying asset of the derivate up to a certain time in the future at a predetermined price. The value of the contract depends on the expiry period and also on the price of the underlying asset. For example – Derivative contract on crude oil depends on the price of crude oil.
3.      Question 3. What Are The Advantages Of Derivatives?
Answer :
o    Increased hedge for investors in cash market.
o    Enhance price discovery process.
o    Increases volume of transactions.
o    Lower transaction costs.
o    Increased liquidity for investors and growth of savings flowing into these markets.
o    Leads to faster execution of trades and arbitrage and hedge against risk.
4.      Question 4. What Are The Characteristics Of Government Securities Market?
Answer :
o    It is the largest segment of debt market in India.
o    It accounts for nearly 2/3rd of the issues in primary market.
o    It accounts for nearly 4/5th of the turnover in secondary market.
o    Issues are regulated by RBI under Public Debt Act.
o    These securities are issued through an auction mechanism.
o    Perspective investors are banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, trusts, provident funds etc.
o    These instruments can be traded in WDM segment of NSE which is fully automated screen based trading system.
5.      Question 5. What Is Beta Of An Asset?
Answer :
Beta of an asset is a way of measuring systematic risk of an asset. It shows how price of a security responds to changes in market price. It indicates the extent of movement of the returns of the stock with respect to the movement of market returns. Assets that are riskier than average will have Betas that exceed 1 and assets that are safer than average will have Betas lower than 1. The riskless asset will have a value of Beta=0. The Beta of the market portfolio or the average of Betas across al assets in the market is 1.
6.      Question 6. What Do You Understand By Stock Market Indices? Name The Major Stock Market Indices?

29 Oct 2018


                     Backwater stretches of Ashtamudi
So called because of its 8 arms or channels, Ashtamudi Lake is the gateway to the backwaters. This 16 km long lake is the second largest in Kerala, finding its way into the sea through the Neendakara estuary. The District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) Kollam provides boat rides as well as houseboat cruises. The trip between Kollam and Alappuzha is one of the most popular and longest backwater cruises in Kerala. The eight-hour journey will give you an intimate experience of the famed waterways. Catch a glimpse of one of the many splendours of Ashtamudi backwaters. As the boatman gently dips his paddle, without disturbing the prevailing calm, the ripples spread out gently in the shimmering golden hue of the sun.
Contact details of DTPC Kollam:

Ph: +91 474 2745625, 2750170


Nearest railway station: Kollam Junction, about 2 km

Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, about 70 km


Lattitude:8.95138, Longitude: 76.582575

28 Oct 2018

SHARE MARKET--I bought ICICI Bank shares in IPO in 2007. If I sell at today's price, what is my gain/loss?

Let us suppose you got 1 lot in IPO.
1 Lot= 6 Shares
Issued price= 890 INR
Face value was split from INR 10 to INR 2 on 4 Dec, 2014
This means that your 6 shares were increased to 30 shares.
And then in 2017, 20 June; bonus shares were issued by company in 1.1:1 ratio.
Which means that your 30 shares were increased to 33 shares.
CMP= 320
Shares= 33
Total Valuation= 10560
Money invested in 2007 during IPO= 5340 (6*890)
Profit= 5220
Profit %= 97.75%
This profit does not includes dividend received.
For exact calculation please mail me your exact amount shares you received during IPO.

27 Oct 2018


Hi Friends,  Please read the Christian morning thoughts for your inspiration.

1.        The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.

2.        My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

3.        Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house; Your children will be like olive shoots around your table.

4.        Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.

5.       .Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle.

6.        Do not be anxious about how you should defend yourself or what you should say, for the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.

7.        Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.  I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound.

8.        In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need.  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.                                                                  (Holy Bible).

Conclusion:     You can have such wonderful encounters with God when you approach His throne in the morning.  I encourage you to start praying when you wake up, if you aren’t already doing so.  When you wake with God you take Him with you too.  God Bless you as you live a life worthy of the calling.

Good Luck.                                                                   See You Later.

26 Oct 2018

STOCK MARKET--Which is the best stock to invest for a period of 3 years among Graphite India, HEG, Goa Carbon, & Philips Carbon?

Which can be the best stocks to buy for a period of 1 year for maximum returns?
Make a portfolio of certain stocks with the following criteria:
Stock must be in top 3 Margin% in its industry. (Stock having strong margins are the industrial leaders with demand for investment.)
Stock must be in top 3 ROCE/ROE in its industry. (Stocks with better ROCE/ROE are the stocks with best management and can help investors with Good returns.)
Stock must be have low PE ratio in its industry. (Stock with low PE ratio has not priced-in the future returns of the company, more chances to find quality investors and have more changes to post multibagger returns on quality results.)
Stock must have low Price to Book in its industry. (P/B is one of the evaluation factor to identify if the stock has run up too much in recent times. Avoid P/B above 10–12)
Stock must have low EV/EBITA (Stock given multibagger returns in short span will have this value higher. Less the value, more space the stock has to rally in the near future. Avoid EV/EBITA above 20.)
The above Portfolio will give you maximum returns.
There are 3 phases in a stock’s multibagger rally.
1.       Rally to cover basic EPS of the share.
2.      Rally to cover the Next one year EPS of the share.
3.      Rally to cover the next 3 years EPS of the share.
Let me explain in Brief
Let us assume a stock is trading at 120, Industrial PE: 12 and EPS over last 4 quarters as Rs. 3 each quarter. Annual EPS is 12.
Current Trailing PE is 120/12= 10 which is cheaper compared to Industry. Stock can rally 20%.
Once a quarterly results come with a EPS of 4. then Trailing EPS becomes 13.

25 Oct 2018


Hi Friends,  Please read the following positive and kindness thoughts.

Believe in yourself and all that you are, and know that there is something inside of you that is greater than any obstacle.

You feel good, you feel bad, and these feelings are bubbling from your own unconsciousness, from your own past.  Nobody is responsible except you.  Nobody can make you angry, and nobody can make you happy.

To be creative means to be in love with life.  You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty , you want to bring a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it. (Osho).

Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives but none about his or her own . (Paulo Coelho).

When you come to a point where you have no need to impress anybody, your freedom will begin.

As  long as you are intend to improve, no one can stop you from success.

Clear things one at a time, whatever can be cleared-whoever speaks with two months gets slapped hard. (Kabir).

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.

The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you.

Inside every person, there remains a devil and a saint.  With experience and  knowledge, we can kill our devil to emerge as true saint.

Never stop doing little things for others, sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their heart.

Learning is a gift.  Even pain is your teacher.

Happiness is not something really made.  It comes from our own actions.

We can learn something from every one we meet, but our mind must be open.

Good Luck .                                                          See You Later.

24 Oct 2018



Cradled by the undulating plantation hills of Munnar, and not far away from the Anamudi peak is Mattupetty. Situated in the famous hill town of Munnar, Mattupetty located 13 km from Munnar is situated at a height of 1700 m, and is a delight for nature lovers.

Mattupetty offers many fascinating sights to relish. Besides the lush green tea plantations, and the rolling grasslands, the Shola forests in and around Mattupetty are ideal for trekking and are habitat to a variety of birds. Rivulets and cascades crisscross the terrain here, which again adds more attraction to the place.

One of the main attractions in Mattupetty is the beautiful lake, and the Mattupetty Dam, which are ideal picnic spots. The District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC), Idukki provides boating facilities in the Mattupetty Dam. Speed launch, slow speedboat and motorboats are available on hire. Other nearby places of interest includes the picturesque Kundala tea plantations and the Kundala Lake.

Of all the main attractions at Mattupetty is the dairy farm, run by the Indo-Swiss Livestock Project. The dairy farm is a unique one of its kind with several varieties of high-yielding cattle being reared.

Getting there

Nearest railway station: Angamaly, via Aluva - Munnar Rd, about 109 km from Munnar

Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, about 108 km from Munnar


Lattitude:10.105684, Longitude: 77.123752

23 Oct 2018

SHARE MARKET--Which are the best stocks to buy at this time in the Indian market?

AThis time it's a Diwali all the stocks are in discount prices
Due to huge fall in the market all prices of the stocks came down
#TATA MOTR@223 *70%OFF*
#MARUTI@7000 *30%OFF*
#EICHER MOTOR@20000 *40%OFF*
#CEAT@1060 *48%OFF*
#MRF@60000 *28%OFF*
#HPCL@230 *55%OFF*
#IOC@150 *40%OFF*
#PFC@75 *50%OFF*
#REC@100 *50% OFF*
#AJANTA PHA@1000 *35%OFF*
#VADILAL@400 *75%OFF*
#DOLLAR@260 *50%OFF*
#IDFC BANK@35 *50%OFF*
#NBCC@55 *70%OFF*
#MGL@780 *50%OFF*
#VGARD@170 *40%OFF*
#INDIGO@780 *50%OFF*

22 Oct 2018


HI friends,please read few inspirational body confidence quotes from women,

 ‘You shouldn’t be pressured into trying to be thin by the fashion industry, because they only want models that are like human mannequins...But you have to remember that it’s not practical or possible for an everyday woman to look like that. Being size zero is a career in itself so we shouldn’t try and be like them. It’s not realistic and it’s not healthy.’ Rihanna

‘Girls of all kinds can be beautiful – from the thin, plus-sized, short, very tall, ebony to porcelain-skinned; the quirky, clumsy, shy, outgoing and all in between. It's not easy though because many people still put beauty into a confining, narrow box...Think outside of the box...Pledge that you will look in the mirror and find the unique beauty in you.’ Tyra Banks

 ‘God made a very obvious choice when he made me voluptuous; why would I go against what he decided for me? My limbs work, so I'm not going to complain about the way my body is shaped.’Drew Barrymore

 ‘I think that whatever size or shape body you have, it's important to embrace it and get down! The female body is something that's so beautiful. I wish women would be proud of their bodies and not diss other women for being proud of theirs!’ Christina Aguilera

‘I'm pretty comfortable with my body. I'm imperfect. The imperfections are there. People are going to see them, but I take the view you only live once.’ Kate Hudson
 ‘I might have a little bit of cellulite. I might not be toned everywhere. I might struggle in this area or that. But accepting that just empowers me.’ Kim Kardashian

21 Oct 2018


KMC hospital‚ in its decennial year of operations has added numerous feathers to its cap. From a humble beginning of 30 beds in 1999 they have come a long way to 200 beds by acquiring Seahorse Hospital. The number of doctors in their hospital has grown from 10 to 100 and the staff members have grown over 1000. Seahorse hospital Ltd management has been taken over by KMC by the end of Feb 2008 . Now all the procedural formalities has been completed and hence forth it will be known as KMC SPECIALITY HOSPITAL.(Kavery hospitals) To reaffirm the high level of healthcare which they are providing‚they have started the accreditaion process for National Accreditaion Board for Hospital (NABH) and for National Accreditaion Board for Laboratories (NABL). KMC Speciality hospital has been striving hard to provide quality healthcare to their patients at par with KMC by conducting training programmes for their employees on patient care‚ patient relations and management in a planned way. The hospital has full time consultants in all the basic specialties. Especially Obstetrics & Gynaecology‚ Paediatrics‚ Cardiology‚ ENT‚ Dental‚ Joint Replacement‚ Plastic Surgery‚ Neurology‚ diabetology‚ etc.‚ This stock is sure-shot multibagger I think but market is not supported, it`s unrealistic correction happing recently, and what ever treading volume is that is a circular treading to create panic to grab maximum number of shares just watch delivery more than 94% so don`t sell if not required badly

SHARE MARKET--What are some fundamentally strong stocks for investing in the Indian stock market? On what parameters do we find them?

Hello Investor,
Finding the stocks on the basis of Fundamentals is Tricky. Their are lots of parameters which can be used according to me which will defiantly help you in choosing a right stock for you.
1st:- Share holders equity, Share holder equity places a vital role in choosing the right stock. A good stock will always has a constant share capital, Stock which changes its share capital from time to time does’t comes in the category of good stocks.
2nd:- Reserves:- Reserves also plays a important role in choosing a good fundamental stock. A stock which has a growing Reserves on regular basis year on year is considered a good stock for investment.
3rd: Debt:- Debt:- Every Company should keep a check on the debt. A company which is reducing its debt every year is considered to be good fundamentally strong company.

20 Oct 2018


 Philosophy professor Charles Griswold recently commented to Vision that the process of apology and forgiveness may be so expected in a culture like ours that they can become theatrical, contrived and robbed of their moral seriousness. He explains that “forgiveness is about a moral response on the part of a victim to a wrongdoer.” This concept raises ethical questions, particularly the challenge of forgiving those who are not truly sorry for the wrong they have perpetrated. 
We have all seen high profile members of the sporting and entertainment communities shedding tears as they beg for the public’s forgiveness. The world is weary of politicians making emotional apologies to their constituents and families after their financial or sexual misconduct has come to light. Even more disturbing is the specter of religious leaders “falling from grace”—not to mention trust—and being led away in handcuffs.  We have come to expect dishonesty and immorality from public figures. Corruption is uncovered with almost comical regularity. 

19 Oct 2018

STOCK MARKET-- Which are the methods to select fundamentally strong stocks for investing in the Indian stock market? On what parameters do we find them?

Hello Investors,
Finding the stocks on the basis of Fundamentals is Tricky. Their are lots of parameters which can be used according to me which will defiantly help you in choosing a right stock for you.
1st:- Share holders equity, Share holder equity places a vital role in choosing the right stock. A good stock will always has a constant share capital, Stock which changes its share capital from time to time does’t comes in the category of good stocks.
2nd:- Reserves:- Reserves also plays a important role in choosing a good fundamental stock. A stock which has a growing Reserves on regular basis year on year is considered a good stock for investment.
3rd: Debt:- Debt:- Every Company should keep a check on the debt. A company which is reducing its debt every year is considered to be good fundamentally strong company.

18 Oct 2018


Simple thinking and great living should be your motto.Unexpressed emotions will never die.  They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.
  Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training.
    Falling in love triggers feelings of euphoria, sleeplessness and obsession which is similar to cocaine high.
  The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.  They must be felt with the heart.
  When I look at the world I am pessimistic but when I look at people I am optimistic.

17 Oct 2018

SHARE MARKET--If the stock market were to crash tomorrow what ten stocks would you buy?

 If the stock market crashes tomorrow,then I will be biggest beneficiary . A long term investor shouldn't think about “what is the right time to invest in stock market “. A long term investor should always focus on the stock which they are holding or going to buy .One thing I have learnt that I will never buy a stock which is very expensive no matter how good the company's fundamental. Always better to look for undervalued stock with some Margin of safety.
We never know when the market will crash and we should not worried about it.Market correction is an opportunity which Mr market provides us. Human tendency is like “when ever there is a opportunity available , fear doesn't let us take the advantages of the situation and when there is no opportunity ,our greed makes us take the wrong decision.
If I have to buy stock in this situation then I will prefer the following stock
·         HDFC BANK - india's largest private bank and one of the Best bank in India . A compounding machine which will give 20% CAGR for sure for next 10–15 year. If HDFC corrects 40% from where it is ,I will buy a huge chunk of the share .

16 Oct 2018

LIFE- My 7 Secrets for a Happy Life:

1. Have Self-Respect: If I don't love and respect myself, who will? It all starts right here with ME. If I think that I'm a pretty good person, it doesn't much matter what anyone else thinks. And the irony is that once I like myself, most everyone else will like me too. People enjoy being around people who speak well of themselves - not in an arrogant boastful way, but with honest self-appreciation.

2. Forgive Everyone for Everything: Angry and happy don't mix. Flush out the angry, and the happy has a place to put down roots. Until we forgive everyone for everything, we hold on to anger and resentment. Once we forgive, we can become happy. Forgiving is not a gift to someone else - Forgiving is our gift to ourselves - a great gift - the gift of happiness.

3. Be Grateful for All of Life: Each of us has been infinitely blessed - beginning with the gift of life. Whatever may appear to be missing or broken on any particular day, our glass is not half full, it is 99.9% full. More practically, when we feel ungrateful, we become unhappy. When we choose to feel and express our gratitude, the act of feeling and speaking our thanks creates a happiness within us. The more we express our gratitude, the more we have for which to be grateful. Today and every day, take time to celebrate life - whether an hour's meditation in a quiet natural space, or a brief moment's conscious pause to breathe deeply and celebrate gratitude for life.

15 Oct 2018

SHARE MARKET--Which stocks are good to buy in the current down market?

When market gets into correction phase, not every single stock goes down. There are some sector re allocation happens. When the Nifty/Sensex is going down every day, we need to figure what are the top stocks that are over performing the markets in this downtrend. Also find out what are the top 3 stocks that are performing worse than index, so that we could stay away from it.
Those are the stocks, which could do well in the coming years. I just did a quick scanning with my data sets to find out the top 3 list of stocks, that I could stay invested in for next few years.
Here’s the performance of Nifty for the year 2018. From 10500 levels, it went upto 11,700 but came crashing down back to 10,300 levels now.

These are the list of top 3 stocks to invest and bottom 3 stocks to avoid.
to invest-

TCS--ROC  55.68
TECH Mahendra--ROC  41.75
Infosys--ROC  39.07

to Avoid-

BPCL--ROC  -48.75
HPCL--  ROC  -60.56

14 Oct 2018


1. They welcome change
Mentally tough people don't hesitate to embrace change.
They welcome it with positivity and optimism. The worst thing that can happen to you is not having any change.
Many times, change can be an opportunity to step up in life.
When you are doing the same thing over and over again, the results won't be any different. You should be willing to adapt to change with an open mind.
2. They say NO with confidence