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17 Oct 2018

SHARE MARKET--If the stock market were to crash tomorrow what ten stocks would you buy?

 If the stock market crashes tomorrow,then I will be biggest beneficiary . A long term investor shouldn't think about “what is the right time to invest in stock market “. A long term investor should always focus on the stock which they are holding or going to buy .One thing I have learnt that I will never buy a stock which is very expensive no matter how good the company's fundamental. Always better to look for undervalued stock with some Margin of safety.
We never know when the market will crash and we should not worried about it.Market correction is an opportunity which Mr market provides us. Human tendency is like “when ever there is a opportunity available , fear doesn't let us take the advantages of the situation and when there is no opportunity ,our greed makes us take the wrong decision.
If I have to buy stock in this situation then I will prefer the following stock
·         HDFC BANK - india's largest private bank and one of the Best bank in India . A compounding machine which will give 20% CAGR for sure for next 10–15 year. If HDFC corrects 40% from where it is ,I will buy a huge chunk of the share .

·         BAJAJ FINANCIAL LIMITED - A well diversified financial company which is run by one of the best management. Market leader in most of the market segment with strong brand image with earning growth is above 30% . After correcting from 2960 to 2100 ,it still looks expensive now . If I get this stock at P/B of below 4 ,then it will be my number one stock in my portfolio.
·         HUL - Hindustan Unilever from consumption sector will be my third pick . No one should miss this stock if this corrects 50% . Now with the pretty high valuation I am not interested in this stock
·         ASIAN PAINT - This deserve to be in your top 5 holding if it corrects 40%. This stock always traded at a high valuation and it will be a huge opportunity to buy if corrects.
·         HDFC AMC - Owning a assest management company is not a bad decision but not with the current overvaluation. Will love to buy ,if it comes to 600 . These all are hypothetical wishes which may never happen.
·         NESCO - A mid cap company which I really understand their business .They have a strong moat which all investors look in a company. If the price falls 50% of what it is now will be just awesome to buy a huge chunk.
·         AVANTI FEEDS - 40% market share in shrimp business with superb ROE , ROCE ,huge cash will be a perfect candidate to buy at 200 rupees.
·         EQUITAS/UJIIVAN - A BET on small finance Banking which will do really good in rural economy. Huge opportunity available in that space . I prefer equitas because of their well diversified portfolio.
·         Mirza international - I am fully optimistic on the mirza's new Business model with red tape brand . They can do extremely well if they come out with their little corporate governance issue. I will love to buy this stock below 30 rupees for 10x return.
·         CCL PRODUCT - A Instant coffee producer which claims to be the biggest company with strong pricing power. Though they are in a commodity business but they have a strong pricing power which makes them different from other . 50% correction will be deep value investment.
·         JUBILANT FOOD - who don't like Domino's Pizza in India . They are doing extremely well and who will miss this stock if it corrects 50/60 % .
·         AMBIKA COTTON - A small business whose CEO is very honest and hardworking . The new expansion is happening which will be driving force . A 50% discount and I will jump in to the stock .
·         Good Year/ Balkrishna tyre - from these 2 sector leader of tyre manufacturing ,one can easily get in to any of these stock after the crash
·         RBL BANK - A discount of more than 50% will give Margin of safety
·         Cera ceramic - A sector leader in ceramic business . Will add to portfolio if it corrects another 40% . Already corrected so much
·         KRBL - The famous India gate brand belongs to KRBL. Sector leader in basmati rice .will buy if it comes below 200 rupees.
·         Godrej properties - if market crashes and Godrej fall atleast 60% ,then I can easily enter with small allocation.
·         Lupin - will add this to portfolio at flat 50% discount.
·         HDFC life - will try to bet on a insurance company it it falls significantly for valuation comfort
·         Piramal enterprise limited - Ajay Piramal is the best guy who can run any business with calculated risk . 50% discount will huge margin of safety.
·         Ashok Leyland - in auto segment I like this company. 50% correction is perfect to get in to the stock
·         Tata global beverage - A branded play and optimistic on Starbucks story
·         Apollo hospitals - Will go with this sector leader as current valuation is very high and a discount will give full comfort.
Apart from these stock I will go with another few stock from small and mid cap like ngl fine chemicals ,nocil, meghmani , hikal , rain industries , Chaman Lal seita ,gruh finance, can fin homes , Mayur uniqutor, Indigo airlines, PI industries , Amara Raja battery , heritage foods ,Care rating etc .
The list is long but maximum try to limit my portfolio with 20–25 stock. To buy this much company I need to borrow money I guess. I think the above mentioned stocks never fall more than 60% in future.