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6 Oct 2018

SHARE MARKET-- Is October 2018 the right time to enter the Indian stock market?

Fall in stock market specially this current week (05.10.2018) correction is best time to buy some quality stock for long term.
Traders should keep themselves away but this is the best time for investors to start shopping. Don’t for one time shopping. Buy in lots, I mean accumulate some quality stocks.
My personal opinion would be to buy some dividend paying stocks. Because this volatility may even increase in next 6 months due to listed reasons.
1.       Rupee: Rupee continuously trading above 74.

2.      Crude: Crude is testing 85–86 levels due to Iran sanctions. Now steps taken by Govt (Petrol & Diesel Price cut by 2.5/litre by reducing excise duty) has showing negative impact on OMC stocks which have fallen more than 25% in last two days.

3.      Liquidity Crunch with NBFCs: Recent case of DHFL & ILFS raised a fresh case of Liquidity risk in Indian bond market.

4.      General Election 2019
But dividend paying stocks will keep you paying good dividend and ensure a regular income in this volatile market.
Disclaimer: Please take advice from your financial advisor before taking any investment decision Wish you good luck.

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