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5:40-42 - "If a man wants to sue you for your coat, let him have it and your overcoat as well. If anybody forces you to go a mile with him, do more - go two miles with him. Give to the man who asks anything from you, and don't turn away from the man who wants to borrow."

31 Oct 2018

STOCK MARKET--What are the stocks to buy in the present market for long term after continuous fall which are available at a good price?

Q2 results of 2018–19 is going to be key driver for the market.
In the current market scenario it is better to wait for a further fall as the market is trading extremely week. The following scrips can give superior returns going forward.
1.       Reliance industries around 950 levels
2.      ICICI Bank around 300 levels
3.      M &M around 700 levels
4.      JSW steel around 330 levels
5.      TCS around 1900 levels
All these should be considered for long term as we do not see much gains in a shorter time frame
Wish you good luck.

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