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6:22-23 - "The lamp of the body is the eye. If your eye is sound, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is evil, your whole body will be full of darkness. If all the light you have is darkness, it is dark indeed!"

6 Nov 2018

STOCK MARKET--How do I educate myself with stock market and invest wisely?

Because wise people ask and read this types of questions and answers.
You must ask such questions before getting into the stock market.
People say “Without knowledge stock market is a gamble”.
Of course it is. without knowledge everything is a gamble.
Do you buy potatoes without checking?
Do you get into a college or apply for a job without knowing about it?
Do you marry without knowing about your partner?
Then how can you put your money without knowing about a company?
Wise people always do a bit research before doing anything.

Why you must know how to evaluate companies?
Every news website, tv channel, experts want to give you free advice.
Do you know why?
Let me share my experience and how did I get into a scam.
A person told me “I will give you free intraday tips”.
First I thought he was doing an excellent job.
He put me into a whatsapp group where 100+ were there before.
Every call he made, the stock performed.
50% people made money, 50% didn’t.
I was losing like hell.
Then I understood, what he does or what people like him does is:
1.       First they put their money.
2.      Then they advice the whole world to put money.
3.      When everyone puts money, the stock price goes high due to high demand.
4.      Then the advisors sell their stocks and book profit.
Actually, people use other people to make money.
After that,
I studied about markets, observed and learned the whole thing.
This is important that you must find your own stocks, study them, do research over them.
Every day, I put stocks which I find attractive on my website so people can evaluate and make their own decision.
You must find few website like mine and start observing and learning.
Finding and evaluating companies, this is what you must do.
Don’t jump into market without knowing and half knowing about a company. There are so many sites available for share studies. Even my site also give you good idea about stock market and trading. Visit regularly and improve your knowledge. Wish you good luck.

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