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28 Nov 2018

STOCK MARKET--What are the triggers moving towards Stock market before 21/3/2019.--

1.       5 state elections
2.      Brexit
3.      Brent crude price
4.      Recovery from cases under Insolvency and bankruptcy code .
5.      Higher MSP prices
6.      US fed rates
7.      Hardening of US Dollar index
8.      GST collections.
9.      Q3 and Q4 results
10.   Sovereign rating of India
11.    Fiscal slippage at centre and state levels
12.   Relaxation in prompt correction action norms
13.   IL&FS issue
14.   Liquidity for MSME and NBFC sectors
15.   Divestment target
16.   Rising bond yields
17.   EL NINO
18.   Current account deficit
19.   Resolution of power sectors stressed assets

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