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2 Nov 2018

STOCK MARKET--What stocks make me crorepati in the next 10 years?

First, let's divide The market in separate 10 years is long term YOU THINK but this is not so long term so I think we need to analyze the circumstances by sector for a better selection of stocks
The revival of USA economy is good news for IT sector. Secondly, the devaluation of INR is another good news. Lastly, the focus of Govt of India on Digital India will benefit IT companies which will shift their focus to Digital India. It will be easy for midcap IT companies to shift swiftly compared to large-cap companies like Infosys. Considering these factors midcap IT space is looking quite good forLong Term Investment no doubt Infosys is a great company and delivered really significant return over the past years but from now because I changed my view to pick stock THANKS TO money bee I see companies like Mindtree , CYIENT, persistent , LT infotech more promising in return prospective

Pharma also gains from the devaluation of INR. Most of the Indian Pharma companies invest heavily on R&D and it yields good results. I believe that future growth of Pharma company can be judged based on number of Pending ANDA approvals from US Food and Drug Administration. In pharma space I was always bullish on GLENMARK because of its current valuation and strong financials another pharma stock if I wish to add it would be SANOFI INDIA’ , Abbott
Abbott because my Mummy she is using a face cream made by Abbott for last 15 years and I think she will use it for next 60.
Just kidding
Next is
Housing finance companies NBFCs
Housing Finance Companies for Long-Term Investment Investment. The reason for the selection of Housing Finance Company is that their balance sheets are cleaner compared to banks. According to recent reports, the NPA’s of banks are much higher than what is being reported. It can be as high as 13%. On the other hand, NPA’s of most of the Housing Finance Companies are less than 1% which means they are better managed. For Long Term Investment, i considered IndiaBulls HousingFinance and DHFL. In my analysis, i found IndiaBulls Housing Finance more promising and growth potential is HIGH. And I must add here GIC housing finance it can give good return as well
Indian consumption power is increasing and people are spending more on luxury of accommodation and represent the reputation by car INDIAN CULTURE also The implementation of OROP (One Rank One Pension) and 7th Pay Commission will increase urban consumption. Therefore, biggest beneficiary will be Maruti Suzuki and it is best fit for Long-Term Investment. I ignored commercial vehicles and 2 Wheeler companies in this section due to stated reasons. After 6th Pay commission implementation, the volume of Maruti Suzuki jumped 10 times. The similar performance is expected this time also. Moreover, Maruti Suzuki is suitable for Long-Term Investment due to the impending increase in FII limit to 40% and possible inclusion in MSCI India index. In auto segment, i ignored midcap for Long-Term Investment as the scale is key in Auto Segment. The decline in commodity prices of steel and aluminum will decrease the cost of 4 wheeler thus will increase the margin of auto companies like Maruti Suzuki.
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