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4 Dec 2018

STOCK MARKET-- What are your top 10 financial tips?

1.       Save, then spend
2.      Learn a useful skill to get a side income kicking in, it may be swing trading, blogging, owning a fb/insta page,etc.
3.      Keep sufficient amount in Savings A/c just in case of any emergency
4.      If you don't understand stock markets or don't have the time to learn, go to a financial advisor instead of investing yourself or through any random person.
5.      Never take any financial advice from someone who uses a credit card. That person probably doesn't know jackshit about managing money.
6.      Don't become a penny-pincher, don't try to save 80% of your income, it will never work. Keep the number close to 40% or even higher if your income is on the higher side.
7.      Start investing in ELSS Mutual Funds
8.      Buy when the markets are bleeding
9.      Invest money in good financial books, they have given me 1000X returns.
10.   Plan to retire by 40.

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