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17 Mar 2018


         NeoBux - highest paying for Crowdflower tasks

I came across NeoBux while searching for the site that paid the most for Crowdflower tasks.

NeoBux pays more (a lot more) for Crowdflower tasks than any other site*.

Example: the popular Casino tasks ("Answer a few questions about a website"), which pay just under 4 cents each on Swagbucks, and just under 5 cents each on CantBeatFree, pay 9 cents on Neobux (8 cents plus automatic bonus of 12% for each $1 of completed tasks).

That means if you do 15 casino tasks per day, in a month you make $16.65 (£10.60) on Swagbucks (based on Amazon vouchers), $21.82 (£13.89) on CantBeatFree (Paypal, based on being a VIP member), but with NeoBux doing those same tasks will get you $40 (£25.47) (Paypal).

There are other ways to earn on Neobux, eg. completing offers, but I focus mostly on Crowdflower tasks. I also click the ads, not because of what they pay ($0.001 per click), but because there's a chance of winning NeoPoints, which can be used to purchase a Golden membership (this increases your Crowdflower task payout by another 12%, and the click value for adverts to $0.01).

Note that some CrowdFlower tasks are not available on NeoBux, but are on other GPT sites. However, the aforementioned "Casino" tasks ARE available on NeoBux, and they alone will give you $40 a month if you do just 15 every day (I usually manage 20, sometimes a couple more than that).

16 Mar 2018

QUOTES--20 Inspirational Quotes Of Stephen Hawking Everyone Should Read

Stephen Hawking’s life is remarkable in many ways. Firstly, because he is a brilliant physicist and has made groundbreaking discoveries regarding the cosmos, black holes and other unexplored aspects of the universe we live in. Secondly, he has survived motor neurone disease (ALS) which was diagnosed when he was 21 years old. He was told he had a few years to live and now, at the age of 73, he is still alive and as mentally active as ever. He has been immobilized since his twenties and then lost the power of speech which means that he now speaks via a computerized synthesizer.
Here are some lesser known facts about Stephen Hawking you may not be aware of. He was born on Jan 8th in 1942 which was the 300th anniversary of the death of Galileo. At school, he only managed to get average grades. He was curious about how clocks worked and regularly took them to pieces but was not very good at reassembling them!
His studies at Oxford were disturbed by his rowing practice which occupied six afternoons a week. He was the coxswain who steered the boat and kept the rowers safe. The only problem was that his studies suffered and he admitted that he had to cut some corners to pass his exams!
His studies and research brought him countless and prizes. It is interesting to know that he held the Lucasian Chair of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge for 30 years. Isaac Newton held the same position way back in 1669.
Hawking’s relationship with his wife Jane is movingly portrayed in the film The Theory of Everything.   When asked what he thought of the film, Hawking replied that there was not enough science in it while his ex wife thought that there was not enough emotion.

15 Mar 2018


Book long term capital gains from equities: As LTCG tax implications on equity investments on gains on over Rs. 1 lakh will be charged @ 10% with effect from April 1, 2018 investors can avoid such tax by booking profits by March 31 in case the gains are over Rs. 1 lakh. Experts advice not to sell stocks which are trading at a price below their price on January 31.  

good luck.

STOCK MARKET--What are a few stocks that have good fundamentals and are almost debt free, which got corrected between 10-20 % in 2018 due to ongoing bad market sentiments?

BHARATH RASAYAN LTD—ONE OF THE BEST SHARE TO INVEST. Present price is  4441/- buy small quantity first. F/V-10, PE25.40 and industry PE 43/38, promoter share holding-74.79%,Company location-New delhi, dividend history- regular for the last 5 years,debt equity ratio0.57, reserve-196.46 cr ROE-31.37, ROCE-33.58 invest for long term.
Good luck.

14 Mar 2018

QUOTES--Circumstances Quotes from different authors.





13 Mar 2018

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE/Computer Awareness Questions and Answers Quiz for IBPS Bank exams

Q. 1Choose the BEST answer for term 'Ransomware', Is a___________.
(1) Malware
(2) Computer Virus
(3) Hardware
(4) Utility Software
(5) System Software

Q. 2 __________is the process of encoding a message OR information in such a way that only authorized can access it.
(1) Encryption
(2) Cryptography
(3) Data Mining
(4) CPU
(5) Data Extract

Q. 3In cryptography, use of algorithm for performing encryption or decryption called__________
(1) Encryption
(2) Cryptography
(3) Data Mining
(4) Cipher
(5) Data Extract

Q. 4Read only memory (ROM) is a type of____________.
(1) volatile memory
(2) non volatile memory
(3) semi volatile memory
(4) Both 3 and 3
(5) None of the above

Q. 5Word processor, spreadsheet, an accounting application OR a web browser are best example of a/an____________.
(1) Office work software
(2) General Purpose Software
(3) Utility Software
(4) System Software
(5) Application Software

Q. 6Which is NOT an operating system?
(1) Microsoft
(2) macOS
(3) Linux
(5) AmigaOS

Q. 7Which company is NOT related Internet services and products
(1) Google
(2) Yahoo
(3) Rediff
(4) eBay
(5) None of the above

Q. 8A program that hackers or crackers use to determine whether a specific computer is currently online and accessible called__________.
(1) Source Code
(2) Packet
(3) Ping
(4) Hack
(5) None of the above

Q. 9Who is the inventor of the World Wide Web (www).
(1) Tim Berners Lee
(2) Sundar Pichai
(3) Larry Page
(4) Bill Gates
(5) None of the above

Q. 10First commercially available microprocessor by Intel was _______________.
(1) 80386DX
(2) iAPX 432
(3) Intel 8048
(4) Intel 8008
(5) Intel 4004

Answer Key:
1. 2
2. 1
3. 4
4. 2
5. 5
6. 1
7. 5
8. 3
9. 1
10. 5

12 Mar 2018

SHARE MARKET--Which Indian stocks that have declined 50% or more, are still worthy of investment for 2018?

11 Mar 2018

SHARE MARKET-- What are the best strategies for stock market investing?

Best stock market investing strategies are ones that generate great returns consistently by giving clear answers to three important questions.
What to Buy?
Buy only quality companies. Shortlist companies that have a superior earnings profile i.e., companies that have delivered consistent double-digit growth in both sales and earnings in recent 2-3 quarters as well as in the last 2-3 years.
Sustainable growth is very important. There is no point in getting into stocks that have posted strong sales and earnings in the most recent quarter but lack consistency on annual basis. Companies can boost sales (one-time contract win) and earnings (cutting costs) which might not be sustainable in the long-run. 20% growth is a good number to start with.
Along with strong double-digit sales and earnings growth, look for high return-ratios (15-20% ROE/ROCE) and improving profit margins in recent quarters.
Once you use the above criteria to shortlist stocks, you will have the ones that are of top-notch quality. This is pretty important for retail investors, since they don’t have the time as well as resources to track a big universe of stocks.
When to Buy?