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12 Feb 2019


               KMC Speciality Hospitals (India) Ltd

The Company was incorporated on December 31st 1982, as "Advanced Medical Care Private Limited", and converted into a Public Limited Company on July 15, 1988. Advanced Medical Care (AMC) has been established as a medium level multispeciality hospital with facilities for trauma care,critical care and cardio the racic surgery. AMC was the first in making cardiac care available to patients of Southern Tamil Nadu with 50 beds. Its diagnostic centre was opened in Feb.'89. The anglo cath lab and adjoining operation theatres and intensive care unit was made operational in January 1991. The project is getting nearer to its full operation level. Set up in Trichy, AMC is the largest corporate hospital in South of Madras, with specialities for trauma, critical care, cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery and perinatology. AMC has a tie-up with the North Memorial Medical centre, Minneapolis, USA. Complete details of tie-up are mentioned elsewhere in the prospectus. AMC has also been setting up a network of satellite hospitals to extend the concept of preventive medical care and primary health care services to surrounding villages. Such satellite centres are already operational at THURAIYUR and LALGUDI. The hospital has already generated a lot of goodwill. Over a period, the bed capacity has been increased to 100 and, on being fully operational, it will rise to 250. The 40% of the bed strength is meant for the intensive care unit of the hospital. The hospital has already commenced rendering of medical care services. Revenue from these facilities during the year ended 31st March 1991 aggregated to Rs 100 lacs with a profit of Rs 29 lacs and for the period ended on 31.1.92 (for 10 months) the company has earned a revenue of Rs 97.81 lakhs and net profit of Rs 24.25 lacs. AMC has already performed an Open Heart Surgery successfully in November, 1991. MAIN OBJECTS OF THE COMPANY 1. To import, buy,hire all kinds of diagnostic and therapeutic equipments in the field of medicine. 2. To run medical centres owning conventional and non-conventional medical equipments and to impart training and conducting training programmes for such centres. 3. To serve the ailing poor citizens by rendering medical attention utilising equipments owned or operated by the company. 4. To form medical trusts and foundations for rendering medical aids and for owning and operating medical equipments to cater to the needy and ailing citizens. 5. To carry out services as Consultants in the field of medicine subject to such regulations as the Govt.or Indian Medical Council may prescribe in this regard. SUBSIDIARY OF THE COMPANY, IF ANY : The Company does not have any subsidiary as on date. PROMOTERS AND THEIR BACKGROUND:- AMC has been promoted by Dr.P.S.Mahadevan, alongwith some Non-Resident Doctors. Dr.Mahadevan is a Doctor of Medicine(MD) in Paediatrics. He was a student of J J Group of Hospitals, Bombay before embarking on his private practice at Trichy in 1966. He has undergone training in critical care at Bigstone Gap Hospital, Virginia, USA and in interventional radiology at Alexandra Hospital, Washington, USA. In 1972, Dr.Mahadevan promoted Bhuvaneswari Nursing Home (BNH) as a polyclinic at Trichy with equipments like Volume Cycle Ventilators, Blood Gas Analyers, Ultrasound Scanner, 500 MA X-Ray, Constant Infusion Pumps, Critical Case Monitors, Flexible Gastro Deudenoscope,etc. Over the years, BNH grew to become a full-fledged nursing home with 50 beds and was one of the well equipped private nursing homes in Tamilnadu. During the last two decades, Dr Mahadevan has treated more than 25,000 patients. During the year ending 30.06.85, 30.06.86,30.06.87 and 31.03.89, Bhuvaneswari Nursing Home's Gross Receipts were Rs 13,13,291/-, Rs 14,74,318/-, Rs 14,98,634/-, Rs.23,04,877/- and net profits were Rs 13,734/-,Rs 614/-,Rs 1,70,289/- and Rs.3,43,864/- respectively. The non-resident promoters of AMC include Dr K Seshadri Raju, M.S.,A.B. He is presently a Professor of Surgery at the University of Jackson, Missisippi ,USA. He is a leading transplant/cardiothoracic surgeon and has the distinction of being the first surgeon in the world to perform a bilateral isolated lung transplant. Dr.M.Ramakrishnan, M.D.,A.B.(Radiology) a native of Trichy. He has experience in all aspects of SONO, CT & MRI. He has a experience of about 20 years, Virginia, USA. MANAGEMENT:- A very professional board has been constituted to provide the strength needed for a service industry like a hospital. TECHNOLOGY:- AMC has executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which has become effective from July 1st, 1991 with North Memorial Medical Centre, USA for technology transfer. 2007 -Seahorse Hospitals has designated an E-mail ID for Investor Complaints as 2008 - Company name has been changed from Seahorse Hospital Ltd to KMC Speciality Hospitals (India) Ltd. 2011 -KMC Speciality Hospitals (India) Ltd Issues Rights in the Ratio of 12:1(Share price as on 11/2/19 is Rs.12.5 and Q3 result published yesterday is excellent. It is BSE listed Stock vide BOM: 524520)

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